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New Pages?

Hey guys! I’m finally back from my long-ish break, and I’m (kind of) looking for something to do around here.

Long story short, if anyone has any singers or songs (that already fit the requirements) and want me to help them make a page, link me their YT/NND (or the link to the song).

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Eve lovers here!!💕

Anyone who loves Eve please tell me everything about him~
What Eve songs do you like actually?
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need vocal advice again...
君のたばこ / たばこ / コレサワ cover by プロミス君 PromiseKun / rough 天月 Amatsuki ver
君のたばこ / たばこ / コレサワ cover by プロミス君 PromiseKun / rough 天月 Amatsuki ver YouTube
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I'm looking for someone for a collaboration

Hello, again! ^^
I'm looking for anyone whom I can ask to collaborate with me.
I'm an amateur Youtaite. I sing and I need some backing tracks of Anime Ost. That's why I want to find partners to collaborate. I'm seeking for a musician who can re-arrange/remake a song and I will fill the vocal and do mixing and mastering it ^^"
Here is the sample of my cover:

Please, don't expect too much from me since I'm not a big Youtuber/Youtaite ;__;
I'm looking for someone who purely wants to make music and be productive and doesn't seek for a fame because I can't give it since I am still nobody x'D
Once the video has done to be edited, we will upload and promote it in both channels ;D
That's why I prefer to start my first collaboration with the person who is still struggle like me ;D
However, if there is anyone who is already pro that wants to help me for free, I, surely, will not ignore it xD
If anyone is interested, please kindly contact me through email:

Thank you very much for spending your time to read this post! ;D 💕
Orange | オレンジ | Your Lie in April ED2 | Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso ED2 Cover by Gesta Yuria
Orange | オレンジ | Your Lie in April ED2 | Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso ED2 Cover by Gesta Yuria YouTube
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New feature for source editing!

I've added a new feature for the source editor! One I've wanted to do for a long time now.

With this you can see hints on how to fill out fields right next to the text field! :D

If you hover on the blue exclamation marks on the side of the editor, a popup will appear with information on how to fill the field, and you can even copy paste the markup from there directly if you're too lazy to type, like me ha.

I've always felt that looking up the exact syntax on the tutorial page was too much of a pain, so I'm hoping this will make things easier!

A screenshot on how it looks is attached below, and you can check out a live demo by editing this page:

Note that this feature only works if you set your preferred editor to source editor ( - Editing - Preferred editor). If you've set your preferred editor to visual editor or classic rich editor, this will not appear, even if you switch to the source editor tab.

If you do want and need this feature, despite having another editor as preferred editor, please comment below.

Also if you find any typos, or bugs, or have suggestions on which hints shall be added, be sure to tell me!
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A request

Could someone make a wikipage about konamilk, And also, ChiCO, please?
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Soraru and Komeru

Does anybody know what happen between Soraru and Komeru until it's so hard to find anything about Komeru nowadays?
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how u non-native ppl sing Japanese>? i cant

sometimes sing wrong lyrics
Kataomoi - Amatsuki 【Short】 | Smule
Kataomoi - Amatsuki 【Short】 | Smule Smule
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what do you think about this problem?

Well it is not my problem. But when I saw it between my classmates, I want to hear you guys' opinions about this.

Student A and B both love Utaite community. However A and B favorite Utaite are different. And A got angry to B because B hadn't heard about A favorite utaite. They used to have very good relationship but now they look like enemies.

Well, in my opinion, everyone has their own taste. My favorite is Mafumafu. It is a bit confusing when A &B said bad things about Mafu .-. but I think I love Mafu because who he is so it fine .^.
Now they made a war in my class because of their personal hobbies. Did it really ok ? What do u guys think about this ?

Sorry because of long question -v-
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need singing advice again

i changed my singing style and mic <my old and original singing style sounds odd in mic but not in ear :( >
pls let me know what sort mistakes i am creating ; <i am not promoting my covers; I hate my selfish/shameless-plug behavior
OP Darling in the FranXX [TV Size] | Smule
OP Darling in the FranXX [TV Size] | Smule Smule
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How we are promote our videos? My Friend said she's promoting her video on Discord, but its chatting based app right? How the method works? I usually, promoting my videos on Google+ but only works a little.. any people would kindly give me suggestion~?
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96Neko's Comment Section

Why are all of Kuroneko's videos on Youtube's comment section and like bar disabled? Is there a harassment reason?
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How Soraru helped Mafumafu

I knew that Mafumafu and Soraru be so close right now because Soraru has helped Mafumafu when he was in hard time. But what actually happened?
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Please help me find a cover of Karakuri Burst!

As the name suggests it, I'm finding for a cover of Karakuri Burst by Hitoshizuku-P and Yama-P. It was sung by a woman with elegant and mature yet powerful vocals (kind of like Wotamin or Hanatan but her voice was much more powerful. She also sung the song as if she was really a psycho who wanted to kill people. She was wild and it was amazing), and a man with a deep, cool vocals that can be rough and powerful at times (I don't know who I could resemble his voice with but it's badass ikemen. He also sung his part perfectly, it was cold and cruel yet determined to make of his view of justice, and I can't get over it).

I remember seeing it at YouTube with my siblings around 2010-2012, and the names were under Kagamine Rin and Len Append which is obviously not the case. One day, it vanished at YouTube even though it always showed up first at the result list and I remember searching for it all over YT that time to find nothing. I believe my older brother still has the audio, I'll try to get it from him if I have the chance.

But for the time being, please help me find that cover with the details I've stated! Even if you're not sure, please show it to me! I'm desperate to find it. It's been stuck in my head for years now, and it's frustrating not to be able to actually hear it! The way the singers sung it with matching emotions to the characters they were playing as if it is them is just perfect! I really, really want to hear them sing it again, and more covers by them! I've also checked all the covers at the Karakuri Burst page here and nobody matched their vocals. So, please help me find it!
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Anything I can improve on?

Hello! I've been practicing singing for a while, but I'm still curious on what else I can improve on my voice? I kinda have my own style when I sing and I feel like when I try to hit the high notes, my voice can sometimes get too piercing, even if I don't force it as much.. I hope I can get some tips ^^;

Here is my latest cover:

Thank you >u<;
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Could I be a youtaite?

Hey guys. I’ve just been in this fandom and I wonder whether to be a youtaite/utaite is hard or not. I start singing on Smule, is it ok from the start? Btw, would you mind listening to my cover of “Karakuri Pierro” and telling me what I’m good at or bad at?
Thank you for reading this.
Karakuri Pierrot からくりピエロ - Sờ by Sờ - Listen to music
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how lon added RPG from FUKASE in her ZOO albm cant get used to newmic

what's best mic settings?; which settings to use in editing vocal B4 mixing
i bought at2020usb+/(no accessories) in which my vocal sounds bit foamed;no sharpness like I hear in normal utaite songs or my old mic songs
i cant get used this ;my vocal strain is cuzed by dis

< those vocals can be found here>

OLD(solved a bit) :. . .looks like cant sing anymore ;when I try I feel strained; i wasnt singing at all for a week ;didnt pushed my vocal
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All of your questions answered!

Hey guys, I just created a masterpost linking to all useful discussion posts on this wiki on the Beginning Singers board, sorted by categories! If you have a question, chances are they will be answered there:

PS if you end up having a new question not already answered in existing threads, feel free to create a new discussion post!

PPS: Masterpost will be updated when new good questions and answers are posted, plus I'll try to extract some information so it's even easier to find answers, asap.
Beginning Singers Masterpost
Beginning Singers Masterpost Utaite Wiki
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Need help/tips in singing

Hi, I'm a guy who's still new in singing. I'm a fan of Vocaloid that I sing it at home when I'm alone. However, when I discovered Utaite, I sang as best as I could. I notice that if I sing high pitches like amatsuki's idea, kimi dakewa, and more, I feel like there is something blocking my throat, or sometimes my voice gets wobbly. I tried raising the sound of my voice that i get a bit satisfied however, I can't do it much if my parents are at home. Please teach me some voice tips or some advice. Thanks!
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