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"What should I do about such feelings? Can't you tell me? Just a little?"
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A sample of a cover song by ♣UmbraticForest♣

♣UmbraticForest♣ (also known as Umber) is a YouTube vocalist. He is a new vocalist, publishing videos as early as 2016. He mainly covers English versions of Vocaloid songs, but he has an Undertale cover of "ASGORE" and "It's Over Isn't It" from Steven's Universe. His most famous cover is "You Are a Useless Child" by Kikou with over 25,000 views.

His voice is relatively refreshing, and has a deep tone in his voice. Judging from his range, he is around a baritone and a tenor. But, he is known to go a bit higher than both of these.

Affiliations and Collaboration Projects

  1. Member of the chorus battle group 🐸 Don’t Kermit Sudoku 🐸, in the Harakiri Chorus Battle

List of Covered Songs Edit

  1. "Nobore! Susume! Takai Tou" (Climb! Advance! To the Tall Tower) -Male Cover- (2016.06.22)
  2. "evoLve (2016.06.27)
  4. "Kimi wa Dekinai Ko (You're a Worthless Child) -English Ver.- (2016.08.03)
  5. "Mousou Zei (Delusion Tax) -English Acoustic Ver.- (2016.08.08)
  6. "ROTARY DIAL (2016.08.11)
  7. "Mistletoe ~Tamashii no Yadorigi~ (Mistletoe ~The Tree of Soul~) feat. ♣UmbraticForest♣ and B.a.D (2016.08.22)
  8. "Aishite Aishite Aishite (Love Me, Love Me, Love Me) -English Ver.- (2016.09.16)
  9. "BLACK & WHITE (2016.09.26)
  10. "HOUSEWIFE RADIO -COMMUNICATIONS Ver. Recover- (2016.10.28)
  11. "The Abnormality feat. ♣UmbraticForest♣ and fish (2016.10.31)
  12. "Apotropaism (Original) feat. ♣UmbraticForest♣ and B.a.D (2016.11.11)
  13. "Hitotsu no Kuni no Lilac (A Certain Country's Lilac) (2016.11.21)
  14. "if ~Hitori Omou~ (Lost in Thoughts, All Alone) -English/French/Japanese Ver.- (2016.11.28)
  15. "COLORBARS" (2016.12.13)
  16. "The Burdened Spirit" (2016.12.17)
  17. "Go Go Ghostship" -English Ver.- (2016.12.25)
  18. "MADEMOISELLE NOIR: A Tragedy" (2017.01.27)
  19. "Two of a Kind" (2016.02.06)
  20. "Reset (Thank You)" Okami (2017.02.09)
  21. "Bathtub Mermaid" (2017.02.13)
  22. "BROADCAST ILLUSION" (2017.02.23)
  23. "Cherry Hunt" (2017.03.22)
  24. "Beast Dance" Eng ver (2017.04.12)

Songs on SoundCloud Edit

  1. "Domino Taoshi (Domino Toppling) -Bass Ver.- (2015.06.03)
  2. "Mousou Zei (Delusion Tax) -English Acoustic Ver.- (2015.08.04)
  3. "Kuiin obu Haato (Queen of Hearts) (2015.08.11)
  4. "WINE BERRY feat. ♣UmbraticForest♣ and Iruka (2015.09.12)
  5. "Tsukino (Of the Moon) -Short Ver.- (2015.09.17)
  6. ""Alive" Mad Father - Aya's Theme / Greensleeves (2015.10.16)
  7. "My Featherbed -Karliene Ver.- (2016.01.04)
  8. "No Pain No Game feat. ♣UmbraticForest♣, Iruka and Raine (2016.02.14)
  9. "Everything's Alright -Dysergy Arrange.- (2016.03.27)
  10. "Hitori Omou (Lost in Thoughts All Alone) -Nohr ver.- (2016.04.16)
  11. "Hitori Omou (Lost in Thoughts All Alone) -Hoshido ver.- (2016.05.03)
  12. "Mademoiselle Noir: A Tragedy (2016.05.10)
  13. "Kimi wa Dekinai Ko (You're a Worthless Child) -English Ver.- (2016.05.30)
  14. "Nobore! Susume! Takai Tou" (Climb! Advance! To the Tall Tower) -Male Cover- (2016.06.06)
  15. "evoLve (2016.06.11)
  16. "Sis Puella Magica (2016.06.17)
  17. "Bad Little Boy Parody (not for kiddos) feat. ♣UmbraticForest♣ and Ashe (2016.06.21)
  18. "Domino Taoshi (Domino Toppling) -Guitar Ver.- (2016.07.02)
  19. "Until The Day I Can See You Again (2016.07.08
  20. "Kyun-! BANPAIA GAARU (Kyun! Vampire Girl) -Male Cover- (2016.07.13)
  22. "Mousou Zei (Delusion Tax) -English Acoustic Ver.- (2016.07.29)
  23. "Mistletoe ~Tamashii no Yadorigi~ (Mistletoe ~The Tree of Soul~) feat. ♣UmbraticForest♣ and B.a.D (2016.08.01)
  24. "ROTARY DIAL (2016.08.12)
  25. "Something Entirely New feat. ♣UmbraticForest♣ and B.a.D (2016.09.14)
  26. "Aishite Aishite Aishite (Love Me, Love Me, Love Me) -English Ver.- (2016.09.17)
  27. "BLACK & WHITE (2016.09.27)
  28. "Hitori Omou (Lost in Thoughts All Alone) (2016.09.30)
  29. "HOUSEWIFE RADIO -COMMUNICATIONS Ver. Recover- (2016.10.29)
  30. "Oops!... I Did It Again -Postmodern Jukebox Ver.- (2016.11.12)
  31. "Hitotsu no Kuni no Lilac" (A Certain Country's Lilac) -Recover- (2016.11.19)
  32. "Shizunda Utahime (2016.12.04)
  33. "COLORBARS" (2016.12.14)
  34. "The Burdened Spirit" (2016.12.17)
  35. "Grimm Of Human Sacrifice -Alice of Human Sacrifice Parody- feat. ♣UmbraticForest♣, D*ana, B.a.D, Raine and Iruka (2017.01.05)
  36. "Spider Dance -Original Lyrics- (2017.01.05)
  37. "MADEMOISELLE NOIR: A Tragedy" (2017.01.09)
  38. "Umberan Canticle (2017.01.18)
  39. "The Biscuit Blues -Original Lyrics- (2017.01.29)
  40. "Reset (Thank You) -English Ver.- (2017.02.06)
  41. "Two of a Kind" (2017.02.07)

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