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"What should I do about such feelings? Can't you tell me? Just a little?"
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Akemi as seen in her collab cover of "Connecting ♬ Past to Future"Nv
Illust. by Linh Ari, Nami and BulgeunK
Gender Female
Origin Vietnam
Born July 24[1]
Status Active
Years active 2008-present
YT channel

akemi2407 (main)
akemi24o7 (anime / jpop / eng)

NND sites NND user page
Collab partner(s) Len, Kaen
Other activities Art
A sample of a cover song by Akemi
"Deadline Circus", composed by Last note.

Akemi is an utaite/ YouTube singer who is Vietnamese-born and currently residing in the U.K. 

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "You were..." (2009.12.15)
  2. "Kusari no shojo" (2010.01.09)
  3. "Gengetsukan" (2010.03.25)
  4. "1925" (2010.04.18)
  5. "Sakura no ame" Nv feat. Youtube Chorus (2010.06.07)
  6. "Adolescence" feat. Akemi and Len (2010.06.12)
  7. "THUNDERBIRD" (2010.06.20)
  8. "you" (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni) (2010.06.21)
  9. "Aku no Meshitsukai" ((Servant of Evil) (2010.07.14)
  10. "Yowamushi Montblanc" (Coward Montblanc) feat. Cherysh, Koko, Konbini, Mii, Iro, Akemi, Noki, Loren and Kumba (2010.07.24)
  11. "Himitsu ~Kuro no Chikai~" (Secret ~Black Oath~) (2010.07.29)
  12. "For good" (Wicked) (2010.08.18)
  13. "Soar" (2010.08.27)
  14. "Lily Lily ★ Burning night" (2010.09.04)
  15. "Tsumugi Uta" (Spinning Song) (2010.09.16)
  16. "Tako Luka ★ Night fever" (2010.09.19)
  17. "Lily Lily ★ Burning night" feat. Penguin Beat (2010.09.21)
  18. "Yowamushi Montblanc" (2010.10.12)
  19. "Toki no Jewel Box" feat. Penguin Beat (2010.11.11)
  20. "flowin' -Ukigumo-" (flowin' ~Drifting Clouds~) feat. Akemi and Len (2010.12.11)
  21. "Black★Rock Shooter" (2010.12.19)
  22. "Alice Human Sacrifice" feat. Akemi, Amika, Dai, Len, Rith, Sun, Yami and Yui (2010.12.30)
  23. "VOiCE" (2011.02.27)
  24. "Nakimushi kareshi" feat. Akemi and Len (2011.03.17)
  25. "Yumezakura" -Rin part duet ready- (2011.03.26)
  26. "The Only Place" feat. Akemi and Len (2011.04.04)
  27. "Proof of Life (2011.04.10)
  28. "Suki Kirai" (Like, Dislike) -Len part duet ready- (2011.04.21)
  29. "Mozaik Role" (2011.05.02)
  30. "Heartful Sequence" (2011.05.20)
  31. "Magnet" feat. Akemi and Joji (2011.05.21)
  32. "Bokura no Uta" (2011.05.30)
  33. "Karakuri Burst" feat. Akemi and Kurai (2011.06.03)
  34. "Magnet" feat. Akemi and Len (2011.06.05)
  35. "From Y to Y" feat. Akemi and Kaen (2011.06.07)
  36. "Kimi ga Ireba" (Detective Conan song) (2011.06.18)
  37. "Feng Zheng Yu Feng" (Kite And Wind; TWINS song) (2011.06.22)
  38. "Stardust Utopia" feat. Zessei Bijin!, ehmz and Akemi (2011.06.25)
  39. "Another: Romeo to Cinderella" (2011.08.06)
  40. "Another: Shiroi Yuki no Princess wa" (2011.08.16)
  41. "Mase Renka" (2011.08.19)
  42. "Time After Time ~Hana Mau Machi de~" (Detective Conan) (2011.08.26)
  43. "Dolls" feat. Rith, Len, Yui, Akemi and Polka (2011.09.05)
  44. "Rinascita -hajimari no uta-" feat. Akemi and Yononeyu (2011.09.13)
  45. "Tori no Uta" (Bird's Song) feat. Zessei Bijin!, XJ_90 and Akemi (2011.09.17)
  46. "Kimi no Maboroshi" (Your Illusion) (2011.09.30)
  47. "Nisoku Hokou" with Elysion Voices (2011.10.09)
  48. "Nenchakukei Danshi no 15nen Nechinechi" (2011.10.16)
  49. "progress" (2011.10.22)
  50. "Lion" -Sheryl part duet ready- (2011.10.31)
  51. "Hakaokuri no Uta" (2011.11.05)
  52. "Synchronicity 1 - Kimi wo Sagasu Sora" (2011.11.14)
  53. "Jester" (2011.12.04)
  54.  "evotion~for beloved one~" feat. Minnie, Momo, Moonlight, Akemi, A​kua, Coda, Becki, Michi, Rakkun, Miken, Coco, Vaire, Ada, Joey, Michy, Flores, Rixie, Garrick and Anatsu (2011.12.09)
  55. "Hitorikiri no Merry Day" feat. Penguin Beat (2011.12.23)
  56. "Tower" (2012.01.11)
  57. "step to you" feat. Ke-ki, Nao, REI, Kurai, Michi, Eyes, anz*w, Kaen, Yanovi, Yuri, SUDDI, Hokaru, Akemi, c h i e, Minnie, Yue, Himuro, Apol, Kenta and Eeakon (2012.01.17)
  58. "Scissorhands" with King Penguins (2012.01.22)
  59. "Mr.Music" -Len ver.- feat. Ink, Sleepy, Aika, Suki, Akemi, Raikyo and Kurai (2012.01.31)
  60. "Perfect Crime" feat. Akemi and Len (2012.02.20)
  61. "Aa, Subarashiki Nyansei" -Len part duet ready- (2012.02.23)
  62. "Risky Game" (2012.04.12)
  63. "Eternal snow" feat. Elysion Voices (2012.04.13)
  64. "pray for" feat. Akemi, Kaen and Kurai (2012.05.11)
  65. "Double Eyes" (2012.05.17)
  66. "Mozaik Role" feat. Akemi and daimaiju (2012.06.24)
  67. "Senbonzakura " -Piano Arrange- (2012.08.18)
  68. "Es ~dirty aspiration~" (2012.09.14)
  69. "realize." (2012.10.24)
  70. "Catastrophe" feat. Akemi and Nyankoz (2012.11.30)
  71. "Juvenile" (2012.12.22)
  72. "Dumb ways to die" (2012.12.26)
  73. "Drug and drop" feat. Akemi, Ariah, Char, Joakkar, Joji, Carette, Kura and mong (2013.03.06)
  74. "Come clean" with Trump Chorus (2013.04.19)
  75. "Twinkle" feat. Akemi, Aki, Beato, Kaen, Karin, Laurell, Len, MissP, Sebo, Skylark and Sun (2013.05.17)
  76. "Deadline Circus" (2013.05.21)
  77. "BurNing HeaRt" feat. Trump Chorus (2013.06.17)
  78. "Contrail" feat. Akemi, Chesu, Ciel*, Eva, Luna and Mari (2013.06.26)
  79. "Wanderlast" (2013.08.08)
  80. "Choose me" feat. Akemi, Kaen and Denny (2013.03.13)
  81. "Glow" (2014.04.20)
  82. "Haru no Hate" (2014.05.12)
  83. "Secret base ~Kimi ga Kureta Mono~" with Penguin Beat (2014.06.14)
  84. "Love Doll" (2014.06.24)
  85. "Mousou Sketch" feat. Penguin Beat (2014.07.14)
  86. "Kimi he no Uso" (2015.04.03)
  87. "chao!" feat. H4VEN (2015.04.06)
  88. "Last Minute" (2015.04.24)
  89. "Kuchuu Aquarium" feat. Penguin Beat (2015.05.04)
  90. "Ima Suki ni Naru" (Right Now I'm Falling in Love) (2015.05.07)
  91. "Ima suki ni naru" -triangle story- (2015.05.08)
  92. "Yaruki ga denai" feat. H4VEN (2015.05.08)
  93. "Renai Saiban" feat. Cafe Royale (2015.06.15)
  94. "Summertime record" feat. H4VEN (2015.07.26)
  95. "Sarishinohara" feat. Akemi and Negi (2015.08.18)
  96. "Start:Dash!!" feat. Len,, Akinaki, Kimunyu, Akemi, Sia, Una, Chiika and Reion (2015.08.24)
  97. "Sayoko" feat. Akemi and Negi (2015.11.03)
  98. "Rasen na Watashi" Nv -Acoustic ver.- (2015.11.18)
  99. "Connecting" Nv ♬ Past to Future feat. Aki, Sota, tomo, Akemi, Lost, Meru, Tekira and negi (2015.11.28)
  100. "Pierrot" feat. Akemi and Negi (2015.12.11)
  101. "Onaji Hanashi" feat. Akemi and GLAIVE (2016.02.13)
  102. "Kinyoubi no Ohayou" feat. Akemi and Kaen (2016.03.13)
  103. "Soleil" (2016.05.07)
  104. "Neri no Hoshizora" (Neri's Starry Sky) (2016.05.13)


Akemi's current icon
Illust. by Moi
Akemi as seen in her collab cover of "Connecting ♬ Past to Future"Nv
Illust. by Linh Ari, Nami and BulgeunK
Glaive x Akemi - onaji hanashi
glaive (left) and Akemi (right) as seen in her collab cover of "Onaji Hanashi"
Illust. by herself
Akemi as seen in her cover of "Rasen na Watashi -Acoustic ver.-"Nv
Illust. by Moi


  • She speaks and writes English, Vietnamese, Japanese, Cantonese, and Mandarin
  • She cosplays at conventions

External LinksEdit


  1. Her YT username

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