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A sample of a cover song by Andrea Maxil
"Panda Hero", composed by Hachi

Andrea Maxil is a YouTube singer with a high and sweet voice.

She covers VOCALOID, anime, and other songs in Spanish.

Her most popular solo cover is her Spanish cover of "Paper Planes", with over 335K views on YouTube as of May 2014.

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "Serenade" (Fruits Basket song) -Spanish ver.- (2008.05.13)
  2. "Jajauma ni Sasenaide" (Ranma 1/2 OP) -Spanish ver.- (2008.08.06)
  3. "Shissou" (Ouran High School Host Club ED) -Spanish ver.- (2008.08.06)
  4. "Watashi wa Candy" (Candy Candy OP) -Spanish ver.- (2008.08.18)
  5. "Moonlight Densetsu" (Sailor Moon OP) -Spanish ver.- (2008.08.23)
  6. "It's Gonna Rain" -Spanish ver.- (2008.08.24)
  7. "Kanashimi no Mukou he" (School Days song) -Spanish ver.- (2008.09.14)
  8. "Re: Kanashimi no Mukou he" (School Days song) -Spanish ver.- (2008.09.15)
  9. "BLUE FOREVER" (Saint Seiya song) -Spanish ver.- (2008.10.20)
  10. "I Won't Say I'm in Love" (Hercules song) -Spanish ver.- (2008.10.20)
  11. "Shoes of Glass" (Saya no Uta ED) -Spanish ver.- (2008.10.30)
  12. "School Days Waltz Full" (School Days song) -Spanish ver.- (2008.11.23)
  13. "Kesenai Tsumi" (Fullmetal Alchemist ED) -Spanish ver.- feat. Andrea and Marilili (2008.12.13)
  14. "Kokoro" -Spanish ver.- (2009.01.15)
  15. "La Razón" (xxxHolic song) -Spanish ver.- (2009.01.28)
  16. "Sakura Kiss" (Ouran High School Host Club OP) -Spanish ver.- (2009.02.15)
  17. "Gekokujou" -Spanish ver.- feat. Andrea and Lena (2009.03.13)
  18. "World is Mine" -Spanish ver.- (2009.03.20)
  19. "Pink Spider" -Spanish ver.- (2009.04.06)
  20. "Aku no Musume" (Daughter of Evil) -Spanish ver.- (2009.04.08)
  21. "trick and treat" -Spanish ver.- feat. Andrea and Lena (2009.04.22)
  22. "Futatsu no Negai" (DNAngel song) -Spanish ver.- feat. Andrea and Marilili (2009.04.22)
  23. "The Day You Went Away" -Spanish ver.- (2009.04.28)
  24. "Kyoufu Garden" (Fear Garden) -Spanish ver.- (2009.05.02)
  25. "Caramelldansen" -Spanish ver.- (2009.05.30)
  26. "Renraku Mada" (Why Don't You Call Me Yet?) -Spanish ver.- (2009.06.03)
  27. "Paper Plane" -Spanish ver.- (2009.06.07)
  28. "Gemini" -Spanish ver.- feat. Andrea and Lena (2009.06.21)
  29. "Regret Message" -Spanish ver.- (2009.07.22)
  30. "magnet" -Spanish ver.- feat. Andrea and Lena (2009.07.24)
  31. "Honey" -Spanish ver.- (2009.07.28)
  32. "Meltdown" -Spanish ver.- (2009.08.23)
  33. "Hitobashira Alice" (Alice Human Sacrifice) -Spanish ver.- feat. Andrea, Elisa Petrikowski, Fransisco Caamal, Marilili and Lena (2009.09.10)
  34. "Noroi no Megane" -Spanish ver.- (2009.09.16)
  35. "Child's Play" (GOTHIKA song) -Spanish ver.- (2009.11.01)
  36. "Saihate" -Spanish Heavenly Mix ver.- (2009.11.02)
  37. "Just Be Friends" -Spanish ver.- (2009.11.11)
  38. "Juvenile" -Spanish ver.- feat. Andrea and Lena (2009.11.16)
  39. "I'm Yours" -Spanish ver.- (2009.12.08)
  40. "Again" -Spanish ver.- (2009.12.13)
  41. "Migikata no Chou" (Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder) -Spanish ver.- (2010.01.24)
  42. "Meltdown" -Spanish Hard Rock Mix ver.- (2010.02.27)
  43. "Skeleton Life" -Spanish ver.- (2010.03.22)
  44. "Gekokujou" feat. Andrea and Lena (2010.05.25)
  45. "Sugar Sugar Love" (Mirmo Zibang OP) -Spanish ver.- (2010.07.29)
  46. "trick and treat" -Spanish Music Box ver.- feat. Andrea and Lena (2010.08.26)
  47. "Dejamelo a Mi" (iCarly OP) -Spanish ver.- (2010.10.03)
  48. "Sleeper" -Spanish ver.- (2010.10.08)
  49. "Never" -Spanish ver.- feat. Andrea and Lena (2010.10.12)
  50. "Candy Baby" (Chieko Kawabe song) -Spanish ver.- (2010.10.18)
  51. "Dream Meltic Halloween" -Spanish ver.- feat. Andrea, Lena, Luiz, Tamaki, Shizuki and Eerie-chan (2010.10.31)
  52. "Hello/How Are You" -Spanish ver.- (2010.12.31)
  53. "Just Be Friends" -Spanish Band ver.- (2011.02.03)
  54. "Kanashimi no Mukou he" (School Days song) -Spanish ver.- (2011.04.10)
  55. "Matryoshka" -Spanish ver.- (2011.04.11)
  56. "For Fruits Basket" -Spanish ver.- (2011.05.26)
  57. "Love Makes the World Go Round" (Powerpuff Girls song) -Spanish ver.- (2011.07.04)
  58. "Promise" -Spanish ver.- feat. Andrea and OlinKagamine (2011.07.25)
  59. "HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD" -Spanish ver.- (2011.08.08)
  60. "Misa no Uta" -Spanish ver.- (2011.09.07)
  61. "Petenshi ga Warau Koro ni" (When Crooks Laugh) -Spanish ver.- (2012.01.05)
  62. "Calalini" (2012.05.08)
  63. "Panda Hero" -Spanish ver.- (2012.07.07)
  64. "Invisible" -Spanish ver.- feat. Andrea and Akoyahime (2012.09.17)
  65. "Egomama" (Egoselfish) -Spanish ver.- (2013.01.24)
  66. "Majo to Lafrenze" -Spanish ver.- feat. Andrea and Lugh Ildanach (2013.03.29)
  67. "Again" (Fullmetal Alchemist song) -Spanish ver.- (2013.05.18)
  68. "F.D.D." (Chaos Head song) -Spanish ver.- (2013.05.18)
  69. "Chaos; Logic" -Spanish ver.- (2013.05.26)
  70. "Get Along" (Slayers song) -Spanish ver.- feat. Andrea and Kathe Burgos (2013.10.24)
  71. "Get Jinxed" (League of Legends song) -Spanish ver.- (2014.01.25)

Songs on SoundCloudEdit

  1. "Majo to Luafrenze" -Spanish ver.- feat. Andrea and Lugh Ildanach (2013.03.28)
  2. "Another" -Spanish ver.- (2013.05.16)
  3. "F.D.D." -Spanish ver.- (2013.05.16)
  4. "Get Jinxed" (League of Legends song) -Spanish ver.- (2014.01.25)



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