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A sample of a cover song by Araki
"Goodbye", composed by CircusP

Araki (あらき) is an utaite with a strong, clear chest voice that can easily hit high notes. He is also capable of doing harmonies and often screams in his covers. He can also sing English songs without a noticeable accent, as shown in his cover of "About me" Nv.

His most popular solo cover is "ECHO" Nv with 4.4 million views and 52k mylists, and his most popular collab cover is "Mousou Kanshou Daishou Renmei" Nv with nqrse, which has gained 830k views and 22k mylists as of March 2017.

He tends to change the keys of songs he covers, and often includes little melodic sequences within them. He also categorizes his covers using a 5-star system ranging from '☆☆☆☆☆' (no arrangements & harmonies) to '★★★★★' (full arrangement)[3], which can often be found in the description of his covers.

The name Araki was derived from the creator of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Hirohiko Araki.[4] In addition, he is often depicted with an apple for a head due to the fact that his home prefecture, Aomori, is well-known for its apples.[4]

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

  • Member of AXIZ with Shino (guitar) and A1 (bass)
  • Cast of XYZ Tour
  1. Kunoichi Ninpoujou ~ Utaite Shikaku no Maki ~ (Released on July 16, 2014)
  2. Sound of the heart -Boy's Side- (Released on March 15, 2015)
  3. Recollection type:neo (Released on December 31, 2015)
  4. FACTOR (Released on March 16, 2016)
  5. NEGATIVE (Released on December 31, 2016)

Collaboration UnitsEdit

List of Covered SongsEdit

Notice: This utaite has forbidden reprints. Thus, all links in this playlist link to official original uploads on Nico Nico Douga or YouTube (if the utaite has a YT account).
  1. "Nou Shou Sakuretsu Girl" Nv (2013.08.10)
  2. "Haiboku no Shounen" Nv (2013.08.13)
  3. "Paranoid" Nv (2013.08.20)
  4. "Totsugeki Zenya no Dance" Nv (2013.08.25)
  5. "Red Fraction" Nv (2013.08.31)
  6. "Boku wa Kuuki ga Yome Nai" Nv (2013.09.06)
  7. "Mousou Zei" Nv (2013.09.11)
  8. "Hanairo Biyori" Nv (2013.09.18)
  9. "Unpure My Desire" Nv (2013.09.26)
  10. "True Kanjou Kesson" Nv (2013.09.28)
  11. "NAMI no YUKUSAKI" Nv (2013.10.08)
  12. "Inochi no Justitia" Nv (2013.10.12)
  13. "Koshitantan" Nv (2013.10.26)
  14. "S.A.S wo Gachi" Nv (2013.11.01)
  15. "Nisoku Hokou" Nv (2013.11.01)
  16. "Another Hero" Nv (2013.11.07)
  17. "Lost One no Goukoku" Nv (2013.11.13)
  18. "Ama no Jaku" Nv (2013.11.22)
  19. "Manatsu no Juusei" Nv (2013.12.07)
  20. "Mozaik Role" Nv (2013.12.08)
  21. "Kanashimi no Nami ni Oboreru" Nv (2013.12.14)
  22. "Last Christmas" Nv feat. Araki and Uki (2013.12.26)
  23. "ELECT"Nv (2014.01.05)
  24. "Yankee Boy・Yankee Girl" Nv feat. Araki and Risru (2014.01.10)
  25. "Flame Nejimaki" Nv (Kamisama Nejimaki & Flame Heart mash-up) (2014.01.12)
  26. "Shiwa" Nv (2014.01.14)
  27. "Snow Drive (01.23)"Nv (2014.01.31)
  28. "FLASHBACK" Nv (2014.02.04)
  29. "Arikitari Heroes" Nv feat. Araki and Risru (2014.02.07)
  30. "Kusare Gedou to Chocolate" Nv (2014.02.14)
  31. "Buriki no Dance" Nv (2014.02.21)
  32. "DRASTIC MERMAID" Nv (2014.02.23)
  33. "S・K・Y" Nv (2014.03.07)
  34. "Isshinfuran" Nv feat. Araki, Badou and Hinayoshi (2014.03.14)
  35. "Keppekishou" Nv (2014.03.21)
  36. "Counting Stars" Nv (One Republic song) (2014.03.28)
  37. "Jinsei Reset Button" Nv (2014.04.04)
  38. "Koiritsu Houteishiki" Nv feat. Araki and Kakiiro (2014.04.11)
  39. "How to Sekai Seifuku" Nv feat. Araki and Risru (2014.04.18)
  40. "Anti Beat" Nv (2014.05.01)
  41. "Artemisia no Kuusou Butou Kagaku" Nv (2014.05.23)
  42. "Kuukan⇔Formation" Nv (2014.06.06)
  43. "Kyouhansha" Nv (2014.06.25)
  44. "Greed" Nv (2014.07.10)
  45. "Jishou Musoku" Nv (2014.07.25)
  46. "Life is Show Time!" Nv (Kamen Rider Wizard theme song) (2014.08.01)
  47. "Nou Shou Sakuretsu Girl" Nv (2014.08.10)
  48. "Vanilla no Yume" Nv (2014.08.29)
  49. "End of the World" Nv (2014.09.12)
  50. "About me" Nv (2014.09.19)
  51. "Jitter Doll" Nv (2014.10.04)
  52. "Gigantic O.T.N" Nv feat. Araki, Chougakusei and Tokonokoα (2014.11.28)
  53. "ECHO" Nv (2014.12.12)
  54. "Ikkitousen" Nv (2014.12.14)
  55. "Iriya Iriya" Nv (2015.01.30)
  56. "Narisumashi Genga" Nv (2015.02.27)
  57. "Idola no Circus" Nv (Divela remix) (2015.03.13)
  58. "Idola no Circus" Nv (2015.03.20)
  59. "Ai no Scenario" Nv (Love's Scenario) (2015.04.17)
  60. "Real" Nv (Original with DarvishP) feat. AXIZ (2015.05.22)
  61. "Last Continue" Nv (2015.05.29)
  62. "Aimai na Reversi" Nv (Ambiguous Riversi) (2015.06.05)
  63. "Shoujo wa Yoru to Azayaka ni" Nv (2015.06.12)
  64. "Paranoid" Nv -Remake MV- (2015.06.26)
  65. "Goodbye" Nv (2015.07.10)
  66. "Sugar Song to Bitter Step" Nv -party style- (2015.08.14)
  67. "1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou" Nv (SIAM SHADE song) -BAND Edition- feat. Shinshakaijin, Sonouchi Kimeru, Araki, Tsukasashi and RiZer0 (2015.09.20)
  68. "Streaming Heart" Nv (2015.09.25)
  69. "Aimai Dokuritsu Sengen" Nv (Ambiguous Declaration of Independence) (2015.10.04)
  70. "Saikyouiku" Nv (Re-Education) feat. Araki and Yukimura. (2015.10.16)
  71. "Tokyo Teddy Bear" Nv (2015.11.25)
  72. "WILDFIRE!!" Nv (2015.12.18)
  73. "Kami no Manimani" Nv (As God's Mercy) feat. Araki and Roccol (2016.01.01)
  74. "Gishinanki" Nv (Jumping at Shadows) (2016.01.15)
  75. "Ghost Rule" Nv (2016.02.03)
  76. "Higai Mousou Keitai Joshi (Wara)" Nv (Persecution Complex Cellphone Girl (lol)) (2016.02.19)
  77. "Kakushigoto" Nv (Secret) (2016.03.18)
  78. "Abstract Nonsense" Nv (2016.04.08)
  79. "Gingaroku" Nv (Galaxy Log) (2016.04.16)
  80. "Zankoku na Tenshi no Teeze" Nv -AXIZ Arrange- (Evangelion OP; Part of the Sping's Anison Tour 2016) (2016.04.30)
  81. "I Sleep Well" Nv feat. Araki and Roccol (2016.05.13)
  82. "Kimagure Mercy" Nv (Whimsical Mercy) feat. Araki and Izu (2016.06.21)
  83. "Dappou Rock" Nv (Law-evading Rock) (2016.06.24)
  84. "Alien Alien" Nv -DIVELA REMIX- (2016.07.01)
  85. "Again" Nv (Original) (2016.07.08)
  86. "Hitori Botchi no UFO" Nv (2016.07.29) (taken down on NND)
  87. "Secret Answer" Nv feat. Araki, un:c, kradness, Sekihan, Soraru, nqrse, Mafumafu and luz (2016.08.05)
  88. "Hitori Botchi no UFO" Nv (Lonely UFO) (2016.08.10)
  89. "BURNING" Nv (Part of the Umetora Utattemita Tour) (2016.08.12)
  90. "Reincarnation" Nv feat. roccol and Araki (2016.08.24)
  91. "Sai Ration" Nv (Original) (2016.09.23)
  92. "Crazy ∞ nighT" Nv feat. Alfakyun., Stungun, Araki, Kurokumo, Madotsuki@, Shack, Roccol and Ni-chan (2016.10.06)
  93. "Yume no Mata Yume" Nv (A Dream in Another Dream) (2016.10.28)
  94. "UNUBORE Self Burning" Nv (2016.11.11)
  95. "Bi☣hazard" Nv (2016.11.18)
  96. "Christmas Eve" Nv -AXIZ Arrange- (2016.12.09)
  97. "Mousou Kanshou Daishou Renmei" Nv (Delusion Sentimentality Compensation Federation) -Rap ver.- feat. Araki and nqrse (2017.01.06)
  98. "Tachiiri Kinshi" Nv (No Entry) (2017.01.20)
  99. "Iiya" Nv (118) (2017.02.09)
  100. "Taiyoukei Disco" Nv (Solar System Disco) feat. Araki and nqrse (2017.03.03)
  101. "Berserk" Nv feat. Araki and Piko (2017.03.15)
  102. "Romeo" Nv feat. Araki and luz (2017.03.21)
  103. "Kire Carry On" Nv (2017.04.14)
  104. "Internets Disco" Nv feat. Araki and nqrse (2017.04.30)
  105. "Chiisana Koi no Uta" Nv (A Little Love's Song) (2017.05.12)
  106. "ARROW" Nv (2017.05.26)
  107. "Bless" Nv (2017.06.02)
  108. "Haikei Doppelganger" Nv (Dear Doppelganger) feat. Araki and nqrse (2017.06.23)
  109. "Grave" Nv (2017.07.28)
  110. "HIBANA" Nv (2017.08.11)


For Aranaru albums see here


Araki - counting stars
Araki as seen in his cover of Counting Stars Nv
Illust. by apple
Araki & shino
Araki (left) and Shino (right) on their offical blog header
Iriyairiya araki
Araki as seen in Iriya Iriya Nv
Illust. by ksb
Axiz and nico 610945
Araki as seen in his NND community
Axiz lv211983040
Araki Tokonoko Gigantic OTN
Araki as seen in "Gigantic O.T.N"Nv
Illust. by Ichigo Manma
Araki kjpCmT5H
Araki's Twitter icon
Araki's Twitter icon
Illust. by Kashiba (カシバ)
Araki YTbanner
Araki's YT banner
Araki 8mAsH7Jo
Araki's twitter icon
Illust. by Kashiba (カシバ)
Araki Sugar Song to Bitter Step
Araki as seen in his cover of "Sugar Song to Bitter Step" Nv
Illust. by Kashiba (カシバ)
Araki nicobar
Araki as seen in "1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou" Nv
Araki natalie
Araki in real life, as seen in his interview with


  • He was born in Aomori, and is currently living in Tokyo.[4]
  • He owns a male ragamuffin cat named Rafute.[5]
  • He enjoys cooking, and often posts pictures of the food he makes on his Twitter and Instagram.

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