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A sample of a cover song by Awaka
"Sweet Sweet Cendrillion Drug -English ver.-", composed by muryokuP

Awaka is a YouTube singer with a clear, mature, high-ranged voice who covers various J-pop and VOCALOID songs.  She often does English covers, using either her own lyrics or lyrics done by a friend.  

Her old account, therealallisons, was suspended from Youtube, along with her earlier covers. 

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "Maji Desu ka Ska!" (Morning Musume song) feat. Okashi Paradise (2011.10.11)
  2. "Meguru Koi no Kisetsu" (C-ute song) feat. Okashi Paradise (2011.10.25)
  3. "Sakura Mankai" (Morning Musume Sakuragumi song) feat. Okashi Paradise (2011.10.29)
  4. "Nanchatte Renai" feat. Okashi Paradise (Morning Musume song) (2011.11.22)
  5. "Aitai Lonely Christmas" (C-ute song) -Acapella ver.- feat. Saihate Project (2011.12.23)
  6. "Aitai Lonely Christmas" (C-ute song) feat. FruitMixProject (2011.12.25)
  7. "Please Miniskirt Postwoman!" (S/mileage song) feat. Miyu, Lena, Awaka, Suki, Blissy, Neru, and Phob (2011.12.28)
  8. "Aki Urara" (Morning Musume song) feat. Saihate Project (2012.01.08)
  9. "Massara Blue Jeans" (C-ute song) feat. Okashi Paradise (2012.01.19)
  10. "Bravo☆Bravo" (Buono! song) feat. Okashi Paradise (2012.01.20)
  11. "Rolling Girl" feat. Saihate Project (2012.02.06)
  12. "Hello/How Are You" feat. Digital Melody Project (2012.02.11)
  13. "Seishun Collection" (Morning Musume song) feat. dAL (2012.02.25)
  14. "Brokenhearted Girl" (Beyoncé song) feat. Awaka, Kassia, Michi, and Rosetta (2012.03.08)
  15. "Aa, Yo ga Akeru" (Berryz Koubou song) feat. FruitMixProject (2012.03.15)
  16. "Hatsukoi Cider" (Buono! song) feat. Miyu, Awaka, and Luru (2012.03.16)
  17. "Manatsu no Kousen" (Morning Musume song) feat. Awaka and Kassia (2012.03.17)
  18. "Run Devil Run" (SNSD song) feat. Hanabi! Project (2012.03.24)
  19. "Mr. Music" feat. FruitMixProject (2012.03.26)
  20. "Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda!" (Berryz Koubou song) feat. Hanabi! Project (2012.03.27)
  21. "LOVE Machine" (Morning Musume song) feat. FruitMixProject (2012.04.05)
  22. "Koko ni Iruzee!" (Morning Musume song) feat. Awaka, Kassia, Hanii, and Kanny (2012.04.06)
  23. "Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku" (Project Mobekimasu song) feat. FruitMixProject (2012.04.08)
  24. "Lucky Cha Cha Cha!" (Minimoni song) feat. OkashiProDubs (2012.04.11)
  25. "OVER" (2012.04.11)
  26. "Kotatsu no Uta ~jyuken story~" feat. Sarah, Ponta, and Awaka (2012.05.06)
  27. "Ren'ai Hunter" (Morning Musume song) feat. Awaka and Kassia (2012.05.15)
  28. "FIRST KISS" (Aa! song) feat. FruitMixProject (2012.05.28)
  29. "Fantasy ga Hajimaru" (Morning Musume song) feat. IroKokoro Project (2012.05.29)
  30. "Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku" (Project Mobekimasu song) feat. OkashiProDubs (2012.06.01)
  31. "Mr.Taxi" (SNSD song) feat. FruitMixProject (2012.06.09)
  32. "BadBye" (Entry of the KCE Duet Battle 1) feat. Shirokuro Y U M E (2012.06.20)
  33. "Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun dayo!" (Morning Musume song) feat. Hanabi! Project (2012.06.20)
  34. "Gag 100kaibun Aishete Kudasai" (Berryz Koubou song) feat. Hanabi! Project (2012.06.25)
  35. "Everyday Everywhere" (Taiyou to Ciscomoon song) feat. Awaka and Kay (2012.06.23)
  36. "Bad Apple" feat. FruitMixProject (2012.07.11)
  37. "Yowamushi Montblanc" feat. Digital Melody Project (2012.07.12)
  38. "Mr. Music" feat. AmaiYumeMelody (2012.07.15)
  39. "Ren'ai Hunter" (Morning Musume song) feat. FruitMixProject (2012.07.21)
  40. "OK YEAH!" (Morning Musume song) feat. Hanabi! Project (2012.08.11)
  41. "Apple!" (Buono! song) feat. FruitMixProject (2012.08.30)
  42. "Genki+" (Morning Musume song) feat. Okashi Paradise (2012.09.01)
  43. "Cinderella/Complex" (High-King song) feat. Okashi Paradise (2012.09.01)
  44. "cha cha SING" (Berryz Koubou song) feat. dAL (2012.09.15)
  45. "cha cha SING" (Berryz Koubou song) feat. Amai Utau Project (2012.09.22)
  46. "1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou" (Buono! song) feat. Awaka, Aloi, and Hanii (2012.09.23)
  47. "Aruiteru" (Morning Musume song) feat. dAL (2012.10.07)
  48. "SEXY BOY ~Soyokaze ni Yorisotte~" (Morning Musume song) (2012.10.12)
  49. "Cat's♡Eye" (Cat's Eye song) feat. dAL (2012.10.20)
  50. "Love Is In Bloom" (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic song) feat. AmaiYumeMelody (2012.10.31)
  51. "Nakimushi Shounen" (Buono! song) feat. Awaka, Jessie, and Mochi (2012.11.02)
  52. "Speed Up" (KARA song) feat. IroKokoro Project (2012.11.11)
  53. "Pepper Keibu" (Morning Musume song) feat. dAL (2012.11.27)
  54. "Momoiro Sparkling" (C-ute song) feat. Okashi Paradise (2012.11.28)
  55. "Kataomoi" (Buono! song) feat. Awaka, Aloi, and Michi (2012.12.09)
  56. "Genki Pikappika!" (Morning Musume song) feat. Okashi Paradise (2012.12.18)
  57. "Flower Power" (SNSD song) feat. IroKokoro Project (2012.12.21)
  58. "Winter Story" (Girls' Generation TTS song) feat. Yo! Project (2012.12.24)
  59. "Carol of the Bells" -Acapella ver.- feat. IroKokoro Project (2012.12.24)
  60. "Genki+" (Morning Musume song) feat. IroKokoro Project (2012.12.31)
  61. "Samui ne." (S/mileage song) feat. Sexy Senpais (2013.01.13)
  62. "WANT!" (Berryz Koubou song) feat. Sexy Senpais (2013.01.15)
  63. "Dance de Bakoon!" (C-ute song) feat. Sexy Senpais (2013.01.16)
  64. "Between the Sheets" (Entry of the MBCB) feat. The Moonlit Lounge (2013.01.18)
  65. "Maji Desu ka Ska!" (Morning Musume song) feat. Sexy Senpais (2013.01.19)
  66. "Lady Panther" (Buono! song) feat. Awaka, Yumi, and Serena (2013.02.28)
  67. "Sakura Regret" (FLOWER song) (Entry of the MBCB) feat. The Moonlit Lounge (2013.03.02)
  68. "Fields of Hope" (Gundam SEED Destiny insert song) feat. AmaiYumeMelody (2013.03.07)
  69. "Leia" -English Piano ver.- (2013.03.09)
  70. "Departures ~Anata ni Okuru Ai no Uta~" (2013.03.16)
  71. "Sugar Rush" (AKB48 song) feat. dAL (2013.03.31)
  72. "Uwaki na Honey Pie" (Country Musume ni Konno to Fujimoto song) feat. dAL (2013.04.13)
  73. "Still Doll" (Vampire Knight ED) feat. IroKokoro Project (2013.04.21)
  74. "Roman ~My dear boy~" feat. Ayuchi and Awaka (2013.04.26)
  75. "Broken Moon" (Touhou OST) -English ver.- (2013.05.02)
  76. "Ice Mermaid" (Buono! song) feat. Awaka, Michi, and Farrah (2013.06.06)
  77. "Lacrimosa" (Kuroshitsuji ED) feat. IroKokoro Project (2013.07.30)
  78. "Pandora" (KARA song) feat. FruitMixProject (2013.07.31)
  79. "Bang!" (2013.08.05) -Japanese ver.- feat. IroKokoro Project (2013.08.05)
  80. "Watashi ga Iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya ne" (Juice=Juice song) feat. IroKokoro Project (2013.08.10)
  81. "Ai no Gundan" (Morning Musume song) feat. IroKokoro Project (2013.08.30)
  82. "Independent Girl ~ Dokuritsu Joshi de Aru Tame ni" (Buono! song) feat. Awaka, MewKiyoko, and Kassia (2013.09.21)
  83. "Romance no Tochuu" (Juice=Juice song) (2013.10.01)
  84. "Lollipop Factory" feat. Zessei Bijin! (2013.10.22)
  85. "Nanchatte Renai and Shouganai Yume Oibito" (Morning Musume songs) feat. IroKokoro Project (2013.12.31)
  86. "Let It Go" (Frozen OST) (2014.01.03)
  87. "LOVE Machine" (Morning Musume song) (2014.01.09)
  88. "Wagamama Kinomama Ai no Joke" (Morning Musume song) feat. Kanzen Pro (2014.01.11)
  89. "Ikanaide" -English ver.- (2014.01.14)
  90. "Ijiwaru Shinaide Dakishimete yo" (Juice=Juice song) (2014.01.15)
  91. "Hajimete wo Keiken chu" (Juice=Juice song) feat. IroKokoro Project (2014.01.16)
  92. "Strangers" feat. Awaka and Yun (2014.01.25)
  93. "Yosogoto" (Another's Affair) (2014.01.22)
  94. "Some People Are Worth Melting For" (Frozen OST) (2014.01.27)
  95. "Konoha no Sekai Jijou" (Entry of the Serendipity Chorus Battle) feat. Wa☆Oto (2014.02.08)
  96. "Bullet for Prisoner" -English ver.- (2014.03.04)
  97. "What is Love?" (Morning Musume song) feat. Kanzen Pro (2014.03.16)
  98. "Runaway Train" (Buono! song) feat. Awaka, Kay, and Aloi (2014.03.18)
  99. "Hajimete no Koi ga Owaru Toki" feat. FruitMixProject (2014.03.26)
  100. "Rambling Girls" (After School song) feat. IroKokoro Project (2014.04.05)
  101. "Yume Maboroshi" (Fantasy) (2014.04.25)
  102. "Calc." -Parody- (2014.06.03)
  103. "Glow" -Piano & Strings ver.- (2014.06.06)
  104. "Kalmia no Doukoku" (Lamentation of Kalmia) (2014.06.19)
  105. "Material World" feat. Hanami and Awaka (2014.07.03)
  106. "Misterioso" (Kalafina song) (Entry of the TTB) feat. FioRiTura (2014.07.11)
  107. "Sweet Sweet Cendrillon Drug" -English ver.- (2014.07.30)
  108. "Connecting" -English ver.- (2014.12.18)
  109. "Hatsukoi Gakuen・Jun'aika" (First Love Academy・Department of Pure Love) feat. Tuna, Soramin, and Awaka (2015.02.03)
  110. "Rebellion" (Entry of the So★CB) feat. Échec♣Royale (2015.02.08)
  111. "Kiss me Aishiteru" (C-ute song) feat. Awaka and Aloi (2015.03.01)
  112. "Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari" (Bakemonogatari ED) (2015.03.09)
  113. "stone cold" (Sacred Seven OP) (Entry of the So★CB) feat. Échec♣Royale (2015.03.22)
  114. "Before My Body is Dry" (Kill la Kill insert song) (2015.03.31)
  115. "goodnight tonight" -English ver.- (2015.04.28)
  116. "Ai no Scenario" (Love's Scenario) (Entry of the So★CB) feat. Échec♣Royale (2015.05.10)
  117. "Kimi ni Todoke..." (Kimi ni Todoke S2 ED) (2016.07.22)
  118. "Tsubasa" (Arslan Senki: Fuujin Ranbu OP) -English ver.- (2016.07.30)
  119. "Peace and Love (On the Planet Earth)" (Steven Universe song) feat. Serena, Kayli, Rinny, Luciana.a, and Awaka (2016.09.22)
  120. "Torikoriko PLEASE!!" (Love Live! Sunshine!! song) -English ver.- (2016.10.17)



Currently none or to be added.


  • Along with the other members of IroKokoro Project, Awaka collaborated with J-Pop star Yun*chi on her single Waon*. [citation needed]

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