Here one can find explanations of the words often used on Bilibili.



233 refers to the 233rd emoticon on a Chinese site, Mop. This is a emoticon of someone uncontrollably laughing. More people uses this than hhhh.


B ZhànEdit

B Zhàn (B站) is the nickname of Bilibili. It literally means "The B Site". A Zhàn (A站) and C Zhàn (C站) refers to two other Dàn Mù sites, AcFun and Tucao.


Bīlībīlī (哔哩哔哩) is a video sharing website themed around anime, manga, and games in China. users can submit, view, and add commentary subtitles on videos.

It's inspired by similar video sharing websites Nico Nico Douga and AcFun.[1]

Bīlībīlī Fān Chàng Qū UP-ZhǔEdit

Bīlībīlī Fān Chàng Qū UP-Zhǔ (哔哩哔哩翻唱区UP主) literally means Bilibili Cover Section UP-Zhu. It's shortened form is Fān Chàng Qū UP-Zhǔ (翻唱UP主).



Chàngjiàn (唱见) is a term used on Bilibili, used to refer to singers. This also includes singers from other websites such as Nico Nico Douga. Some singers also refer to themselves as Gējī.


Dàn MùEdit

Dàn Mù (弹幕) is the name of the commentary subtitles on Bilibili. It comes from the Japanese word "Danmaku" (弾幕). It is possible to do many things with Dàn Mù other than commenting, such as making games and making PVs, but these requires the user to use Advanced Dàn Mù. Some people call it Tán Mù, but the correct pronunciation is Dàn Mù.



Gējī (歌姬) for females, (歌基) for males is a term used for singers on Bilibili. Also see Chàngjiàn.



h is the Chinese equivalent of "lol". It comes from the Chinese word "Hāhā"(哈哈), the onomatopoeia of laughing.



UP-Zhǔ (UP主) is a term which combines the "up" of "upload" and "zhǔ" (主). It is equivalent to the term "uploader".



Zhuāntí (专题) literally means "topic". It's an article containing a short description, and are all the videos related to the subject, added by administrators of the topic.


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