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einie as seen in their twitter banner. Illust. by Kurono Kuro (くろのくろ)

einie (アイニー) is the Japanese indie band with 2 lead vocals who are Natsushiro Takaaki and Eve. Instead of covering songs, they compose and write lyrics for their own songs.


  • Natsushiro Takaaki (Lead vocals & Composition)
  • Eve (Lead vocals & Composition)
  • iida (Arrangement & Guitar)
  • nskw (Arrangement & Guitar)
  • futa (Bass)
  • ueno (Art direction)
  • emumelo (Video direction & Editing)


List of SongsEdit

All are original songs

  1. "Hoshi no Uta" Nv (Star's Song) (2011.11.23)
  2. "Irony" Nv (2012.08.15)
  3. "Cider" Nv (2012.10.16)
  4. "Fuyuu Shounen" Nv (2012.10.20) (not in mylist)
  5. "Spica" Nv (2013.01.23)
  6. "Wonder" Nv (2013.04.17) (not in mylist)
  7. "Gunjou" Nv (2013.04.19)
  8. "Aru Ichinichi" Nv (2013.04.23)


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