FilM 1030

From left to right: Ruta, BANVI, Amatou, Rika, FM-kun, Aramaki, Ruokun, Childon, Ché:ria, and No.85. Illust. by Taizoo (たいぞう_, Benichiru (べにちる), Umiyori (海依), and Shinomiya Shizuri (シノミヤシヅリ).

F.i.l.M is the doujin circle leading by FM-kun. They held a liveshow on October 30, 2016 and also released their album on that day.

Members are: FM-kun, Amatou, Aramaki, BANVI, Ché:ria, Childon, No.85, Rika, Ruokun, and Ruta.



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