From left to right: Toshiyan, Tora*, Sakuya. and kenty (Illust. by Mizutama (水玉))

Love Desire is the group of 4 utaite who are active on TwitCasting, including Toshiyan (leader), Tora*, sakuya. and kenty.

The group have 2 showcases in 2015 on August 15 in Osaka and on September 05 in Tokyo. Their first original album in which they wrote the lyrics came along with these lives before officially released on November 11, 2015.

The group has a cameo in the anime adaptation of the visual novel Kenka Banchou Otome: Girls Beat Boys as the group LD4. They also voice the characters.


List of SongsEdit

  2. "Koi no ABO" Nv (Love of ABO) (2015.12.07)
  3. "Setsuna Clover" Nv (Original Song) (2016.04.13)
  4. "Hibikase" Nv (Resonate) (2016.12.01)



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