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Okaeritte Ie(おかえりって言え) is the doujin circle of 3 young utaite Wolpis Kater, Isubokuro, and Sou. They first appeared under this group name in Comiket 90 with their CD Sunflower and sold it inside act family's store owned by Kony[1].

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "Kami no Manimani" Nv (As God's Mercy) (2016.08.11)
  2. "Chururira-Chururira-Daddadda! (2017.02.22)


Released on August 14, 2016 (Comiket 90)
Okaeritte Ie - Sunflower
Illust. by Machiya Nagi (街屋なぎ)
Purchasable at Animate   - JP only: 
No. Title Utaite Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. "Rocket Cider" Nv Sou NayutalieN NayutalieN
2. "aimai" Isubokuro Sena Wataru. Sena Wataru.
3. "Berserk" Wolpis Kater Mafumafu Mafumafu
4. "Totemo Itai Itagaritai" Isubokuro, Wolpis Kater EZFG EZFG
5. "aira" Nv Isubokuro n-buna n-buna
6. "Yume Hanabi" Sou Mafumafu Mafumafu
7. "Juusanbanme no Husking" Wolpis Kater MI8k MI8k
8. "Kono Fuzaketa Subarashiki Sekai wa, Boku no Tame ni Aru" Sou, Isubokuro n.k n.k
9. "Baka wa Anomaly ni Akogareru" Sou, Wolpis Kater UtsuP UtsuP
10. "Jittto Miteiru" Isubokuro EZFG EZFG
11. "Ai Ni Kijutsushi" Sou DenpolP DenpolP
12. "Bokura no Let it Be" Nv Wolpis Kater Harry Harry
13. "Kami no Manimani" Nv Wolpis Kater, Isubokuro, Sou rerulili rerulili


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