This category exists more or less to demonstrate that there should be no templates for the preloadable format system included in any category. In other words, Preload templates is here to be empty.

If the preload templates are placed in a category, then any page which uses that preloadable format will also be in that category. The preloadable format system dumps the entirety of a file onto a new page, including any <noinclude> and <includeonly> statements. To put it simply, it includes things you're trying to <noinclude>.

Fortunately, finding the preloadable templates doesn't require a category. They all must follow a strict nomenclature. If you look at the dropdown menu containing the various preloadable formats, you effectively have a list of the template pages. Simply take the names offered there, and add "/preload" to them.

List of Preloads Edit

Article Management

Singer Pages

Famous Utattemita Songs



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