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StudioLama visual logo

StudioLama is a label of NND rappers which formed in 2014.

Presenter: GGGN



List of SongsEdit

  1. "Ichimoudajin" Nv (A Clean Sweep) -StudioLama Remix- feat. Ryan, Isana. (Fuyu & Hazama Hiraku), GGGN, and Rapsuruman (2014.11.14)
  2. "StudioLama MIC RELAY" feat. Maaku, Chinori, Fuyu, Ryan, A-CONY, Rapsuruman, VACON, nqrse, and GGGN (2015.04.23)
  3. "Galaxian" Nv feat. GGGN, Chinori, Isana., Sarahpyon, Rapsuruman, and Ryan (2012.12.28)
  4. "Knowledge" Nv feat. GGGN, A-CONY, Fuyu, HaGRmA, Sarahpyon, Ryan, Maaku, VACON, Rapsuruman, and Moshasuke (2016.08.01)


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