From left to right: 96Neko, vipTenchou and Kogeinu

Inu Neko Tenchou (犬猫店長) also known as Team Pet Shop (チームペットショップ) is a trio of 96Neko, Kogeinu and vipTenchou.

The name for Team Pet Shop comes from the members' names: the "neko" from 96Neko means cat, the "inu" from Kogeinu means dog, and the "tenchou" from vipTenchou means shop manager.

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "Jingle Bells" Nv (2011.12.25)
  2. "Houkago Stride" Nv (After-School Stride) (2012.12.25)
  3. "SMOKYTHRILL" Nv (2014.03.14)
  4. "shockingparty" Nv (2014.06.27)
  5. "Setsuna Trip" Nv (2015.07.10)


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