Usa colony
Usa Colony (うさころにー) is a doujin music circle organized by KurousaP and consists of Usa and Yamai, as well as several VOCALOID Producers. Usa and Yamai are the main vocalists.


  • Usa
    • the white rabbit. Singer
  • Maccha-usa (Yamai)
    • the green rabbit. 2nd singer
  • Niji-usa, lit. rainbow rabbit (Tourai)
    • the brown rabbit with rainbow-colored hat. Composer and member of the band
  • Kuro-usa (KurousaP)
    • the black rabbit. Composer and manager
  • Tsuton-usa (KGT)
    • the blue & pink rabbit with glasses and fluffy brown hair. Composer
  • Buchi-usa (XPlorez)
    • the blue & white rabbit, Lyricist
  • Ki-usa (TekistoP)
    • the yellow rabbit. Composer
  • Asagi-usa (Kobayashi Onyx)
    • the light blue rabbit. Composer
  • Nazo-usa, lit. enigma rabbit (Hajime)
    • the faceless dark blue rabbit. Guitarist
  • Koori-usa, lit. frozen rabbit (doriko)
    • Composer
  • Kinoko-usa, lit. mushroom rabbit (19)
    • the gray rabbit with a mushroom on its head. Composer
  • Momo-usa, lit. peach rabbit (Komagarita)
    • the pink cute rabbit. Illustrator
  • Murasaki-usa
    • the purple rabbit. Sales clerk



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