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Da-litte connecting
Da-little as seen in his collab cover of "Connecting"Nv
Illust. by Rella
Japanese ダリル (dariru)
Also known as ひらどん (Hiradon, former name)
Gender Male
Status Active
Years active 2010-present
NND sites NND user page
mylist/20541738 (deleted)
mylist/49186909 (current)
YT channel


Collab partner(s) EVO+
A sample of a cover song by Da-little
"Mr. Wonder", composed by takamatt

Da-little, formerly known as Hiradon (ひらどん) is a high and soft voiced utaite, whose voice goes well with ballads.

His pronunciation is noted to be good, with a clear pronunciation of words. It can be heard in his cover of "Scissorhands"Nv.

He was active with providing vocals for Sputnik (スプートニク).

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

  1. ONE LOVE with SYNCA (Released on January 05, 2011)
  2. Party (Released on February 14, 2011)
  3. Noirism -Ark- (Released on December 31, 2011)
  4. Utaite concept album "adeyaka" (Released on March 21, 2012)
  5. CliCK ~ Naki Uta de Utattemita ~ -Prince ver.- (Released on May 29, 2013)
  6. NiOver ~Nio in music~ (Released on November 14, 2015)
  7. human evolution (Release on February 03, 2016)

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "MELTING" Nv -Band ver.- (2008.03.13) (Taken down on NND)
  2. "Strobe Nights" Nv (2008.09.12) (Taken down on NND)
  3. "Life goes on ~ side K ~" Nv (2008.10.09) (Taken down on NND)
  4. "MELTING!" Nv (2008.10.10) (Taken down on NND)
  5. "MELTING" Nv (2008.10.10) (Taken down on NND)
  6. "Change The World" Nv (2008.10.18) (Taken down on NND)
  7. "Hanagumori" Nv (2008.11.13) (Taken down on NND)
  8. "Fire◎Flower" Nv (2008.11.15) (Taken down on NND)
  9. "Strobe Nights" Nv (2008.12.03) (Taken down on NND)
  10. "Ti Amo" Nv feat. Da-little and Jack (2009.01.03)
  11. "Space Sonic" Nv (2009.01.05) (Taken down on NND)
  12. "Chip Tears" Nv (2009.04.02) (Taken down on NND)
  13. "Ashita kara Honki desu" Nv (2009.04.02) (Taken down on NND)
  14. "Just Be Friends" Nv (2009.09.26) (Taken down on NND)
  15. "SPICE!" Nv (2009.09.26) (Taken down on NND)
  16. "magnet" Nv (2009.11.17) (Taken down on NND)
  17. "Gemini" Nv (2009.11.25) (Taken down on NND)
  18. "Smiling" Nv -Original ver.- (collab) (2009.12.12)
  19. "Gemini" Nv feat. Da-little and Wotamin (2010.04.02)
  20. "glow" Nv (2010.08.13)
  21. "Ur-Style" Nv (2010.08.13)
  22. "*tear*" Nv -two-step mix- (2010.08.13)
  23. "Starduster" Nv (2010.08.13)
  24. "Un・Incense" Nv (2010.08.13)
  25. "Scissorhands" Nv -English ver.- (2011.01.16)
  26. "ZOU" Nv (2011.01.24)
  27. "Kamikyoku" Nv feat. Da-little, Nitmegane, halyosy and Shirofuku (2011.02.13)
  28. "rain stops, good-bye" Nv feat. Da-little and Creamzone (2011.04.20)
  29. "Ding-Dong" Nv (2011.04.21)
  30. "Pusse cafe" Nv (2011.07.07)
  31. "Summer Rain" Nv (2011.07.17)
  32. "Love Your Life" Nv (2011.07.25)
  33. "Like A Best Friend" Nv (Original with Taisho) (2011.09.08)
  34. "Just a game" Nv (2012.02.02)
  35. "Kimi ga Umareta Hi" Nv (EVO+'s birthday) feat. HanyCham★, Da-little, Mes and GigaP (2013.04.09)
  36. "Life is beautiful" Nv feat. Da-ittle and che:Sakurai (2012.04.17)
  37. "Mr. Wonder" Nv (2012.05.28)
  38. "Colorful World" Nv feat. Da-little and EVO+ (2012.11.17) (Not in Mylist)
  39. "Undefined" Nv (2013.01.07)
  40. "Sacred Secret" Nv (2013.01.25)
  41. "shake it!" Nv (2013.02.26)
  42. "Promise & Guarantee" Nv (2013.07.17)
  43. "kaleidoscope" Nv (2013.08.08)
  44. "Nibiiro Idolatry" Nv (2014.02.26)
  45. "Koshitantan" Nv (2014.03.09)
  46. "Libra" Nv feat. Da-little, Kurimuzon, nero and EVO+ (2014.05.18)
  47. "It's no way" Nv feat Da-little and EVO+ (2014.09.09)
  48. "Connecting" Nv feat. Da-little, nero, nqrse, Panaman, EVO+, Mes, Chomaiyo, Sana, Cocolu (2014.12.24) (Not in Mylist)
  49. "Gishinanki" Nv (Jumping at Shadows) (2015.02.18)
  50. "miss you" Nv feat. Da-little and Nico (chorus) (2015.03.17)
  51. "Girls" Nv (2015.03.30)
  52. "SILENCE" Nv (2015.06.01)
  53. "Lamb." Nv (2015.06.05)
  54. "Sayonara" Nv feat. Da-little and Tiara (2015.06.20)
  55. "Sakurairo no Better Days" Nv (Sakura Colored Better Days) feat. Da-little and halyosy (2016.04.05)
  56. "Paintër" Nv ✽ A Palëtte for You feat. Da-little, Nitmegane, nero, Wolpis Kater, EVO+, Gero, ill.bell, Cocolu, Mes and halyosy (2016.05.07)
  57. "Sugar Song to Bitter Step" Nv -Live-Action Relay ver.- feat. Ikasan, clear, Zero, Tsukasashi, Yuuto, Ajikko, Akajam, Yuge, Da-little, Shijin, SILVANA, Meychan, Mary, Nayugorou, and 3bu (2016.06.17)
  58. "Yosogoto" Nv (Another's Affair) (2016.07.30)
  59. "sigh" Nv (Original with DATEKEN) (2016.08.19)


get lost
Released on June 08, 2012
Get lost
Purchasable at - internat.: AmazonINTItunesINT 
No. Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. "get lost" Sputnik Sputnik

Sputnik - EP
Released on March 10, 2010
Sputnik EP
Purchasable at - internat.: ItunesINT 
No. Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. "Eden" Sputnik Sputnik
2. "Monochro Diary" Sputnik Sputnik
3. "skyblue" Sputnik Sputnik
4. "Answers" Sputnik Sputnik
5. "ESCAPE" Sputnik Sputnik
6. "It's so..." Sputnik Sputnik

Released on January 05, 2011
ONE LOVE synca
Purchasable at - internat.: ItunesINT 
No. Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. "ONE LOVE" (SYNCA, Da-little)
2. "ONE LOVE" -Satoru Kuribayashi Remix- (SYNCA)
3. "ONE LOVE" -Extended mix- (SYNCA, Da-little)

Change (by Sputnik)
Released on May 05, 2011
Change sputnik
Purchasable at - internat.: AmazonINTItunesINT 
No. Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. "Image"
2. "Innryoku Scenario"
3. "By Your Side"
4. "Bounce With Us"
5. "Bokura wo Tsunagu Ao"
6. "Summer Days"
7. "Monochrome Diary" -Electro mix-
8. "Who Knows...?"
9. "Still"
10. "Still" -Healing ver.-


Da-little as seen on Nico Nico Douga
Hiradon smiling
Da-little as seen in his collab of "Smiling"Nv
Illust. by halyosy
Dalittle kamikyoku
Da-little as seen in his collab of "Kamikyoku"Nv
Illust. by Yuu (優)
Dalittle Like a best friend
Da-little as seen in his cover of "Like A Best Friend"Nv
Illust. by Yawarabi Juubee (柔日重兵衛)
Da little
Da-little in real life


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