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For a full list of collaboration albums in a sortable table, please see here.

Released on April 17, 2013
Purchasable at - internat.: AmazonINT 
No. Title Utaite Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. "Nico Nico Wonderland no Theme Song" Nv vipTenchou, clear, Amatsuki, Ryo-kun, Mucchi, Kogeinu EasyPop EasyPop EasyPop
2. "Self-Introduction" ~vipTenchou (Lion)~ vipTenchou
3. "Ohayou Sekai" Nv vipTenchou daniwell daniwell daniwell
4. "Self-Introduction" ~clear (Bear)~ clear
5. "Slowly sky" Nv clear HitoshizukuP, Yama△ HitoshizukuP, Yama△ HitoshizukuP, Yama△
6. "Self-Introduction" ~Amatsuki (Sheep)~ Amatsuki
7. "Pastel Lovers" Amatsuki PolyphonicBranch PolyphonicBranch PolyphonicBranch
8. "Self-Introduction" ~Ryo-kun (Wolf)~ Ryo-kun
9. "Love Song wa Yuugure ni" Nv Ryo-kun TOKOTOKO TOKOTOKO TOKOTOKO
10. "Self-Introduction" ~Mucchi (Hamster)~ Mucchi
11. "Issho ni Iyou ne!" Mucchi Takkyuu Shounen Takkyuu Shounen Takkyuu Shounen
12. "Self-Introduction" ~Kogeinu (Dog)~ Kogeinu
13. "Kogefuu" Nv Kogeinu KEI KEI KEI

Released on March 12, 2014
Nico Nico Wonderland 2
Purchasable at Animate   - JP only: 
No. Title Utaite Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. "Niconico Wonderland Theme Song 2" TBA EasyPop EasyPop EasyPop
2. ""Self-Introduction" ~96Neko(Cat)~" 96Neko
3. "Smile Gift" 96neko Nem Nem Nem
4. "Self-Introduction" ~Lon(Rabbit)~" Lon
5. "Usagi no Kazoekata" nero Satsuki ga Tenkomori Satsuki ga Tenkomori Satsuki ga Tenkomori
6. "Self-Introduction" ~mafumafu(owl)~" mafumafu
7. "Under Sweet Umbrella" mafumafu mafumafu mafumafu mafumafu
8. ""Self-Introduction" ~un:c(Raccon)~" un:c
9. "Jab Jab LOVE" Nv un:c Kumano Kiyomi GigaP GigaP
10. ""Self-Introduction" ~Rumdarjun(Goat)~" Rumdarjun
11. "FallingDown" Nv Rumdarjun Wataame Wataame Wataame
12. ""Self-Introduction" ~nero(Squirrel)~" nero
13. "Hare no Ki no Ue" Nv nero koyori koyori koyori
14. "Oyasumi Wonderland" EasyPop EasyPop EasyPop
15. "Niconico Wonderland 2 Voice Drama Nukumority"

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