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Fome as seen in his duet cover of "Serment"
Illust. by Lychee
English Fome
Also known as Sean Chen (real name)[1]
Gender Male
Origin United States[1]
Status Active
Years active 2006-present
YT channel

Fome (main)
phoenixashmusic (band)

Collab partner(s) Nyamai
A sample of a cover song by Fome
"Agony" by KOTOKO

Fome is a YouTube singer.

His most popular cover is the Psycho-Pass OP "Abnormalize" with over 58K views as of May 2014.

He is also the lead singer of the band Phoenix Ash, which will be releasing their 2nd album (their first album with Fome as their lead singer) May 2014. They allow many of their singles for free download and request that fans who enjoy might purchase the track.

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

  1. Member of Shoshin ambition with Nyamai (in the KCE Duet Battle 2)
  2. Member of Phoenix Ash (vocals)
  3. Member of anuziʞ kizuna (in vocaFX)
  4. Member of CollaboDaisakusen
  5. Member of ONE TRACK NOISE with Caspy, minty+, mong, Kimunyu, Ciel*, Takamasa and Yuro (in the Serendipity Chorus Battle)
  6. Member of Raw Squid Foam with Howl and SquaDus (in the Teacup Trio Battle 2014)
  7. Member of P I N K S K H U G (PKS) with Coda, Shinji, Usachii, SquaDus, Joakkar, Ankoku, Kal and Beibi (in the Hybrid DuBattle)
  8. Member of Youtaite Occult Club (as the mixer) with Anba, Ciel*, Chiisana, Katie, Mong, CMKC and Chase (in the Fαвℓєѕ of Cʀᴇᴀᴛɪᴏɴ Chorus Battle)

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "Re-sublimity" (Kannazuki no Miko OP) (2012.06.28)
  2. "oath sign" (Fate/Zero OP) feat. CollaboDaisakusen (2012.10.23)
  3. "IA IA★Night of Desire" feat. Zessei Bijin! and Fome (2012.10.28)
  4. "Chala-Head-Chala" (Dragonball Z OP) feat. CollaboDaisakusen (2012.12.14)
  5. "Skyclad Observer" (Steins;Gate) (2012.12.17)
  6. "Can Do" (Kuroko no Basket OP) feat. CollaboDaisakusen (2013.02.10)
  7. "Abnormalize" (Psycho-Pass OP) (2013.02.24)
  8. "Agony" (Kannazuki no Miko ED) (2013.03.10)
  9. "Dark Shame" (CØDE:BREAKER OP) feat. CollaboDaisakusen (2013.03.29)
  10. "Chemical Emotion" (Entry of the vocaFX) feat. anuziʞ kizuna (2013.04.19)
  11. "Unmei dakara... again and again" feat. Ken, Kenta, Vinar and Fome (2013.04.19)
  12. "Believe in my Existence" Nv (Cardfight!! Vanguard OP) feat. Zessei Bijin!, Antares and Fome (2013.05.24) (Audio muted on YT due to copyright)
  13. "Anata no Eranda Kono Toki wo" (Steins;Gate movie OST) (2013.06.10)
  14. "Rot in Hell" (Touhou) (Entry of the vocaFX) feat. anuziʞ kizuna (2013.06.15)
  15. "Guren No Yumiya" (Shingeki no Kyojin OP) feat. CollaboDaisakusen (2013.07.21)
  16. "A New Journey" (Original) feat. Phoenix Ash (2013.08.08)
  17. "Serment" (Entry of the KCE Duet Battle 2) feat. Fome and Nyamai (2013.08.11)
  18. "Over the Clouds" (Entry of the vocaFX) feat. anuziʞ kizuna (2013.08.13)
  19. "Butter-Fly" (Digimon Adventure OP) feat. Ume, Zenya, Ritz, Ehmz, Fome, Kenta, and Kuri~n (2013.06.21)
  20. "PSI Missing" (Toaru Majutsu no Index OP) (2013.08.29)
  21. "Ai Kotoba" (Entry of the KCE Duet Battle 2) feat. Fome and Nyamai (2013.08.29)
  22. "More Than a Feeling" -Band ver.- (2013.09.01)
  23. "Stumble and Fall" (Original) feat. Phoenix Ash (2013.09.03)
  24. "Senbonzakura" (Entry of the KCE Duet Battle 2) feat. Fome and Nyamai (2013.09.17)
  25. "1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou" (Rurouni Kenshin ED) (2013.09.29)
  26. "Still We Go" (Siam Shade song) feat. Phoenix Ash (2013.10.11)
  27. "Last Chance" (Original) feat. Phoenix Ash (2013.11.02)
  28. "Totsugeki Love Heart" (2013.11.25)
  29. "Ouka≠Invocation" feat. Antares, Beato, Eunji, Fome, Hera, Kiro, K-chan, KL, Lollia, Raku, Sumashu, Un3h, Xandu, Sagara Yoru and Yun (2013.12.11)
  30. "Shotgun Lovers" feat. Miri, Ankoku, Liana, ehmz, SquaDus, Serena, JenniDi, Fome, Moon, Beibi, Usachii, cheeseman, Ariah, Tomie and Antares (2013.12.16)
  31. "Paradise Lost" (2013.12.21)
  32. "Your Legacy" (Original) feat. Phoenix Ash (2014.01.01)
  33. "Platinum Beat" (2014.02.17)
  34. "Kumori Nochi Hare" (SIAM SHADE song) feat. Fome and Dibur (2014.02.17)
  35. "Any More With Me" (Original) feat. Phoenix Ash (2014.03.01)
  36. "Ambiguous" (Kill la Kill OP) -TV size- (2014.04.06)
  37. "Streaming Heart" (Entry of the Serendipity Chorus Battle) feat. ONE TRACK NOISE (2014.05.04)
  38. "Rising Hope" (Entry of the Serendipity Chorus Battle) feat. ONE TRACK NOISE (2014.06.16)
  39. "Saa (Mamotte Shugogetten OP) -Band ver.- (2014.07.04)
  40. "RESISTANCE" (Entry of the Teacup Trio Battle 2014) feat. Raw Squid Foam (2014.07.14)
  41. "WARRIOR" -Japanese & Korean ver.- (Entry of the Hybrid DuBattle) feat. PINKSKHUG (2014.07.20)
  42. "Impulse x Pandemonics" feat. Yukari, Vulkain, Fome, Beibi and Reba (2014.07.29)
  43. "Dried Up Youthful Fame" (Free! OP2) (2014.08.03)
  44. "Hey, Sleepyhead" (Entry of the Teacup Trio Battle 2014) feat. Raw Squid Foam (2014.08.08)
  45. "Yasashii Kiss wo Shite" (Dreams Come True song) (Entry of the Hybrid Dubattle) -Piano ver.- feat.PINKSKHUG (2014.08.27)
  46. "Butterfly Core" (Entry of the Teacup Trio Battle 2014) feat. Raw Squid Foam (2014.09.12)
  47. "Big Bang R & B Medley" -Japanese & English ver.- (Entry of the Hybrid DuBattle) feat. PINKSKHUG (2014.09.30)
  48. "Ideal White" (Fate/Stay Night UBW OP) (2014.10.11)
  49. "Theory Of Happiness" (Entry of the Hybrid DuBattle) feat. PINKSKHUG (2014.12.05)
  50. "The Beginning" feat. Phoenix Ash (2014.12.15)
  51. "Pokemon World!" (Entry of the Secret Santa 2014)(2014.12.24)
  52. "Pegasus Fantasy" (Saint Seiya Omega OP) feat. CollaboDaisakusen (2014.12.31)
  53. "Boku wa Hatsune Miku to Kiss wo Shita" (I Shared a Kiss with Hatsune Miku) feat. Chiika, Chiisana, Ciel*, July, K-chan, style, Caspy, Chishio, Fome, Ian, Mango, and Wind (2015.01.14)
  54. "Serenity" (Original) feat. Phoenix Ash (2015.01.16)
  55. "Yume Sketch" (Bakuman. ED3) feat. CollaboDaisakusen (2015.01.26)
  56. "Spinning World" (Naruto Shippuden ED32) feat. CollaboDaisakusen (2015.02.06)
  57. "Tokyo Real World" feat. Aruufi, cheeseman, Chishio, Ciel*, Fome, K-chan, Mong, and Tonkhai (2015.03.02)
  58. "Dried Up Youthful Fame" (Free! OP2) feat. CollaboDaisakusen (2015.03.04)
  59. "JAP" (Abingdon Boys School song) feat. Phoenix Ash (2015.05.16)
  60. "If You Can Dream" (Disney Princess song) feat. Ryan, Jeffrey, Jay, Eva, Mimi, Robby, Lucy, Yanovi, Karu, Dibur, Erin, Shades, Chiisana, Kazou, Chishio, Hakuro, and Fome (2015.05.24)
  61. "STRIKE BACK" (Fairy Tail OP16) feat. CollaboDaisakusen (2015.06.05)
  62. "Pelagic fish" feat. Caspy, Chishio, Fome, Maeko, minty⁺, Mong, K-chan, KT, Wind, and Vulkain (2015.06.19)
  63. "Brave Shine" (Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works S2 OP) -Band ver.- (2015.06.20)
  64. "Count ZERO" (Sengoku Basara OP) (2015.08.14)
  65. "Prometheus" (Mintjam song) feat. SquaDus and Fome (2015.09.18)
  66. "Fukagyaku Replace" (Nobunaga Concerto ED) feat. CollaboDaisakusen (2015.11.07)
  67. "Anamnesis" feat. Snowscape, Beck, Nike, Howl, Arianna, Angelica, Eva, Fome, Chiisana, and Yanovi (2015.12.05)
  68. "Snow Halation" (Love Live song) feat. Fome, Howl, SquaDus, and Vulkain (2016.01.01)
  69. "sMoke" (Original) (2016.01.14)


From Dust (by Phoenix Ash)
Released on May 25, 2014
Purchasable at - internat.: WorldINT 
No. Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. "A New Journey" Phoenix Ash Phoenix Ash
2. "Stumble and Fall" Phoenix Ash Phoenix Ash
3. "Your Legacy" Phoenix Ash Phoenix Ash
4. "DPS" Phoenix Ash Phoenix Ash
5. "Anymore with Me" Phoenix Ash Phoenix Ash
6. "Here I am" Phoenix Ash Phoenix Ash
7. "Last Chance" Phoenix Ash Phoenix Ash


Fome vocalfxR3
fome as seen in anuziʞ kizuna's entry of "Over the Clouds" (Entry of the vocaFX)
Ilust. by Kuro-mai
Fome serment
Fome as seen in his duet cover of "Serment"
Illust. by Lychee
Fome nyamai senbonzakura
Fome and Nyamai as seen in their cover of "Senbonzakura"
Illust. by Lychee
Ouka≠Invocation Nyamai Birthday Chorus
Yun, Raku, Xandu, Lollia, Un3h, Hera, Sumashu, Sagara Yoru, Antares, Beato, Eunjii, Fome, KL, K-chan and Kiro as seen in their collab cover of "Ouka≠Invocation"
Illust. by Lollia
Ciel-fome streamingheart
Ciel* (left) and Fome (right) as seen in "Streaming Heart"
Ilust. by minty+ and Ciel*
Dibur and Fome as seen in their cover of "Kumori Nochi Hare"
Illust. by Dibur
Fome risinghope
Fome as seen in "Rising Hope"
Ilust. by minty+
RawFS R1
Fome, SquaDus and Howl as seen in "RESISTANCE"
Ilust. by Kuro-mai
RSF-Hey Sleepyhead
Raw Squid Foam as seen in their round 2 entry of "Butterfly Core"
Ilust. by Kuro-mai
Fome free2
fome as seen in his cover of "Dried Up Youthful Fame"
Illust. by Kuro-mai
PINKSKHUG as seen in their Hybrid DuBattle's entry of "WARRIOR"
Illust. by accha
PINKSKHUG as seen in their Hybrid DuBattle's entry of "Big Bang R & B Medley"
Illust. by accha
PINKSKHUG as seen in their Hybrid DuBattle's entry of "Theory Of Happiness"
Illust. by accha
Fome YT
Fome as seen in his YT channel
Fome as seen in his twitter icon
Illust. by Chishio


  • He can play the guitar as seen in his cover of "INSIDE IDENTITY", the Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai ending.
  • He lives in Berkeley, California.[2]
  • He and Chiisana won first place in a J-Pop idol contest at J-Pop Summit 2014.[3]

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