Male CoversEdit

Female CoversEdit

{{Song covers |yt1 = NtPtB75nuFw |nnd1 = sm19563952 |singer1 = Suya |yt2 = D-KoDftfslc |nnd2 = sm19560076 |singer2 = Rishe |yt3 = GwvTe3hdLCE |nnd3 = |singer3 = kuri~n
(YT singer) |yt4 =ISbw7IsAwXI |nnd4 =sm19785686 |sc4 = |singer4 = Chase
(YT singer) |yt5 = |nnd5 = |sc5 = 87002651 |singer5 = K-chan
(YT singer)
-Short ver.-

Other CoversEdit

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