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This utaite's song list is up-to-date and complete. Most recent upload: March 19, 2014.
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Glutamine as seen in his website header
Illust. by 5 Tsuki-byou Mario (5月病マリオ)
Japanese ぐるたみん (gurutamin)
Also known as -
Gender Male
Born August 24[1]
Status Active
Years active 2009-present
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YT channel


A sample of a cover song by Glutamine
"only my railgun", Toaru Kagaku no Railgun OP

Glutamine (ぐるたみん) is a popular utaite with a nasal voice who sings with much passion and energy.

Some of his most famous traits are mumbling where he forgets lyrics, screaming, and adding catchy sequences during instrumentals, such as in his "Panda Hero"Nv cover. His voice displays an energetic variety, with a range of noises, tones and emotion.

His singing power and range can be seen in his covers of both "Matryoshka"Nv, and "IMITATION BLACK"Nv, where he also solos three roles; smooth and sexy, loud and energetic, and even shota. However, as shown in his covers like "Rokuchounen to Ichiya Monogatari"Nv and "Shinkai Shoujo"Nv, he can sing in a very quiet, serious, and even sad tone bordering a whisper.

He can also be somewhat silly, for example in the collaboration cover "Bad ∞ End ∞ Night" Nv, he was imitating Kagamine Rin's role, giving the song a humorous twist.

His most popular cover is his "only my railgun"Nv, which has over 7 million views as of May 2014.

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

  1. Kamikyoku wo Utattemita 4 (Released on March 16, 2011)
  2. Ikemen Voice Paradise 3 (Released on June 15, 2011)
  3. colorful parade (Released on August 13, 2011)
  4. Kamikyoku wo Utattemita 5 (Released on Sepember 07, 2011)
  5. Two-You (Released on November 10, 2011)
  6. HoneyWorks Kyoku Utattemita 2 (Released on December 31, 2011)
  7. under lights (Released on December 31, 2011)
  8. Colorful Mic (Released on December 31, 2011)
  9. Chizu no Arika / Watashi no Ikiru Imi (Daisy x Daisy album) (Released on March 21, 2012)
  10. Ikemen Voice Paradise 4 (Released on May 02, 2012)
  11. Laugh Life (Released on May 19, 2012)
  12. endless resist (Released on August 11, 2012)
  13. Osamuraisan Collection Vol.3 ~ Utahite Hikite ~ (Released on August 11, 2012)
  14. Kami Kyoku wo Utattemita 6 (Released on August 15, 2012)
  15. EXIT TUNES ACADEMY BEST (Released on May 01, 2013)
  16. Shoubu Zenya Ginpuu ~ Utaite ver. ~ (Released on August 07, 2013)
  17. Gekkan eta Vol. 1 (Released on August 07, 2013)
  18. Gekkan eta Vol. 2 (Released on August 07, 2013)
  19. Setsuna Code TSUTAYA bonus CD (Released on August 21, 2013)
  20. Gekkan eta Vol. 4 (Released on September 04, 2013)
  21. Gekkan eta Vol. 7 (Released on November 06, 2013)
  22. EXIT TUNES ACADEMY BEST 2 (Released on September 18, 2013)
  23. Ikemen Voice Paradise 6 (Released on October 02, 2013)
  24. Gekkan eta Vol. 7 (Released on November 06, 2013)
  25. Matsu Shita Shita Ue Ue ←→ AB (Released on December 04, 2013)
  26. Gekkan eta Vol. 10 (Released on December 04, 2013)
  27. EXIT TUNES ACADEMY BEST 3 (Released on January 01, 2014)
  28. YMM (Released on April 02, 2014)
  29. Parallel Universe -tribute to jimmythumbp- (Released on October 15, 2014)
  30. EXIT TUNES ACADEMY BEST 4 (Released on December 17, 2014)

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "Romeo to Cinderella" Nv (Romeo and Cinderella) (2009.06.04)
  2. "Migikata no Chou" Nv (Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder) (2009.11.05)
  3. "Black★Rock Shooter" Nv (2010.02.09)
  4. "Tengaku" Nv (Heaven's Song) (2010.02.28)
  5. "Nisemono Treasure" Nv (2010.03.01)
  6. "Ura Omote Lovers" Nv (Two-Faced Lovers) (2010.03.26)
  7. "Rolling Girl" Nv (2010.04.09)
  8. "Fire◎Flower" Nv (2010.05.07)
  9. "IMITATION BLACK" Nv (2010.07.01)
  10. "only my railgun" Nv (2010.08.12)
  11. "Iroha Uta" Nv (2010.11.24)
  12. "Smiling" Nv -✽ Xmas edition ✽- (collab) (2010.12.24)
  13. "Matryoshka" Nv (2011.02.24)
  14. "Hajimete no Chuu" Nv (The First Kiss) (2011.03.31) (Community only)
  15. "Petenshi ga Warau Koro ni" Nv (When the Crooks Laugh) (2011.04.14)
  16. "Shoushuuriki" Nv (2011.04.28) (Community only)
  17. "Okkusenman ga Taosenai" Nv feat. Glutamine and Yuuto (2011.07.17)
  18. "Gu- Gu-" Nv (2011.07.28) (Community only)
  19. "Shinkai Shoujo" Nv (Deep Sea Girl) (2011.07.29)
  20. "Babylon" Nv (2011.08.25)
  21. "Melancholic" Nv (2011.09.15)
  22. "Senbonzakura" Nv (A Thousand Cherry Trees) (2011.10.28)
  23. "Rinne" Nv (Lynne) -Acoustic Arrange- (2011.11.28)
  24. "Ama no Jaku" Nv (Heaven's Weakness/A Born Coward) feat. Glutamine and Hashiyan (2011.12.03)
  25. "Mr. Music" Nv feat. Rumdarjun, Shamuon, Yuuto, Kony, Glutamine, Amatsuki and Chomaiyo (2011.12.22)
  26. "Panda Hero" Nv (2011.12.26)
  27. "Rin-chan Nau!" Nv feat. Glutamine, eclair, Rishe, Yuuto and mao (2012.01.13)
  28. "Invisible" Nv (2012.04.08)
  29. "glow" Nv (2012.06.02)
  30. "Rimokon" Nv (2012.07.26)
  31. "Rokuchounen to Ichiya Monogatari" Nv (Six Trillion years and Overnight Story) (2012.10.12)
  32. "Bad ∞ End ∞ Night" Nv -✽Halloween Edition✽- feat. Glutamine, Matsushita, Rishe, Shamuon, eclair, Kakichoco, nero and Yuuto (2012.10.31)
  33. "Nou Shou Sakuretsu Girl" Nv (Gray Matter Explosion Girl) (2012.12.05)
  34. "Yī Èr Fanclub" Nv (2013.03.01)
  35. "Crazy ∞ nighT" Nv -✽MilkyWay Edition✽- feat. Glutamine, Shamuon, Matsushita, nero, Yuuto, eclair, Kakichoco and Rishe (2013.07.07)
  36. "Rebirth" Nv (2013.08.05)
  37. "Haiboku no Shounen" Nv (The Defeated Boy) (2013.09.28)
  38. "Twilight ∞ nighT" Nv - ✽X'mas Edition✽- feat. Glutamine, Shamuon, Matsushita, eclair, nero, Kakichoco, Yuuto and Rishe (2013.12.25)
  39. "Hoshiai" Nv (2014.02.28)
  40. "Knife" Nv (Original with PowerchordP) (2014.03.12)
  41. "Rolling Survivor" Nv (Original with Yuuyu) (2014.03.19)

Commercially Featured WorksEdit


Gu ~ Sonna Fuinki de Utattemita ~
Released on December 28, 2011
Purchasable at - internat.: AmazonINTItunesINTAnimate  HmvINT - JP only: 
No. Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. "Senbonzakura" KurousaP KurousaP KurousaP
2. "Tengaku" (Heaven's Tune) YuuyuP YuuyuP YuuyuP
3. "Mozaik Role" DECO*27 DECO*27 DECO*27
4. "Panda Hero" Hachi Hachi Hachi
5. "Migikata no Chou" (Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder) NoriP NoriP NoriP
6. "Ama no Jaku" (Heaven's Weakness/A Born Coward) 164 164 164
7. "Melancholic" Junky Junky Junky
8. "Shinkai Shoujo" (Deep-Sea Girl) YuuyuP YuuyuP YuuyuP
9. "Netgame Haijin Sprechchor" Satsuki ga Tenkomori Satsuki ga Tenkomori Satsuki ga Tenkomori
10. "Petenshi ga Warau Koro ni" (When Crooks Laugh) NashimotoP NashimotoP NashimotoP
11. "Iroha Uta" Ginsaku Ginsaku Ginsaku
12. "E? Aa, Sou." papiyon papiyon papiyon
13. "BadBye" koma’n koma’n koma’n
14. "Hello, Worker" KEI KEI KEI
15. "Fire◎Flower" halyosy halyosy halyosy
16. "Babylon" Tohma Tohma Tohma
17. "Nisemono Treasure" KusoinakaP KusoinakaP KusoinakaP
18. "Sora he Drive" (Bonus track) Glutamine Glutamine KusoinakaP
19. "Uru Oboe de Utattemita" (Bonus track) Glutamine Glutamine Glutamine

Ru ~ Sonna Fuinki de Utattemita ~
Released on March 06, 2013
Purchasable at - internat.: AmazonINTItunesINTAnimate   - JP only: 
No. Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. "Invisible" kemu kemu
2. "Shotgun・Lovers" Noboru↑ Noboru↑
3. "Yī Èr Fanclub" MikitoP MikitoP
4. "Nisoku Hokou" DECO*27 DECO*27
5. "Fantasy Star" Last Note. Last Note.
6. "Rimokon" Wonderful☆Opportunity Wonderful☆Opportunity
7. "Nekomimi Archive" KusoinakaP KusoinakaP
8. "Rokuchounen to Ichiya Monogatari" (Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story) kemu kemu
9. "Just Be Friends" -Diving into the Piano arrange- Dixie Flatline Dixie Flatline DeadballP
10. "Bye-bee Baby Sayounara" saiB saiB
11. "G Senjou No Thank You" DeadballP DeadballP
12. "Setsuna Trip" Last Note. Last Note.
13. "Yumekui Shirokuro Baku" Nem Nem
14. "Over Technology" YM YM
15. "Romeo and Cinderella" -Sharp Rock arrange- doriko doriko Suzumu
16. "Rebirth" 164 164
17. "Kochira, Koufuku Anshin Iinkai Desu." (Here, Happiness is Peace Committee.) (Bonus track) Torihitsuji UtataP
18. "Gensou Uragiri Love Dictator" (Bonus track) Glutamine Glutamine

Ta ~ Sonna Fuinki de Utattemita ~
Released on March 19, 2014
Ta Glutamin album 3
Purchasable at - internat.: Animate  AmazonINT - JP only: 
No. Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. "Nou Shou Sakuretsu Girl" Rerulili Rerulili
2. "Tokyo Teddy Bear" Neru Neru
3. "Rolling Survivor" Nv Yuuyu Yuuyu
4. "Houkago Stride" Last Note. Last Note.
5. "Kyounetsu no Bang!" MikitoP MikitoP
6. "Knife" Nv PowerchordP PowerchordP
7. "Reiwai Terrorism" Zips Zips
8. "Lost One no Goukoku" Neru Neru
9. "Tatoeba, Ima Koko ni Okareta Hana ni" 164 164
10. "Hoshiai" Lefty MonsterP, Kashitaro Ito Lefty MonsterP
11. "Shijou Saikyou Ultimate Festa" Glutamine Glutamine
12. "Dive to the Moon" DevilishP DevilishP
13. "Ren'ai Yuusha" Last Note. Last Note.
14. "Calc." JimmyThumbP JimmyThumbP
15. "TIME UP" Glutamine Glutamine
16. "Senbonzakura" -「Ta」 arrange ver.- KurousaP KurousaP Osamuraisan
17. "Gigantic O.T.N" -Uru oboe de Utattemita- (Bonus track) Reol GigaP
18. "Nisemono Treasure" -1st solo LIVE 2013 ~ LIVE-G ~ ver.-(Bonus track) KusoinakaP KusoinakaP

Released on November 05, 2014
Purchasable at - internat.: AmazonINTAnimate   - JP only: 
No. Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. "Sensation・Signal"


Glutamine's Logo for his first album "Gu"
Glutamine as seen in Rinne
Illust. by hatsuko
Glutamine's official website header
Illust. by RAHWIA
Glutamine's official website header
Illust. by RAHWIA
The full picture for glutamine's first album
Illust. by Hoshita (星た)
T guru
Glutamine as seen in the the Colorful Mic album
Illust. by Monchi (もんち)
Glutamin ta
Glutamine's official website header
Illust. by 5 Tsuki-byou Mario (5月病マリオ)


  • He resides in Tokyo.[2]
  • He doesn't like tomatoes.[citation needed]
  • He wants to be a Pokémon Master, and his favourite Pokémon version is Pokémon Platinum.[citation needed]
  • He plays futsal and the piano.[citation needed]
  • He claims, that he was born on (1909-08-24) August 24, 1909 (age 105).[3]
  • He is the first utaite to receive a gold certification (selling 100,000 copies) on an album, Gu ~ Sonna Fuinki de Utattemita ~.[4]

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