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This utaite's song list is up-to-date and complete. Most recent upload: April 22, 2016.
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SGF himeringo
Himeringo as seen in Symphonic Girls Festa
Illust. by Non (のん)
Japanese ひめりんご (himeringo, lit. princess-apple)
Gender Female
Born July 27[1]
Status Active
Years active 2011-present
NND sites NND user page
mylist/25333308 (solo)
mylist/35538286 (collab)
mylist/36965462 (Last Note. songs)
Collab partner(s) +*Mirin, Owan
A sample of a cover song by Himeringo
"Yoshiwara Lament", composed by Asa

Himeringo (ひめりんご) is a relatively new utaite with a quavering and expressive voice. Although she maintains the same fluttering tone when singing, she can change her style to fit the song very well. This allows her to self-duet as the Kagamine twins, using her bright, youthful voice for Rin and her deeper, adult-like voice for Len. She is notable for her covers of traditional-sounding songs, which she covers using a suitable grandiose and traditional style, such as in her covers of "Koi Tsubaki Hime"Nv and "Yoshiwara Lament"Nv.

She is also well-known for having covered all five of the publically-released main series songs of the Shuuen no Shiori series by 150P, where her vocal tone provides a sense of desperation that matches the tone of the songs to a chilling degree. Another producer she is often associated with is Last Note.; she has a separate mylist dedicated to her covers of Last Note. songs and has in fact covered every single publically released song of his as well.

Her range is fairly wide, and she can reach high notes with seemingly little effort; her falsetto also extends very high. Her vibrato is quick and narrow with a somewhat ephemeral feeling, compounding the fluttery effect of her voice.

She started out as a namanushi, and after singing requests from her listeners, moved on to uploading covers. Her first upload, of "Shinkai Shoujo"Nv, garnered significant attention for its emotional quality. Her most popular work is "Idola no Circus"Nv, which has over 119K views and 3K Mylists as of October 2015.

She has mixed all of her own covers.

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

  1. Aoguro Freesia (Released on October 26, 2014)
  2. Rengoku Garden (Released on April 26, 2015)
  3. (Released on September 11, 2015)
  4. Little Symphony (Released on March 18, 2016)
  5. Zutto, Futari. (Released on April 24, 2016)
  6. Gokukou Merveiles (Released on April 24, 2016)

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "Shinkai Shoujo" Nv (Deep-Sea Girl) (2011.05.14)
  2. "PIANO*GIRL" Nv (2011.05.25)
  3. "One Step・Layered" Nv (2011.06.05)
  4. "DoM" Nv (2011.06.07)
  5. "Magical☆Nuko Len Len" Nv (2011.06.18)
  6. "Sleep・Sky・Walk" Nv (2011.06.21)
  7. "Yuuyami no Ayame Uta" Nv (Song of Twilight Murder) (2011.06.29)
  8. "Enclosure" Nv (2011.07.27) (Private)
  9. "Aa, Subarashiki Nyansei" Nv (Ah, What a Wonderful Cat's Life) -without serifu- (2011.07.27) (Private)
  10. "Aa, Subarashiki Nyansei" Nv (Ah, What a Wonderful Cat's Life) -with serifu- (2011.07.27)
  11. "Babylon" Nv (2011.08.07)
  12. "Mimic" Nv -reupload- (2011.09.10)
  13. "Haikei Misery" Nv (Dear Misery) (2011.09.13)
  14. "Scissorhands" Nv (2011.09.17)
  15. "Gravity" Nv (2011.09.24)
  16. "Tokyo Teddy Bear" Nv (2011.10.15)
  17. "Noisy Lover Soul" Nv (2011.10.16)
  18. "Pumpkin・Syndrome" Nv (2011.10.30)
  19. "Kyun! Vampire Girl" Nv (iDOLM@STER song) (2011.10.30)
  20. "Hoshi wo Wataru Tori" Nv (Bird That Crosses the Stars) -Oneshot- (2011.11.26) (Community only)
  21. "Kagerou Days" Nv (Heat-Haze Days) -Oneshot- (2011.11.26) (Community only)
  22. "Kuusou Mythology" Nv (Fantasy Mythology) (Mirai Nikki OP) (2011.11.27)
  23. "PONPONPON" Nv (2011.12.11)
  24. "Shiawase Usagi" Nv (Happiness Rabbit) -Mixed with Manatsu's- (2011.12.14)
  25. "Enjou no Merry Christmas" Nv (Blazing Merrry Christmas) (2011.12.24)
  26. "Juu Mensou" Nv (Ten-faced) (2012.01.10)
  27. "Cendrillon" Nv feat. Himeringo and YNG (2012.01.14)
  28. "Ren'ai Yuusha" Nv (Love Hero) (2012.01.23)
  29. "Sweet Song ABC" Nv (2012.02.04)
  30. "Ikasama Life Game" Nv (Cheat Life Game) (2012.02.13)
  31. "Kurumi☆Ponchio" Nv (2012.02.18) (Warning: Content not appropriate for minors)
  32. "cat's dance" Nv (2012.02.22)
  33. "Akatsuki Arrival" Nv (2012.02.27)
  34. "Rin-chan Nau!" Nv feat. Himeringo and awoi* (2012.04.01)
  35. "Shiryokukensa" Nv (Eye Examination) (2012.04.10)
  36. "Rokuchounen to Ichiya Monogatari" Nv (Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story) (2012.05.04)
  37. "Last Effect" Nv (2012.05.06)
  38. "Setsuna Trip" Nv (Momentary Trip) (2012.05.06)
  39. "Magical☆Nuko Len Len" Nv -New ver.- feat. Himeringo and Gari★Gari (2012.05.14)
  40. "Kodoku no Kakurenbo" Nv (One-man Hide and Seek) (2012.05.26)
  41. "Kisaragi Attention" Nv (2012.06.03)
  42. "Kochira, Koufuku Anshin Iinkai Desu." Nv (This is the Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee.) (2012.06.22)
  43. "Kanzen Hanzai Love Letter" Nv (Perfect Crime Love Letter) (2012.07.01)
  44. "Nisemono Chuuihou" Nv (Imposter Warning) (2012.07.01)
  45. "Itsuka Egao, Itsumo Egao" Nv (Smile Someday, Smile Always) feat. Amatoo., +*Mirin, Mocchii, Miisuke, Himeringo and atU (2012.07.23)
  46. "Kaitou Peter & Jenny" Nv (Thieves Peter & Jenny) (2012.07.27)
  47. "Yoshiwara Lament" Nv (2012.07.30)
  48. "Kagerou Days" Nv (Heat-Haze Days) (2012.08.15)
  49. "Deadline Circus" Nv feat. Himeringo and Gari. (2012.08.19)
  50. "Birthday Song for Hatsune Miku" Nv feat. Gari., Kusomanjuu, Tenko, FaSoLa, Keysuke, Himeringo, Shimita, GEM, Lydia and -saki- (2012.08.31)
  51. "Koi Tsubaki Hime" Nv (Love Camellia Princess) (2012.09.17)
  52. "Route Sphere" Nv (2012.10.15)
  53. "Sarumane Isu Tori Game" Nv (2012.11.04)
  54. "Yuudachi no Ribbon" Nv (Ribbon in the Evening Rain) (2012.11.11)
  55. "Houkago Stride" Nv (After-school Stride) (2012.12.03)
  56. "Nou Shou Sakuretsu Girl" Nv (Gray Matter Explosion Girl) feat. Himeringo and +*Mirin (2012.12.04)
  57. "Rukusendaruku Kikou" Nv (Linked Horizon song) (2012.12.26)
  58. "Senkou⇔Frustration" Nv Flash⇔Frustration) (2012.12.28)
  59. "Fushigi no Kohanasaichi" Nv feat. Komatsuna, Noco, nayuta, Shuiro, Uron, YNG, Himeringo and Chii (2013.01.19)
  60. "Hello Laughter" Nv feat. Sanahara, nami, +*Mirin, Himeringo, Limit and Cocoyashi (2013.01.29)
  61. "Arikitari Heroes" Nv (Common Heroes) feat. Himeringo and +*Mirin (2013.01.25)
  62. "Tengaku" Nv (Heaven's Song) (2013.02.22)
  63. "Kashokusei: Idol Shoukougun" Nv (Indulging: Idol Syndrome) feat. Himeringo and Owan (2013.02.24)
  64. "Cruel Clocks" Nv (2013.03.03)
  65. "Kitsune no Yomeiri" Nv (The Fox Bride) (2013.03.10)
  66. "Lost One no Goukoku" Nv (The Lost One's Weeping) (2013.03.16)
  67. "Tokyo Dennou Tantei Dan" Nv (Tokyo Cyber Detective Brigade) feat. Rayzun, Yuaru, Moeko, Iincho, Himeringo, Amatoo., Natsume Itsuki (2013.03.17)
  68. "Mukiryoku Coup d'Etat" Nv (Lethargy Coup d'Etat) (2013.03.20)
  69. "Painful World" Nv feat. iciko, Umejiro, uuu, Uron, Kart, Kurokun, Sana, 38Ban, GEM, Nazo no Jinbutsu K, nami, Namukari, Panaman, Himeringo, Fasora, Horohoro Dori, Ponge, Maamu, Masha, Migi ni Usetsu, Mes, Yuki Yucky and Rabipo (2013.04.01)
  70. "Higurashi Moratorium" Nv (Cicada Moratorium) (2013.04.14)
  71. "Osana na Blue" Nv (Childhood Blue) (2013.05.01)
  72. "Jikon no Youyou Kono Keikou ni Ari" Nv (The Vastness of the Hereafter is Within the Light of the Fireflies) feat. Himeringo and Nigai Hito (2013.05.18)
  73. "Idola no Circus" Nv (Idola's Circus) (2013.05.31)
  74. "Yotsuya-san ni Yoroshiku" Nv (2013.06.16)
  75. "Shinde Shimau to wa Nasakenai" Nv (Death Should not Have Taken Thee!) Feat. Himeringo and *Mirin (2013.06.22)
  76. "Itsuka Egao, Itsumo Egao" Nv (Smile Someday, Smile Always) feat. Himeringo, sunsea, mocona, Sana, Yuki Yucky, Riu, Orihime, Kiki, yuri✿, Kouzuki Yuka, Blanc, Ponzu, Sorako, Moko, Kiichigo, tamago, Komatsuna, Sanahara, Amane, peЯoco., Reji, Kimi*, Hakumawi, syunka, Mifuyu and Ringoazami (2013.06.29)
  77. "Uchouten Vivace" Nv (Ecstatic Vivace) (2013.07.06)
  78. "Tousou Honnou" Nv (Escape Ability) (2013.08.14)
  79. "Kari Some Star Mine" Nv (2013.08.31)
  80. "Watashi no Bara wo Haminasai" Nv (Rozen Maiden OP) (From the 2013 Summer Anikora) -Band ver.- (2013.08.31)
  81. "Tokyo Dennou Tantei Dan" Nv (Tokyo Cyber Detective Brigade) feat. Nanao, Owan, Himeringo, VAЯOSH, Yumeko, Yukimura. and lino (2013.09.07)
  82. "Tsubaki no Rinne wo" Nv (The Rondo of Tsubaki) (2013.09.22)
  83. "World Lampshade" Nv (2013.10.20)
  84. "Kunoichi Demo Koi ga Shitai" Nv feat. Himeringo and Owan (2013.11.16)
  85. "Higanbana no Kareru Koro ni" Nv (2013.12.08)
  86. "flower of sorrow" Nv feat. Himeringo and *Mirin (2014.01.01)
  87. "Girlfriend" Nv feat. Nanashou, Yuikonnu, Ikasan, Au, Himeringo, Hiiragi Yuka and Ashikubi (2014.02.05)
  88. "Yonjuunana" Nv (Forty-Seven) (2014.02.08)
  89. "Bad ∞ End ∞ Night" Nv feat. Himeringo, Eco, Fasora, lino, Yumeko, Owan, Yukimura. and Nanao (2014.02.18)
  90. "Garakuta Innocence" Nv (Trashy Innocence) (2014.03.02)
  91. "+♂" Nv feat. Himeringo, Banana, Mikaru☆, Bun and +*Mirin (2014.03.22)
  92. "daze" Nv (Mekakucity Actors OP) (2014.04.18)
  93. "Soushou Innocence" Nv (Akuma no Riddle OP) (From the 2014 Spring Anikora) -Band ver.- (2014.05.31)
  94. "Shinitai-chan" Nv (2014.06.08)
  95. "Terror" Nv (2014.06.23)
  96. "Ringo Uri no Utakata Shoujo" Nv (The Transient Apple Salesgirl) (2014.07.27)
  97. "Mememememe" Nv (2014.08.16)
  98. "Youkai Taisou Daiichi" Nv feat. Himeringo and Owan (2014.08.29)
  99. "Izayoi Seeing" Nv (2014.09.21)
  100. "Caramel Heaven" Nv (2014.10.25)
  101. "Crazy ∞ nighT" Nv feat. Himeringo, Shakemii, Owan, Nanao, Eco, Yumeko, lino, Yukimura. and Madotsuki@ (2014.10.30)
  102. "Love Photograph" Nv (2014.10.31)
  103. "Kaguya no Shiro de Odoritai" Nv (I Want to Dance in Kaguya's Castle) (Love Live! song) feat. posha, Omaru, yunasandy, anne, Remyu, mainann, Himeringo, eclair and Taiyakiya (2015.03.25)
  104. "Kyou mo Harebare" Nv feat. Himeringo, *Nanato, Yumeko, Au and Gem (2015.05.02)
  105. "Onegai Darlin'" Nv (2015.06.20)
  106. "Kakushinteki☆Metamarufoze!" Nv (Himouto! Umaru-chan! OP) (2015.08.31)
  107. "Wonderful Rush" Nv feat. Rita☆, lino, Kyoko, Owan, +*Mirin, Onishi Amimi, Tear, Himeringo and Shakemii (2015.12.05)
  108. "Beat Your Heart" Nv (2016.02.11)
  109. "Little Symphony" Nv (Original with Symphonic Girls) (2016.02.22)
  110. "Gokukou Merveiles" Nv (Original with yukki#) -Short ver.- (2016.04.22)
  111. "Zutto, Futari." Nv (Always, Two of Us.) feat. nayuta, (chorus) J, Hiramatsu Arata, *Nano, Baru, Himeringo, Mary and Yumo (2016.04.22)

Songs on TmBoxEdit

  1. "Nade Nade" (2011.12.18)
  2. "We Go!" (2011.12.23)
  3. "Invisible" (2011.12.23)
  4. "I love you I need you" -Short ver.- (2012.01.01)
  5. "Hello, Worker" -Short ver.- (2012.01.01)
  6. "Hello, Worker" -Short with chorus ver.- (2012.01.01)
  7. "Jisatsu Bushi" (2012.02.04)
  8. "DoReMiFa Rondo" -Short ver.- (2012.02.04)
  9. "Ikasama Life Game" (2012.02.11)
  10. "Souzou Forest" (2012.02.11)
  11. "18 Octave Han Dasenai to Utaite ni wa Narimasen" (2012.02.19)
  12. "Setsuna Trip" -Himeringo mix- (2012.05.07)
  13. "Kodoku no Kakurenbo" -Short ver.- (2012.05.23)
  14. "Kisaragi Attention" -Short ver.- (2012.06.02)
  15. "Kitsune no Yomeiri" (2012.06.09)
  16. "Nibyokan" (2012.07.10)
  17. "Voice acting" (2012.08.20)
  18. "Children Record" (2012.10.02)
  19. "StarDust" (2012.10.02)
  20. "Senkou⇔Frustration" -Short ver.- (2012.10.10)
  21. "Aspirin" -Short ver.- (2012.10.13)
  22. "Reon" -Short ver.- (2012.10.21)
  23. "Azaela no Bourei" (2012.11.18)
  24. "Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu" (2012.11.27)
  25. "Nou Shou Sakuretsu Girl" (2012.12.09)
  26. "Puyo Puyo Fanclub" -Short ver.- (2012.12.09)
  27. "Adagaeshi Syndrome" -Short ver.- (2012.12.15)
  28. "Raden no Hone" -Short ver.- (2012.12.17)
  29. "Gigantic O.T.N" -Short ver.- (2013.01.13)
  30. "Takinou Fuzen Replica" -Short ver.- (2013.02.07)
  31. "Smiley Fatal Tedium" -Short ver.- (2013.02.08)
  32. "Ringo Uri no Utakata Shoujo" -Short ver.- (2013.02.10)
  33. "Rokushouiro no Yuuutsu" -Short ver.- (2013.02.16)
  34. "Yobanashi Deceive" -Short ver.- (2013.02.19)
  35. "Yobanashi Deceive" -Serifu only- (2013.02.20)
  36. "Junjou Skirt" -Short ver.- (2013.03.06)
  37. "Lost One no Goukoku" -Short ver.- (2013.03.11)
  38. "Lost Time Memory" -Short with middle-part chorus ver.- (2013.04.07)
  39. "CHOIR JAIL" -Oneshot ver.- (2013.04.09)
  40. "Higurashi Moratorium" (2013.04.17)
  41. "Ayano no Koufuku Riron" -Short ver. (2013.05.06)
  42. "Ama no Jaku Concertina" (2013.05.11)
  43. "Sakurae Sumeragi Traffic" -Karaoke ver.- (2013.05.24)
  44. "Usotsuki Betty" -Karaoke ver.- (2013.05.24)
  45. "Shounen Shoujo Chameleon Symptome" -Karaoke ver.- (2013.05.24)
  46. "Nibyokan" -Karaoke ver.- (2013.05.24)
  47. "Yuudachi no Ribbon" -Karaoke ver.- (2013.05.25)
  48. "Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari" -Acoustic Guitar ver.- (2013.05.26)
  49. "Lost One no Goukoku" (2013.05.26)
  50. "Idola no Circus" (2013.05.26)
  51. "Eien ni Shiawase ni Naru Houhou, Mitsukemashita." -Serifu part- (2013.06.03)
  52. "Nisemono Chuuihou" (2013.06.09)
  53. "Orange" -Short ver.- (2013.06.11)
  54. "KING KNIGHT" -Karaoke ver.- (2013.07.12)
  55. "Kochou Yume Shinjuu" -Karaoke ver.- (2013.07.12)
  56. "Adagaeshi Syndrome" -Karaoke ver.- (2013.07.12)
  57. "Rimokon" -Karaoke ver.- (2013.07.12)
  58. "DANCE FLOOR" -Karaoke ver.- (2013.07.12)
  59. "Buriki no Dance" (2013.08.31)
  60. "Aspirin" (2013.08.31)
  61. "Watashi no Bara wo Nominasai" (Rozen OP) (2013.08.31)
  62. "Sekai Jumyou to Saigo no Ichinichi" (2013.09.10)
  63. "Seisou Bakuretsu Boy" -Short ver.- (2013.09.10)
  64. "Tsukiakari" (2013.09.26)
  65. "Shurushagana" -Short ver.- (2013.10.06)
  66. "Inochi no Justitia" (2013.10.14)
  67. "World・Lampshade" -Short ver.- (2013.10.19)
  68. "Tsugaru Kaikyou Fuyugeshiki" -Short ver.- (2013.11.10)
  69. "Koshitantan" -Short ver.- (2013.11.17)
  70. "cLick cRack" -Short ver.- (2013.11.21)
  71. "Koshitantan" -Short Autotune Practice ver.- (2013.11.22)
  72. "Okochama Sensou" -Short ver.- (2013.12.13)
  73. "Okochama Sensou" -Short ver.- (2013.12.29)
  74. "Yonjuunana" -Short ver.- (2014.01.14)
  75. "Houkago Stride" (2014.01.19)
  76. "Ten Sho Sho Ten Sho" (2014.01.22)
  77. "end tree" (2014.01.28)
  78. "Sekishinsei: Kamatoto Araryouji" -Short ver.- (2014.02.11)
  79. "Shindan Maker Serifu Guy" (2014.02.19)
  80. "Japanese Chuunibyou Serifu" (2014.02.19)
  81. "Shindan Maker Serifu compilation" (2014.02.23)
  82. "Kazemachi Hello World" -Short ver.- (2014.04.01)
  83. "Let It Go" -Japanese Short ver.- (2014.04.09)
  84. "Baka wa Anomaly ni Akogareru" -Short ver.- (2014.04.19)
  85. "Umarete Hajimete" (For the First Time in Forever) -Short ver.- (2014.04.20)
  86. "Saikyouiku" -Short ver.- (2014.05.17)
  87. "Streaming Heart" -Short ver.- (2014.05.26)
  88. "Terror" -Short ver.- (2014.06.21)
  89. "This game" -Short ver.- (2014.07.20)
  90. "Korekara no Someday" (2014.08.03)
  91. "Milk Crown on Sonnetica" -Short ver.- (2014.08.10)
  92. "Shinkyou⇒Exclamation!" -Short ver.- (2014.08.16)
  93. "MOON PRIDE" -Short ver.- (2014.08.30)
  94. "Queen of Hearts" -Short ver.- (2014.08.31)
  95. "Mitsugetsu Un Deux Trois" -Short ver.- (2014.09.18)
  96. "LUVORATORRRRRY!" -Short ver.- (2014.10.05)
  97. "Shinzou Connect" -Short ver.- (2014.12.09)
  98. "Ai no Scenario" -Short start- (2015.01.29)
  99. "Ano Mori de Matteru" (Yuri Kuma Arashi OP) -TV Size ver.- (2015.03.14)
  100. "Ano Mori de Matteru" -Revised- (2015.03.14)
  101. "Ai no Scenario" -Short ver.- (2015.03.21)
  102. "Replicant" -Short ver.- (2015.03.22)
  103. "Hotaru Tsukiyo" -Short ver.- (2015.05.13)
  104. "Dare ga Tame no Sekai" -Short ver.- (2015.06.13)
  105. "ORIGINAL RESONANCE" -Short ver.- (2015.06.24)
  106. "Million Dollar Dreamers" -Short ver.- (2015.07.05)
  107. "Sekai wo Kowashite Iru" -Short ver.- (2015.07.19)
  108. "Smile Engage" -Short ver.- (2015.10.24)
  109. "Shugashuga Magic" -Short ver.- (2015.10.25)
  110. "Usotsuki Majo to Haiiro no Niji" -Short ver.- (2015.11.10)
  111. "Ayanagi Show Time" -Team Otori Short ver.- (2015.11.14)
  112. "Caribbean Groove" -Short ver.- (2015.11.15)
  113. "Brand-new World" (Gakusen Toshi Asterisk OP) -Short ver.- (2015.12.05)
  114. "Orarion" (Owari no Seraph ED) -Short ver.- (2015.12.12)
  115. "Hyakka Ryouran, Kurenai Tsukiyo" -Short ver.- (2015.12.23)


For Symphonic Girls albums see here


Painful world himeringo.34833896
Himeringo as seen in "Painful World"Nv
Illust. by Hazano (ハザノ)
Himeringo twitter
Himeringo as seen in her previous Twitter avatar
Illust. by Heki (へき)
Himeringo NND.31893669
Himeringo as seen in her NND user page
Illust. by Nekoizumi (猫泉)
Himeringo twitter 2
Himeringo as seen in Twitter
Illust. by Heki (へき)
Himeringo anikora
Himeringo as seen on the Anikora website
Himeringo and +*mirin as seen in KnickKnackRecord album ""
Illust. by Matsuike (松池)
Himeringo Tmbox
Himeringo as seen in her TmBox
Himeringo as seen in her Twitter
Nicolabor himeringo
Himeringo as seen in the live Nico Nico Labor
Illust. by Suzu (鈴)
Jukevox03 Himeringo
Himeringo as seen in the live JUKEVOX:03 Nv
Illust. by Umitsuki Imari (海月いまり)


  • Since her name literally translates to "princess-apple", she is often depicted with apples.
  • She says that she lives in a ninja village.[2]
  • She uses US-122MKii and SB-XFI-GOP (for namahousous) audio interfaces, SM58 and AT-X11 (namahousous) microphones, Audacity for recording, and SoundEngine Free for mixing.[2]

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