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The KCE Duet Battle 2, or KCECB2 was a YouTube duet battle event held in summer 2013. It opened July 28, 2013. The winner would receive Amazon gift cards.

The final winners, announced September 22, 2013, were Anba and Vulkain.

The event was hosted by Keichi Entertainment. The judges were Caspy, Chii, Hartless, Katie and Ciel*. The judging criteria were as follows:[1]

  • 45% singing (25% execution, 10% emotion, 5% style, 5% creativity)
  • 45% mixing (10% volume, 3% tuning, 5% timing, 5% panning, 5% quality, 15% general, 2% style)
  • 10% overall (2% blending, 2% scripting, 1% song choice, 5% impact)

More information regarding the event can be found here.

Participating SingersEdit

(Minus groups whose videos were deleted or set to private.)

Round 1 EntriesEdit

Theme: Meaning of life

Round 2 EntriesEdit

Theme: Assigned genre or arrange

Round 3 (Final) EntriesEdit

Theme: Seasons

"Jougen no Tsuki"
feat. Anba and Vulkain


Dryante tenshi
Dryante and Tenshi as seen in their final round entry of "December Glow's Voice"
Illust. by Shadow
Fome nyamai
Fome and Nyamai as seen in their final round entry of "Senbonzakura"
Illust. by Lychee
Ham lyrratic
✿ham and Lucy as seen in their final round entry of "Shinkai Shoujo"
Illust. by naomicchi
Inshi squadus
Inshi and SquaDus as seen in their final round entry of "Rin to Shite Saku Hana no Gotoku"
Illust. by Kai
Kal and Kura as seen in their round 1 entry of "Jiyuu no Tsubasa"
Illust. by vee
RO☆D and Nozomu as seen in their round 1 entry of "Da Vinci no Kokuhaku"
Illust. by RO☆D
K*chan and memo as seen in their round 1 entry of "Gekkou Transfer"
Illust. by memo


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