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A sample of a cover song by Milky
"Lost in Thoughts all Alone", composed by Hiroki Morishita

Milky is a YouTube singer with a versatile and clear voice.

Milky is able to hit high notes and tends to cover songs with high pitches, such as "Flashback". She is able to sing powerful and her voice is rather mature, but she also fits calm songs when controlled and can sound more childish and cute if she wants to as she shows in "And someday we will meet again".

Her most popular cover is her parody response of "Stronger than You" with over 13 million views as of November 2016.

The type of songs she covers varies but is usually connected to the electronic genre. She is mostly into Touhou related songs and sometimes tries to write english lyrics for them.

She also leads her own Doujin Music Circle Norowareta Night formerly known as Last Dream.

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

  1. Leader of the Norowareta Night Chorus
  2. Member of ✿Fluffy✿Tomato✿Beat✿ (in the vocaFX)
  3. Member of Hachidori (in the Serendipity Chorus Battle)
  4. Lost Memorzation of Dreams by Blossom Nightfall (Released on 14 February 2014)
  5. Enter the Illusion by Blossom Nightfall (Released on 20 May 2014)
  6. Fragments of Gensokyo by Babbe Music (Released on 23 November 2012)
  7. DEVISED DANCEFLOOR by Babbe Music (Released on 09 July 2013)
  8. Journey to the Unknown by Babbe Music (Released on 31 December 2013)
  9. Touhou Neverending Spring by Babbe Music (Released on 28 January 2014)
  10. BLOSSOMING DANCEFLOOR by Babbe Music (Released on 27 May 2014)
  11. DEAR SYRUFIT by Babbe Music (Released on 01 November 2014)
  12. Last of the Year by Babbe Music (Released on 23 December 2014)
  13. RADIANT DANCEFLOOR by Babbe Music (Released on 10 May 2015)
  14. Infinite Emotions by Blossom Nightfall (Released on 15 June 2015)
  15. RETURN to the RADIANT DANCEFLOOR by Babbe Music (Released on 14 August 2015)
  16. Evenings by Ramses Salen (Released on 25 November 2015)

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "Synchronicity" (Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations OP) feat. xDarkLightingStudios (2012.05.26)
  2. "Karakuri Pierrot" (Mechanical Pierrot) feat. xDarkLightingStudios (2012.07.09)
  3. "Hello/How Are You" feat. xDarkLightingStudios (2012.08.07)
  4. "Macross Frontier medley" feat. VoiceRumble (2012.09.23)
  5. "MACARON" feat. Saki, Taikuri, Sasi, Milky, and Chii (2012.10.31)
  6. "Proof of River" (Entry of the vocaFX) feat. ✿Fluffy✿Tomato✿Beat✿ (2013.04.18)
  7. "Rot in Hell!!" (Entry of the vocaFX) feat. ✿Fluffy✿Tomato✿Beat✿ (2013.06.16)
  8. "ARPK" (2013.07.16)
  9. "WIRE/ED PUZZLE" feat. Freaky Obsessionists (2013.07.27)
  10. "Shiawase ni nareru kakushi komando ga arurashii" (Apparently there's a Cheat Code to Happiness) (2013.07.31)
  11. "Ib -again-" (Ib related) feat. PUSHISAURS and Milky (2013.08.13)
  12. "Stella" (Entry of the vocaFX) feat. ✿Fluffy✿Tomato✿Beat✿ (2013.08.16)
  13. "Rotten Girl Grotesque Romance" feat. Freaky Obsessionists (2013.10.31)
  14. "Guren no Yumiya" (Crimson Bow and Arrow) (Attack on Titan OP) -German Cover- (2013.12.06)
  15. "Que decida el Corazón" -German Cover- (2014.01.05)
  16. "Blumenkranz" (Kill La Kill OST) (2014.01.31)
  17. "Never say Never" (Danganronpa OP) feat. Engel and Milky (2014.02.06)
  18. "Reincarnation" (Entry of the SCB) feat. Hachidori (2014.02.09)
  19. "Light your Heart up" (Kill La Kill OST) (2014.02.24)
  20. "Ib -forever-" (Ib related) feat. PUSHISAURS and Milky (2014.02.25)
  21. "Jishou Mushoku" (Self-Inflicted Achromatic) (2014.03.31)
  22. "Electric Angel" -GigaP arrange- feat. Cookie and Milky (2014.04.28)
  23. "MayDayB" Touhou Song) feat. YouTube Chorus (2014.05.03)
  24. "Sweet Sweet Cendrillon Drug" feat. Freaky Obsessionists (2014.06.18)
  25. "LUVORATORRRRRY!" feat. Kimiko and Milky (2014.07.01)
  26. "NEXT STAGE" feat. Honig and Milky (2014.07.08)
  27. "Tawagoto Speaker" feat. Rena, Catalyst, Angela, Arvy, Azrael, Leila, Naomi, Milky, Reba, Chii, MmeNi, Reni and Ryoko (2014.07.21)
  28. "Drop Pop Candy" (2014.08.02)
  29. "Red like Roses Part II" feat. Keba and Milky (2014.09.10)
  30. "aLIEz" (Aldnoah.Zero OP2) (2014.09.21)
  31. "Setsuna Reverie" (Moment of Reverie) (Touhou Song) (2014.11.13)
  32. "Itsuka meguri aerukara " (And someday we will meet again) (Entry of the Secret Santa 2014) (2014.12.24)
  33. "Hikareru Satellite" (Magnetic Satellite) (2014.12.31)
  34. "FlashBack" (2015.01.29)
  35. "Anti Beat" -English ver.- (2015.02.07)
  36. "Kando≠Reduction" (2015.03.13)
  37. "Dreaming Shout" (BEATLESS Novel Song) (2015.03.31)
  38. "Conversation" (Touhou Song) (2015.05.01)
  39. "X.U." (Owari no Seraph OP) (2015.06.28)
  40. "Shocking Party! -hano Remix-" (LoveLive Song) feat. Asuka and Kitsu (2015.07.27)
  41. "Little Parade" (2015.07.28)
  42. "aLIEz -dj-Jo-Remix-" (Aldnoah.Zero Ending) (2015.08.25)
  43. "Toosenbo" (I won't let you through) (2015.09.05)
  44. "This Silence Is Mine" (Drakengard 3 Ending Song) (2015.10.03)
  45. "Sternengesang" (Gundam Unicorn Insert Song) (TSOC 2015) (2015.12.09)
  46. "The Final Song" feat. Asuka, Kitsu-nee, Lefpa, Engel, Sasi (Drakengard 3 Final Boss Theme) (2015.12.16)
  47. "MEGALOVANIA" (Undertale Fanvocal) (2015.11.20)
  48. "Stronger Than You" (Steven Universe song) -Undertale Parody Chara Response ver.- (2016.01.12)
  49. "Setsuna Trip -Milkshake Remix-" (A Momentary Trip) feat. Sasi (2016.01.22)
  50. "Owari no Sekai Kara" (From the End of the World) -German ver.- (2016.02.26)
  51. "Circus" (2016.03.09)
  52. "Chururira Chururira Daddadda!" (2016.03.23)
  53. "Extra Terrestrial Biological Entities -Last Dream Remix- " (2016.04.08)
  54. "Satisfaction" (2016.04.16)
  55. "Colorless Night" feat. Sasi, excelsior (Touhou Song) (2016.04.23)
  56. "Hidden Emotions" (Touhou Song) (2016.05.09)
  57. "Where The Wind Sleeps ~Song Of The Empress~" (Blade and Soul) (2016.05.23)
  58. "STYX HELIX" (Re:Zero ED) (2016.05.30)
  59. "Deadline Circus" feat. Sasi, excelsior (2016.06.11)
  60. "Redo" (Re:Zero OP) (2016.06.19)
  61. "Blumenkranz" (Kill La Kill) (2016.07.02)
  62. "Miss Wanna-Die" -English version- (2016.08.09)
  63. "Lost in Thoughts all Alone" -Piano version- (2016.08.25)
  64. "Lost in Thoughts all Alone" -Nohr version- (2016.08.25)
  65. "Rot in Hell!!" feat. Sasi, excelsior, Keba, Jenny, Kazu (Touhou Song) (2016.09.06)
  66. "Love is War -Mwk Remix-" -German version- (2016.09.10)
  67. "Lost my Way" feat. excelsior (Touhou Song) (2016.10.02)
  68. "Undead Enemy" feat. Bubble (2016.10.07)
  69. "Tranquilizer" -English version- (2016.10.26)

List of Arrangements and Original Songs Edit

  1. "A Puppet's World" (Ib Arrangement) (2013.10.31)
  2. "Never Alone" (Touhou Arrangement) (2013.11.01)
  3. "Not Myself when I'm not Me" (Mogeko Castle Arrangement) (2014.07.10)
  4. "A Liar's Tale" (Original Song by wasdiop) (2014.07.14)
  5. "Farewell" (Touhou Arrangement) (2014.11.07)
  6. "Not Myself when You're not here" (Mogeko Castle Arrangement) (2015.03.05)
  7. "Scattered Flowers" (Touhou Arrangement) feat. Sasi (2015.04.07)
  8. "Little Devil's Apple -Last Dream Remix-" (Touhou Arrangement) feat. Jayn (2015.04.11)
  9. "Shadow Ciranda" (Touhou Arrangement) (2015.10.14)
  10. "The Repeating Strike" (Original/Drakengard Fansong) (2015.10.31)
  11. "Reines Herz" (Touhou Arrangement) (2015.12.30)
  12. "Two Breaths Walking -Last Dream Remix-" (Vocaloid Remix) (2016.01.08)
  13. "Setsuna Trip -Milkshake Remix-" (Vocaloid Remix) (2016.01.22)
  14. "Sternenblatt" (Touhou Arrangement) (2016.02.02)
  15. "Extra Terrestrial Biological Entities -Last Dream Remix-" (Remix) (2016.04.08)
  16. "Play the Music!!" (Undertale Arrangement) (2016.05.16)
  17. "Blazing Fire" (Touhou Arrangement) (2016.06.23)
  18. "Ignite the Sky" (Touhou Arrangement) (2016.07.20)
  19. "Lost and Found" (Touhou Arrangement) (2016.08.17)
  20. "Nightingale" (Touhou Arrangement) (2016.09.27)
  21. "Guardians of the Stars" (Original Song) (2016.10.17)



Tawagoto speaker huge file alert by naomicchi desu-d7sdj21
Milky as seen in "Tawagoto Speaker"
Illust. by Naomi, Chii, Leila and Mecchi


  • She hated and dodged singing before she started doing Covers.[citation needed]
  • She uses a T.Bone SC450 USB microphone and Adobe Audition to mix her songs.[citation needed]
  • Her favorite Anime is Madoka Magica.[citation needed]
  • Her favorite Animals are Pandas and Cats.[citation needed]
  • Her favorite VOCALOID producer is MuryokuP and her favorite Touhou Circle LiLA'c Records.[citation needed]
  • She has voiced Ajiata's Psyche UTAU voicebank.[citation needed]
  • She is not only Youtaite but also Arranger as well as Artist.[citation needed]
  • She has stated on several occasions to be married to fellow Youtube singer excelsior, whom she commonly refers to by her old alias Engel. [citation needed]

External LinksEdit


Milky's Twitter YouTube "About Me" section

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