This page contains collaboration albums of which the producer of label is unknown. If you happen to know the producer or label of an album listed in here, please move it to it's respective page.

For a full list of collaboration albums in a sortable table, please see here.

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  • chronosing album

    4 messages
    • Im actually really waiting to hear new things from Wotamin and Hanatan, I really love them and I have a friend who reallyyy loves clear so ...
    • I'm a creature of habit, so it takes me a little while longer to enjoy newer songs sometimes. Ah, so you're planning to buy the album...
  • cLick cRack NORISHIO Aji ver.

    3 messages
    • cLick cRack was too much cute for me, and SO MUCH AUTOTUNE  But I did listen to the whole album and my favorites are: * Gigantic O.T.N...
    • LOLOLOL YESHHH MARIMOOO wwww and right after that, GIGANTIIIIIIKU O T N! I also liked that new song by Wotamin wwww it's just so catchy...

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