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For a full list of collaboration albums in a sortable table, please see here.

Released on April 25, 2015 (Chokaigi)
Purchasable at - internat.: Three  ToranoanaINTMelonbooks   - JP only: 
No. Title Utaite Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. "Stand up, Girls!" Kagamine Rin mokemoke mokemoke
2. "Sukima Girl" IA Alpaca Man mokemoke
3. "Lily Flower" IA, Yuitsuki Yukari mokemoke mokemoke
4. "Walk" IA mokemoke mokemoke
5. "Kakekko Shiyo!" Kagamine Rin Kutaro mokemoke
6. "Dreaming Note" Hatsune Miku ShinimuP ShinimuP, mokemoke
7. "Karafune" Hatsune Miku gusano mokemoke, gusano
8. "Fade Away" Hatsune Miku ShinimuP ShinimuP, mokemoke
9. "Stand up, Girls!" Nanahira
10. "Sukima Girl" lino
11. "Lily Flower" anne, Fukafuyu
12. "Kakekko Shiyo!" Shirayuki Eve
13. "Dreaming Note" Kasumi Yui
14. "Karafuru" Eripii
15. "Fade away" nayuta

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