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Murasagi Mini Duet Gala 2014 (also known as MMDG14) is a YouTube duet battle event that ran from October 26, 2014 to February 22, 2015. The gala consisted of 3 rounds and encompasses participants from idol, vocaloid and jpop communities. Groups of 2 vocalists and an optional mixer were the basis of each team and a guest was allowed during the second round.

The focus of the gala was on audio so the judging criteria did not include animation/video aspects in the main score. Four categories were scored: Vocals (30%), mixing (30%), code/casting (20%), and song interpretation/overall impact (20%). 3 bonus points for the video was also awarded in addition to theme-based bonus points that differed each round.

The judging panel consisted of Renna (code/cast), ikon (song interpretation), Usachii (overall impact), Reba (vocals), SquaDus (vocals), Krovi (mixing), Jess (mixing), Jeii (video BP), Kappa (code/cast), and the guest judge, Kurosagi (song interpretation/impact). The event is hosted on the MurasagiYT channel run by Renna, k and Jeii.

Prizes were awarded to the overall first place winning group and a runner-up group. The awards are an option of either a choice of gift cards or a mystery themed giftbox to all members of the winning groups.

The winning group of MMDG14 is Royal Mansion (蓮., and Kei Reaver).

The runner up group of MMDG14 is ✿ヘグホグCUTE (EiEN and San).

Participating TeamsEdit

  • ‘sNoRisk (Garrick, Coski, and Sno)
  •  »Bullem_Time« (Neo and Yukits)
  • (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง ♥ (ATEL and Saku)
  • 「Sweet★Nightmare」 (Bookiezz and Snowrabbitz)
  • 【Alternative♠Illumination】 (Fuyuki an EnGz)
  • 【Final♧Ejacultion】 (Jeepz and Ami)
  • 【HatofulCouple】 (Raikyo and Scholy)
  • #ForeverMochi (xRebirthofRosax and xMarinePearlx)
  • #swegg (Hartless and Harusagi)
  • °˖✧⁽⁽◝(⁰▿⁰)◜KiloGram◝(⁰▿⁰)◟₎₎✧˖° (Kai and Gou)
  • → Ƀ Ҝ Ƀ Ҝ ← (DM。 風 and Hua)
  • ↓Heaven's Fall↓ (Vice and Jordi)
  • ∑(゚Д゚)mg 凸凹 (Ruby and AeonisPi)
  • < Ⓢ-erendipity✿ > (mie, CoCo♥, and draco)
  • ~Blue Rozes~ (Blue, Roze, and Doushi)
  • ◄°llll° ѕнιкαѕнι °llll°► (Dochirisu and Hirari)
  • ☀ReSound✮ (Wenzi and Kiyoshi)
  • ✦Mahou☆Wannabishie Sparklez✦ (Euji, ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ, and Omu)
  • ✽ⓢⓀⒾⓢ✽ (Yuki and Kiki)
  • ✿ deer girls ✿ (Myio, Yuuchan and Ryu-chan)
  • ✿ヘグホグCUTE (EiEN and San)
  • ❦未x来♪ (❦SAE, Onpu♪, and kurikara)
  • 555 ٩( ᐛ )و (Kunjido-kun and Mali)
  • a.k.a. (Akoya, Kaguya and Atlas)
  • Ae² (aeon and aerlith)
  • AgainstTheFuture (Shiki and Kakeru)
  • Aisivol~Ah! (Mom0ki Lollia and Dj-jo)
  • Anaconda Don't (Hiro muse, Sutou and Giusuppe G.)
  • Ancient Siren (Natz and Kuro-G)
  • ⓐⓠⓤⓐⓣⓘⓒ 🌊 (Jennie, Desol and Hua)
  • arrow (Aoka, xero and Jr)
  • BerrilyStaccato* (Vicho and Annami)
  • BL CD - Only $12.99 (NOKiE, Caine and Renji)
  • Broternity (Kal, Yuyechka and Cheeseman)
  • C.R.E.E. (Akari, Candaey and Hugo)
  • Chikolates (PozuVA and PinkeBatterie)
  • CluXlaneZ (Darkrain and Kluze)
  • Collarbroz (Xandu and Un3h)
  • Cooki'ng Mamie (Megumi and Aya)
  • Cookies&Cream (Aluya and Oreo)
  • CrazyPeanuts (Kanade and Kanako)
  • Creamy⚛Chemistry (Aisu and 7shi)
  • CαмPαηєℓℓα (Café and Princessemagic)
  • Deekina (Icchan and Nengo)
  • Disperato (Anarin and Neku)
  • DOUBLE ∞ INFINITY (Zirracus and Ibeh)
  • eClipSe (SalNyan and Kanachi)
  • ECONTRA (Keito and Wolfinsin)
  • feedback (Daia, Play and Eryngo)
  • Hello ハロ (Haruhi and Ron)
  • Idol♡Love (Ayumu and Nakatsu)
  • Infinite Burst (Hana and Xillia)
  • k(ω) (=ω= and Kyu)
  • Kimocumber☣Futago (Hinoe, rin* and wasdiop)
  • Kimonecchi (Kimoi, Kumone and VORGasm)
  • la'fleur (Rou, Fleurishana and Lamdha)
  • Lenore (Vi-Vace, Ellephant and Suponji)
  • Living Fantasy (Jule, Asuka and Blibs)
  • Lucky☆ (Yilei and Kocha)
  • Lunatic Asylum ʅ( ͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ °)ʃ♥ (Minnist0031, Impisznor_, and Noya)
  • maskot dufan (Serraphi, Acron and EiEN)
  • MiNi◊'s (Mi-tan, Nixe, and =ω=)
  • Nakuya (Naku and Sakuya)
  • NekoGami (Rikka Yomi and Maggy Rey)
  • NEVER READY (Ai-suu and Shiyo)
  • ore.jelly (シャナ, Pepi☆, and はつゆき❅)
  • Pastel❄Geminus (Yuze, Keii, and LeeA)
  • PrettyPervertPants (Michii and Mopsi)
  • PSL (Maguro and Melissa)
  • reverse flow (Sakura and Maria)
  • RinKan!! (Sokaze Niji and Yuuki kana)
  • Royal Mansion (蓮., and Kei Reaver)
  • s & м (Sayuri, Miyu, and Nao)
  • sekyune (Kyune and Seka)
  • SHiKi (Masumi, TBK, and Kageki)
  • SnK (Siderea, okm_剣, and Chibeh)
  • Sodium (Nansu and Nao)
  • Soleil☀ (Natsuki夏 and Sylthfarn)
  • Spicarion (Cia and 사기)
  • Spicy • Muffins (My-ëVe, Little-Chip, and Sacha Vysper)
  • Sponge Cake (Ryoko, Sojiro and Chishio)
  • Sweety (Bubble, Ari and JurianChibo)
  • The Coolers (AidaChan2 and DragonReisen)
  • The Nightmare Garden (Yousei and Mayu)
  • The Norae Project (Figgy and Nutty)
  • TomatoPerfection (Milky and Engel)
  • Un. C.L (Emmy and Nanami)
  • Waifu & Husbando (Froggie and KyoHyon)
  • Zone (☆Sky and Kenmae)
  • νiérα (anna☆cairistiona, Soramin and iLK)
  • нσηєу ναℓєηтιηє (✧≖‿ゝ≖) (Ms. Valentine and hani)
  • ಠ_ಠ (Nariouji and Chocy)
  • ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ (Sasi and Kato)
  • ᕦ( ☼ )ᕤ (Gaah and vis)
  • えろちび (ゆうやーちょ, Sokei and VORGesu)
  • チームパンダ (Lala and Mantiev)
  • トコトコタートルタイム (妖魔 and lyhst)
  • ニちご♡ (Hanii and Miyako)
  • ハルモナ (Eru Pan and 莉奈)
  • リニューアル (ちるる and ヌ)
  • ロリ双子 (Lizzzy, Meru♡, and THD)
  • 手ツクリチョ子 (チョ子 and ツクリん)
  • 雪空 (Yukizora) (Yukiko, Skye, and Sora)
  • 雪魂 (Yuuma and Taki)
  • 🍰ᎶâᏆᎬᎪux ᎠᎬ ᏞᎥᏞᎽ❀ (Marma and Ashaki)

Round 1 EntriesEdit

Theme: Your Group's Name

  1. "Sweet Devil" feat. PrettyPervertPants
  2. "Smile again を歌ってみた" feat. ハルモナ
  3. "花葬歌 (Hana Souka)" feat. SHiKi
  4. "オレンジ" feat. ore.jelly
  5. "Catch You Catch Me" feat. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
  6. "Gimme Candy" feat. chikolates
  7. "嘘つきの世界/Usotsuki no Sekai" feat. ECONTRA
  8. "Jabberwocky Jabberwocka" feat. AgainstTheFuture
  9. "Hereditary Tin Syndrome" feat. The Nightmare Garden
  10. "ハルイチ。" feat. #swegg
  11. "Macaron (Poushu arrange) " feat. ☾ ʂωєєтy☽
  12. "深海少女/Deep-Sea Girl" feat. sodium diet
  13. "LUVORATORRRRRY!" feat. えろちび
  14. "想像フォレスト" feat. νiérα
  15. "ムシクイサイケデリズム / Bug-Eaten Psychedelism" feat. Lunatic Asylum ʅ( ͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ °)ʃ♥
  16. "No Pain No Game" feat. DOUBLE ∞ INFINITY
  17. "Bokura no Life Kimi no Life" feat. Living Fantasy
  18. "フタリボシ" feat. Lucky☆
  19. "STRAIGHT JET" feat. Infinite Burst
  20. "Love Trial - 恋愛裁判" feat. チームパンダ
  21. "Re-Education (再教育) " feat. ✽ⓢⓀⒾⓢ✽
  22. "ぶれないアイで (Burenai Ai De)" feat. The Coolers
  23. "abnormalize" feat. リニューアル
  24. "金曜日のおはよう / Friday's Good Morning" feat. 手ツクリチョ子
  25. "独りんぼエンヴィー / Hitorinbo Envy" feat. RinKan!!
  26. "ストレンジアニマル" feat. トコトコタートルタイム
  27. "Shiroi Yuki no Princess wa " feat. 雪魂
  28. "CRYONICS English ver." feat. Aisivol~Ah!
  29. "Great Escape" feat. SnK
  30. "Music S.T.A.R.T!!" feat. ニちご♡
  31. "Paranoia" feat. °˖✧⁽⁽◝(⁰▿⁰)◜KiloGram◝(⁰▿⁰)◟₎₎✧˖°
  32. "Akatsuki Arrival (アカツキアライヴァル) " feat. Ae²
  33. "フカンショウ- Frigidity" feat. Disperato
  34. "Heart Beats" feat. нσηєу ναℓєηтιηє (✧≖‿ゝ≖)
  35. "Tsunaida Te ni Kiss wo つないだ手にキス " feat. ಠ_ಠ
  36. "ツギハギスタッカート // Patchwork Staccato" feat. BerrilyStaccato*
  37. "Star Story" feat. Spicarion
  38. "Kokoro x Kokoro Kiseki (murasaki mix)" feat. Ⓢ-erendipity✿
  39. "A Fantasy World and The Heart of Toys " feat. maskot dufan
  40. "らしさ" feat. The Norae Project
  41. "color" feat. Hello ハロ
  42. "Lacrimosa" feat. eClipSe
  43. "Shinitai-chan" feat. ◄°llll° ѕнιкαѕнι °llll°►
  44. "奇跡の海" feat. Ancient Siren
  45. "おこちゃま戦争(Okochama Sensou)" feat. Royal Mansion
  46. "CHOCO MINT FLAVOUR TIME " feat. Spicy • Muffins
  47. "Smile Again" feat. 【Alternative♠Illumination】
  48. "POWDER SNOW" feat. 雪空Yukizora
  49. "戯言スピーカー / Tawagoto Speaker" feat. ѕєкуυηє
  50. "Taketori Overnight Sensation 竹取オーバーナイトセンセーション" feat. → Ƀ Ҝ Ƀ Ҝ ←
  51. "WAVE" feat. ⓐⓠⓤⓐⓣⓘⓒⓦⓐⓥⓔ
  52. "夢喰い白黒バク" feat. 「Sweet★Nightmare」
  53. "波紋- Ripples" feat. Lenore
  54. "好き!雪!本気マジック" feat. k(ω)
  55. "The Way to Eternal Happiness, I've found it" feat. TomatoPerfection
  56. "S&S Holiday" feat. #ForeverMochis
  57. "No Game no Life - This Game" feat. reverse flow
  58. "Donut Hole (ドーナツホール)[ballad ver.]" feat. CluXlaneZ
  59. "第一次ジブン戦争" feat. Nakuya
  60. "ソレイユ" feat. Soleil☀
  61. "Lost One's Weeping" feat. NEVER READY
  62. "背徳の記憶~The Lost Memory~ " feat. ’sNoRisk
  63. "クラスペディアの憂鬱 " feat. Creamy⚛Chemistry
  64. "Flower of Sorrow" feat. CαмPαηєℓℓα
  65. "Still Still Still" feat. ~Blue Roses~
  66. "大声ダイヤモンド" feat. MiNi◊'s
  67. "Idol Activity! (Ver. Rock)" feat. Idol♡Love
  68. "しわ" feat. Waifu&Hubby
  69. "緋色月下、狂咲ノ絶 -1st Anniversary Remix-" feat. Kimocumber☣Futago
  70. "Snow Show Song" feat. ❦未x来♪
  71. "KiLLER LADY" feat. s & м
  72. "俺はクッキーを焼き続ける" feat. Cooki'ng Mamie
  73. "ギガンティックOTN / Gigantic PNT" feat. CrazyPeanuts
  74. "Abnormalize" feat. Zone
  75. "はるのよに" feat. Pastel❄Geminus
  76. "Strangers" feat. feedback
  77. "Romeo And Cinderella -PHC Version-" feat. Collarbroz
  78. "Tsubasa wa Kudasai (K-ON ver.)" feat. C.R.E.E.
  79. "Tokyo Station" feat. 【HatofulCouple】
  80. "Sweet Decola Ice Cream Holic " feat. Cookies&Cream
  81. "PONPONPON" feat. Un. C.L
  82. "背徳の記憶〜The Lost Memory〜" feat. ↓Heaven's Fall↓
  83. "再教育 (Re-Education)" feat. »Bullem_Time«
  84. "どうぶつ占い" feat. ✿ deer girls ✿
  85. "Crazy Love" feat. BL CD - Only $12.99
  86. "マトリョシカ | Matryoshka" feat. Deekina
  87. "爾今の洋洋この蛍光にありを歌ってみた" feat. arrow
  88. "Yume Janai, Uso Janai, Me No Mae Ni Aru Shiawase Na Joukei" feat. Nekogami
  89. "花ハ躍レヤいろはにほ/Hana wa Odore ya Iroha ni Ho" feat. la'fleur
  90. "約束の絆" feat. ロリ双子
  91. "大事なものは目蓋の裏" feat. 🍰ᎶâᏆᎬᎪux ᎠᎬ ᏞᎥᏞᎽ ❀
  92. "ホットケーキ 歌ってみた" feat. スポンジケーキ
  93. "Hope" feat. Anaconda Don't
  94. "Ah, It's a Wonderful Hedgehog Life!" feat. ✿ヘグホグCUTE
  95. "Dekoboko Seventeen" feat. ∑(゚Д゚)mg 凸凹
  96. "Daisy - (English cover)" feat. 555٩( ᐛ )و
  97. "BLAZING" feat. ᕦ( ☼ )ᕤ
  98. "威風堂々- Ifuu doudou" feat. 【Final♧Ejacultion】
  99. "顔本耽溺ガール" feat. ÉCOUTE
  100. "いろは唄" feat. (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง ♥
  101. "Cafe Latte - カフェラッテ" feat. PSL
  102. "Magic Mirror 魔法の鏡" feat. ☀ReSound✮
  103. "おこちゃま戦争 (Childish War)" feat. Broternity

Round 2 EntriesEdit

Theme: Invite a friend over for the holidays

  1. "Jitter Doll" feat. チームパンダ
  2. "初恋学園・純愛科 / First Love Academy・School of True Love" feat. joyful sodium diet
  3. "abnormalize" feat. maskot dufan ft. Emiko
  4. "「ハロ/ハワユ」band ver." feat. k(ω) feat. Nouveau
  5. "一丁目ゆきみ商店街 / Icchoume Yukimi Shoutengai" feat. 手ツクリチョ子
  6. "Dream Fireworks / 夢花火" feat. リニューアル
  7. "Close To You" feat. ~Blue Roses~ ft. Jefferz
  8. "Sweet Decola Ice Cream Holic" feat. The Nightmare Garden
  9. "Immoral Sister ~紅に染まる片翼~ " feat. CαмPαηєℓℓα ft. Melo
  10. "僕の場所 僕の海" feat. Nakuya
  11. "Winter Happy Night" feat. #ForeverMochis feat. SiaHyuk
  12. "一心不乱" feat. スポンジケーキ ft. Chishio
  13. "Shake It!" feat. нσηєу ναℓєηтιηє (✧≖‿ゝ≖)
  14. "背徳の花 (Haitoku no Hana)" feat. Royal Mansion
  15. "Fall Into Unseen Darkness" feat. ѕєкуυηє ft. Cami
  16. "記憶の光" feat. Ancient Siren
  17. "Clean Freak" feat. Ⓢ-erendipity✿
  18. "セツナトリップ" feat. Spicarion
  19. "White Album" feat. Infinite Burst
  20. "To The Beginning" feat. eClipSe
  21. "六兆年と一夜物語" feat. νiérα
  22. "天樂 / Tengaku" feat. CrazyPeanuts
  23. "ハローラフター / Hello Laughter" feat. Waifu&Hubby ft. Sammi
  24. "FREELY TOMORROW" feat. Hello ハロ ft. エミ
  25. "友達は友達なんだ!" feat. ニちご♡+Zoey
  26. "Secret Base" feat. Collarbroz feat. Beato
  27. "夜もすがら君想ふ" feat. Kimocumber☣Futago feat. *アムリん
  28. "リア充ってこんなもんだっけ?" feat. Cooki'ng Mamie
  29. "トリコロール・エア・ライン (Tricolore Airline)" feat. 雪空(Yukizora) ft. Tiida
  30. "革命デュアリズム" feat. Kimonecchi
  31. "おどるポンポコリン" feat. la'fleur ft. Yuvens
  32. "Viva Happy English ver." feat. Aisivol~Ah!
  33. "夜空にふたつ/Two in the Night Sky" feat. s & м
  34. "Three Queens" feat. Spicy • Muffins feat. Lizz
  35. "笑笑笑 (LOLOLOL) " feat. Creamy⚛Chemistry
  36. "Connect を歌ってみた" feat. ✿ヘグホグCUTE ft. Anna
  37. "Fly to night, Tonight" feat. → Ƀ Ҝ Ƀ Ҝ ←
  38. "LUVORATORRRRRY! –Rock Version-" feat. 「Sweet★Nightmare」Feat.crin
  39. "「shake it!」-rap version-" feat. ✿ deer girls ✿ ft 竜ちゃん
  40. "光るなら" feat. ᕦ( ☼ )ᕤ
  41. "Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari" feat. SHiKi feat. Daria
  42. "At God's Mercy 神のまにまに" feat. a.k.a
  43. "エクストラ・マジック・アワー EXTRA MAGIC HOUR!" feat. feedback

Round 3 EntriesEdit

Theme: Choose a judge to be your valentine

  1. "Karakuri 卍 Burst (Japanese-French-German)" feat. SHiKi
  2. "Forever Love" feat. Spicy • Muffins
  3. "空閒⇔Formation " feat. Creamy⚛Chemistry
  4. "林檎売りの泡沫少女" feat. νiérα
  5. "Period" feat. Cooki'ng Mamie
  6. "Astral Domination" feat. Royal Mansion
  7. "夕花火 /Yuu Hanabi" feat. s & м
  8. "谺、碧海、那由多を見定むアグラフォノスの詩篇" feat. Hello ハロ
  9. "Zoetrope" feat. maskot dufan
  10. "Synchronicity~Requiem of the Spinning World~ (Multilanguage Ver.) " feat. ѕєкуυηє
  11. "愛言葉 -Rock Version-" feat. 「Sweet★Nightmare」
  12. "Wagaku Senbonzakura -multilingual eurobeat remix-" feat. ✿ヘグホグCUTE
  13. "Flame Heart フレイムハート" feat. → Ƀ Ҝ Ƀ Ҝ ←
  14. "少年よ我に帰れ- Boys. Come Back to Me" feat. Lenore
  15. "Fairytale" feat. ✿ deer girls ✿
  16. "Moon Pride" feat. CrazyPeanuts
  17. "ヤクビョウガミ" feat. スポンジケーキ


"Astral Domination"
feat. Royal Mansion
"Wagaku Senbonzakura -multilingual eurobeat remix-"
feat. ✿ヘグホグCUTE


  • The Murasagi channel was planned around the time of the first KCE duet battle. In 2014, no duet battle was held so the gala was made and held in place of it.
  • Renna and Kappa were previously organizers of the DUBattle Royale held in 2011. They also competed in YTChorus' chorus battle in a group called HANAbira-gumi.
  • Renna was also a guest judge for KCEDB1 and subsequently entered KCEDB2 as a participant with k.

External LinksEdit

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