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"What should I do about such feelings? Can't you tell me? Just a little?"
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A sample of a cover song by Nanamori
"Koshitantan", composed by Umetora

Nanamori (ななもり) is a namanushi on NND, TwitCasting host before uploading his first cover in November 2015 and became an utaite. His "Koshitantan" Nv quickly got views and reached nearly 75k after one month. He is one among new generation utaite who are known for their TwitCasting shows, love covering mature songs and get the first hit with a cover of Umetora's song.

He has a flat and nasal voice. Along with singing, he can rap and beatbox, as seen in his "ONARAP". He is also a gamer uploading his videos firstly on Youtube and later on NND.

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List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "Koshitantan" Nv (Waiting for a Chance to Bounce) (2015.11.16)
  2. "Gishin'anki" Nv (Jumping at Shadows) (2015.12.14)
  3. "Ghost Rule" Nv (2016.01.22)
  4. "Ikkitousen" Nv (Matchless Warriors) (2016.02.27)
  5. "Chururira-Chururira-Daddadda!" Nv (2016.04.02)
  6. "Kusonito" (Original Rap) (2016.05.23)
  7. "LIAR DANCE" Nv -Rap ver.- (2016.06.04)
  8. "Irony" Nv (2016.08.24)
  9. "Asu no Yozora Shoukaihan" Nv (Night Sky Patrol of Tomorrow) feat. Kanna, Shiyun, Rinu, Root, and Nanamori (2016.09.10)
  10. "Kimi no Yozora Shoukaihan" Nv (Your Night Sky Patrol) feat. colon, Satomi, Ketchup, Jor, and Nanamori (2016.09.10)
  11. "Aimai Retsujou Lover" Nv (Vague Lust Lover) (2016.11.16)
  12. "Mousou Kanshou Danshou Renmei" Nv (Delusion Sentimentality Compensation Federation) (2016.12.03)
  13. "Marbel" Nv (2016.12.17)
  14. "Taiyoukei Disco" Nv (Solar System Disco) feat. Nanamori, Root, Rinu, and colon (2017.01.26)
  15. "NayutalieN Medley" feat. colon and Satomi (Alien Alien), Nanamori and Root (Andromeda Andromeda), Jor and Rinu (Hikou Shoujo), Yuuku and Shiyun (Rocket Cider), Kanna and Nanamori (Wakusei Loop) (2017.02.08)
  16. "Wakusei Loop" Nv (Planet Loop) feat. Nanamori and colon (2017.02.17)
  17. "Kemono Friends OP" Nv feat. Nanamori, Root, Rinu, and colon (2017.02.24)
  18. "Teikoku Shoujo" Nv (Imperial Girl) (2017.04.03)
  19. "Happy Halloween" Nv (2017.11.01)
  20. "Buriki no Dance" Nv (Tinplate's Dance) (2017.11.24)
  21. "Yowamushi Montblanc" Nv (Coward Montblanc) (2018.01.08)
  22. "Hibana" Nv (Spark) (2018.02.12)
  23. "Roki" Nv (2018.03.26)
  24. "Myoujou Gyarakutika" Nv feat. Nanamori, Root, Rinu, and colon (2018.03.28)
  25. "Andromeda Andromeda" Nv (2018.03.31)
  26. "Dance Robot Dance" Nv feat. Nanamori, Root, Rinu, Satomi, Jor, and colon (2018.04.02)
  27. "Isshinfuran" Nv feat. Rinu (Wholeheartedly) (2018.05.05)
  28. "Kyou mo Harebare" Nv feat. Nanamori, Root, Rinu, Satomi, Jor, and colon (Today Will Be Cheerful) (2018.05.06)



Nanamori as seen in his sub YT channel's icon
Nanamori Kusonito
Nanamori as seen in his original rap song "Kusonito"
Nnmr by Shira
Nanamori's icon
Illust. by Shiira (しぃら)
Nnmr by hinata
Nanamori's current icon
Illust. by hinata
Strawberry Prince x7
From left top to right bottom: Root, Shiyun, Satomi; Rinu, Nanamori, Kanna, colon as seen in their doujin circle Strawberry Prince


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