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This utaite's song list is up-to-date and complete. Most recent upload: March 05, 2016.
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This page is about the utaite Owata, not to be confused with the producer utaite OwataP.
A sample of a cover song by Owata
"only my railgun", Toaru Kagaku no Railgun OP

Owata (終太) is an utaite known for his large and powerful vocal range, though he's said to be bad at hitting low notes. His voice is described as ikemen.

He covers many VOCALOID songs, along with a lot of anime songs, including those from the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime, for which he is most well known for. His most popular cover is "only my Railgun"Nv, of the above anime, with over 1.03 million views as of December 2013.

At times he also posts "original key" versions of songs, where he pitches his voice by 3 to 4 keys upwards, making his voice sound beautifully feminine. He is then commonly referred to as Owako (終子). An example is his original key version of "sister's noise"Nv.

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

  1. Member of CEO Project
  2. Utattemita no Hon wo Matamata Tsukuttemita (Released on December 24, 2010)
  3. C Eight Omatsuri CD (Released on December 31, 2010)
  4. Fanletter Vol.1 ~Orera kara Anatatachi he~ (Released on March 13, 2011)
  5. DECEMBER SIMULACRUM (Released on October 30, 2011)
  6. JANUARY SIMULACRUM (Released on April 30, 2012)
  7. Commix with Mizore (Released on August 11, 2012)
  8. CCC (Released on August 11, 2012)
  9. Commix2 with Mizore (Released on December 31, 2012)

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "Yandere ni Shite Ageru" Nv (Parody of "Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru♪") (collab) (2007.11.30)
  2. "Precure, Full・Throttle GOGO!" Nv (2008.04.28)
  3. "Mirai ni Eve" Nv (2008.04.30)
  4. "Chougoutai Senshi Sungod V" Nv (2008.06.08)
  5. "Haruhi Suzumiya No Henkyoku" Nv (17 singers collab) (2008.07.29)
  6. "Hontoni Daiji nano Hitotsu dake" Nv feat. Owata, Manatsu, Mizore (2008.10.26)
  7. "Fire◎Flowata" Nv (2008.11.16)
  8. "SHOP99 No Uta" Nv (2008.12.18)
  9. "Yume Monogatari" Nv feat. Owata and YU (2008.12.29)
  10. "TRessing" Nv (2009.02.08)
  11. "Japanese Ninja No. 1" Nv (2009.02.23)
  12. "Winner Takes All" Nv (2009.03.16)
  13. "Japanese Samurai No. 1" Nv (2009.03.24)
  14. "Kimi no Uta" Nv (2009.04.25)
  15. "(21)ntis Kumikyoku (21)" Nv feat. Owata, Coconuts, Kokoro (Kodomogokoro), Suito, Mouse, Mister and lela (2009.05.26)
  16. "Moira" Nv (Sound Horizon song) (collab) (2009.05.29)
  17. "Suzumiya Haru-chan no Yuuutsu" Nv (2009.06.05)
  18. "Jisentai Shinkenja" Nv (2009.06.12)
  19. "RE:BRIDGE ~ Return to oneself" Nv feat. Owata, Korosuke, Kogeinu, Keisen, YNG, ASK, YU, Ishigantou and Faneru (2009.07.19)
  20. "GUILTY BEAUTY LOVE" Nv (2009.07.28)
  21. "Kodoku no Hate" Nv feat. Owata with YU (2009.08.22)
  22. "XTC" Nv feat. Owata and Ishigantou (2009.11.21)
  23. "Ie no Ura de Manbou ga Shinderu" Nv (2009.11.22)
  24. "Host Knuckle Copy Paste" Nv (24 singers collab) (2009.12.03)
  25. "Koi no ABO" Nv feat. Owata, YU, YACKT, Suito, Gai and Denirow (2009.12.21)
  26. "1/6 no Yume Tabinin 2002" Nv (2010.01.07)
  27. "only my railgun" Nv (Toaru Kagaku no Railgun OP) (2010.01.28)
  28. "only my railgun" Nv (Toaru Kagaku no Railgun OP) -Original key ver.- (2010.01.28)
  29. "only my railgun" Nv (Toaru Kagaku no Railgun OP) -Karaoke -4 key ver.- (2010.01.31)
  30. "Happy Valentine!" Nv feat. Owata, YU, UmiNeko, Kazuya, Suito, Denirow and Tomioka Yuuji (?) (2010.02.14)
  31. "The End" Nv (Original with FuMay) (2010.02.19)
  32. "Gundam Janai" Nv -YNG ver.- (2010.03.02)
  33. "Don・Don Quijote no Ano Uta" Nv (2010.03.11)
  34. "LEVEL5-judgelight-" Nv (2010.03.20)
  35. "LEVEL5-judgelight-" Nv -Original key ver.- (2010.03.20)
  36. "Rolling Girl" Nv (2010.03.27)
  37. "Nenshou Kei Amino Shiki" Nv (2010.04.20)
  38. "Hitomi No Screen" Nv feat. Owata, YU, Suito, Tashima and Mizore (2010.04.28)
  39. "Albino" Nv (2010.05.02)
  40. "IMITATION BLACK" Nv feat. Owata, Ishigantou and YU (2010.05.11)
  41. "Bokumote" Nv feat. Owata, YU, Suito and Mizore (2010.05.18)
  42. "Takefuji No Ano Kyoku" Nv (2010.06.11)
  43. "W-B-X ~ W-Boiled-Extreme ~" Nv (2010.06.23)
  44. "1925" Nv (2010.06.23)
  45. "Eizou Igai" Nv (2010.06.24)
  46. "Bye-bee Baby Sayounara" Nv (2010.07.09) (Taken down on NND)
  47. "WHAT'S UP GUYS?" Nv feat. Owata and pecoe (2010.07.30)
  48. "Nenchaku Keidanshi no 15. Nechinechi" Nv (2010.08.06)
  49. "montage" Nv feat. Owata, YU, Suito and Manatsu (2010.08.19)
  50. "YOU GET TO BURNING" Nv (Part of the 90's Anison Tour) (2010.08.21)
  51. "Dangerous☆Eden" Nv (2010.08.24)
  52. "Fire◎Flowata" Nv -Guitar Rock edition- (2010.08.29)
  53. "Uragiri No Yuuyake" Nv (Durarara!! OP) feat. Owata and Tashima (2010.09.15)
  54. "Pokemon ni Mieru Kana?" Nv Feat. Owata, Ishigantou, Suito, Tashima, Ryuuhei, Nigaihito, Manatsu, Mizore and YU (2010.09.20)
  55. "Mozaik Role" Nv (2010.09.26)
  56. "Shiroi Tsubasa no Shounen" Nv (2010.09.26)
  57. "Shizugatake no Shichihon Yari" Nv feat. Owata, Ishigantou, Suitou, YNG, Gai, Mizore and Tomoenage (2010.10.05)
  58. "Nisoku Hokou" Nv (Two Breaths Walking) feat. Owata and YU (2010.10.12)
  59. "future gazer" Nv (2010.11.02)
  60. "future gazer" Nv -Original key ver.- (2010.11.02)
  61. "Yukimura no Tennis" Nv (2010.11.26)
  62. "DECADENCE" Nv feat. Owata and YU (2010.12.16)
  63. "No Buts!" Nv (Toaru Majutsu no Index OP) (2010.12.26)
  64. "No Buts!" Nv (Toaru Majutsu no Index OP) -Original key ver.- (2010.12.26)
  65. "Smiling" Nv -~Show Time!~- (collab) (2011.01.16)
  66. "Nico Nico Gakuen Utaitebu Valentine Sensou" Nv (collab) (2011.02.13)
  67. "Usotsuki No Merry-Go-Round" Nv (2011.02.23)
  68. "Sakura no Ame" Nv feat. Owata and Ishigantou (2011.02.28)
  69. "BadBye" Nv (2011.03.19)
  70. "Aisatsu no Mahou" Nv (2011.03.29)
  71. "Magia" Nv (Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica ED) (2011.04.21)
  72. "Connect" Nv (Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica OP) (2011.04.21)
  73. "Unhappy Refrain" Nv (2011.05.13)
  74. "Hacking to the Gate" Nv (2011.05.20)
  75. "Highlight" Nv (2011.06.05)
  76. "Kokokara ga... Oretachi" Nv (2011.06.05)
  77. "THE TOP" Nv (2011.06.06)
  78. "fortissimo -the ultimate crisis-" Nv (2011.06.25)
  79. "Omoi Dase Echisen!" Nv (2011.07.03)
  80. "Orion wo Nazoru" Nv (2011.07.23)
  81. "BELIEVE☆MY VOICE" Nv (2011.07.23)
  82. "Maji LOVE 1000%" Nv feat. Owata, Mao, Gai, Manatsu, Mizore and Suitou (2011.07.23)
  83. "D-tecnoLife" Nv (2011.09.10)
  84. "Sky Crad no Kansatsusha" Nv (2011.09.13)
  85. "Sky Crad no Kansatsusha" Nv -Original key ver.- (2011.09.13)
  86. "Cyber Thunder Cider" Nv (2011.09.15)
  87. "Uso" Nv (2011.09.20)
  88. "Tokyo Teddy Bear" Nv (2011.09.26)
  89. "IN MY WORLD" Nv (2011.10.29)
  90. "Fukanzen Nenshou" Nv (2011.11.15)
  91. "We Go!" Nv (2011.11.30)
  92. "Fukanzen Nenshou" Nv -Original key ver.- (2011.12.10)
  93. "Just a game" Nv (2011.12.16)
  94. "oath sign" Nv (2011.12.17)
  95. "oath sign" Nv -Original key ver.- (2011.12.17)
  96. "Oni wo Aisuru Hito" Nv (2012.01.03)
  97. "Ringo Karen Uta" Nv (2012.02.02)
  98. "Ren'ai Yuusha" Nv (Love Hero) (2012.02.04)
  99. "Roulette" Nv feat. Owata and Mizore (2012.02.08)
  100. "Yuurei Yashiki no Kubitsuri Shoujo" Nv (Hanged Girl in the Haunted House) (2012.02.17)
  101. "Go For It!" Nv (2012.03.05)
  102. "Busters Ready Go" Nv (2012.04.15)
  103. "Shiny Tale" Nv (2012.04.16)
  104. "Anison Utattemita Tour 2012" Nv (Part of the Anison Utattemita Bocchi Tour 2012) (2012.04.24)
  105. "CHOIR JAIL" Nv (Tasogare Otome x Amnesia OP) (2012.05.21) (Taken down from NND)
  106. "Super Hero" Nv (2012.06.14)
  107. "Pegasus Fantasy ver. Ω" Nv (Saint Seiya Ω OP) (From the 2012.1 Spring Anikora) -Band ver.- (collab) (2012.06.09)
  108. "Can Do" Nv (Kuroko no Baske OP) (From the 2012.1 Spring Anikora) -Band ver.- feat. Owata and Syuta (2012.06.09)
  109. "Kokoro no Hitomi ~ Closed Eye ~" Nv (2012.06.18)
  110. "Fuurinkainsanrai ~ Fuurinkasan ~" Nv (2012.06.18)
  111. "Chase the World" Nv (2012.06.23)
  112. "Chase the World" Nv -Original key ver.- (2012.06.23)
  113. "Silver Bullet" Nv (2012.07.17)
  114. "Aoi Bench" Nv feat. Owata and Mizore (2012.07.22)
  115. "Abstract・Nonsense" Nv (2012.08.09)
  116. "Can Do" Nv (2012.08.10)
  117. "SEE YOU" Nv (Natsuyuki Rendezvous OP) (From the 2012 Summer Anikora) -Band ver.- (2012.09.08)
  118. "Boku to Watashi to Nico Nico Douga" Nv feat. shell, Chikatarira, YNG, LIQU@., Baren, Tsukino Shion, kazyuP, Au, Nobunaga, irony, Owata, Reji, Donnie the Dynamite, Tori-san, miy, Noir, Rib, Vin, Yorukichi, Ko~ra, Shuiyuanwuyi, Wataame and Umemiya Hina (2012.09.14)
  119. "crossing field" Nv (Sword Art Online OP) (2012.09.19)
  120. "crossing field" Nv (Sword Art Online OP) -Original key ver.- (2012.09.19)
  121. "Inochi Mijikashi Koiseyo Otome" Nv (2012.10.20)
  122. "Catal Rhythm" Nv (2012.10.23)
  123. "ENJOY" Nv (collab) (2012.09.16)
  124. "V.I.P" Nv (MAGI The Labyrinth of Magic OP) (From the 2012 Autumn Anikora) -Band ver.- (2012.12.01)
  125. "KINGS" Nv ([K] OP) (2012.12.23)
  126. "OUTLAWS" Nv (THE UNLIMITED - Hyoubu Kyousuke - ED) (From the 2013 Winter Anikora) -Band ver.- (2013.03.02)
  127. "Matataku Hoshi no Shita de" Nv (MAGI The Labyrinth of Magic OP) (From the 2013 Winter Anikora) -Band ver.- (2013.03.02)
  128. "Break your world" Nv (Senran Kagura OP) (2013.03.04)
  129. "Break your world" Nv (Senran Kagura OP) -Original key ver.- (2013.03.08)
  130. "Chou Kumikyoku Nico Nico Douga" Nv (Super Suite: Nico Nico Douga) feat. Aoi, Ana・Ruhojiri, Arihiko, Ishigantou, Udonko, Owata, Kaito, Kanae, Gurumi, Kogeinu, ℃iel, Syantihs, Zekkyouken, Chibitora, Nodoame, Fujikinoko, Fujikura, mutou, Genkinpatsu, YNG, LIQU@., and Reji (2013.05.31)
  131. "Henai no Rondo" Nv (Karneval OP) (From the 2013 Spring Anikora) -Band ver.- (2013.06.01)
  132. "Maji LOVE 2000%" Nv (Uta no☆Prince-Sama♪ Maji LOVE 1000% ED) (From the 2013 Spring Anikora) -Band ver.- (collab) (2013.06.01)
  133. "Uchu Senkan Yamato" Nv (Uchu Senkan Yamato 2199 OP) (From the 2013 Spring Anikora) -Band ver.- (collab) (2013.06.01)
  134. "AMBITIOUS JAPAN" Nv (2013.06.11)
  135. "Hakushi Kassai Utaawase" Nv (2013.07.13)
  136. "BELOVEDxSURVIVAL" Nv (Brothers Conflict OP) (2013.08.16)
  137. "Uchouten Jinsei" Nv (Uchouten Kazoku OP) (2013.08.31)
  138. "Anison Utattemita Tour 2013" Nv (2013.09.21)
  139. "Idola no Circus" Nv (2013.10.03)
  140. "SPLASH FREE" Nv (FREE! ED) feat. Suito, YNG, Owata, Mizore and Manatsu (2013.11.06)
  141. "Bye-bee Baby Sayounara" Nv (2013.11.16)
  142. "How-to Sekai Seifuku" Nv feat. Owata and YU (2013.11.17)
  143. "Reclime" Nv (Yowamushi Pedal OP) (From the 2013 Autumn Anikora) -Band ver.- (2013.11.30)
  144. "Sirius" Nv (Kill la Kill OP) (2013.12.13)
  145. "sister's noise" Nv (Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S OP) (2013.12.16)
  146. "sister's noise" Nv (Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S OP) -Original key ver.- (2013.12.16)
  147. "Jittto Miteiru" Nv (2013.12.30)
  148. "Doukoku no Ame" Nv feat. Owata and Tetsurou (2014.01.28)
  149. "Nageki no Rozario" Nv feat. Shi~yantisu, Owata, kzt, Mutou and tamago (2014.02.02)
  150. "Be Mine!" Nv (2014.02.28)
  151. "Ai Ai Ai ni Utarete Bye Bye Bye" Nv (Samurai Flamenco OP) (From the 2013 Winter Anikora) -Band ver.- feat. Owata and Syantihs (2014.03.01)
  152. "Hengen Jizai no Magical Star" Nv (Kuroko no Basket OP) (From the 2013 Winter Anikora) -Band ver.- (2014.03.01)
  153. "Yowamushi no Hono" Nv (Yowamushi Pedal OP) (2014.03.14)
  154. "ambiguous" Nv (Kill la Kill OP) (2014.03.31)
  155. "King of Otoko!" Nv feat. Ishigantou, Owata, Suitou, Tajima Chun, Nigai hito, Mizore, YNG and YU (2014.05.02)
  156. "Rising Hope" Nv (2014.05.25)
  157. "Rising Hope" Nv -Original key ver.- (2014.05.25)
  158. "Imagination" Nv (Haikyu!! OP) (From the 2014 Spring Anikora) -Band ver.- (2014.05.31)
  159. "MOON PRIDE" Nv (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal OP) (From the 2014 Summer Anikora) -Band ver.- feat. taiga, Mifuyu, Owata, Tsukino Hina and hakumai (2014.08.30)
  160. "Kimi ja Nakya Dame Mitai" (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun OP) (From the 2014 Summer Anikora) -Band ver.- (2014.08.30)
  161. "Kimi ja Nakya Dame Mitai" Nv -Full ver.- (2014.09.04)
  162. "Izayoi Seeing" Nv (2014.09.23)
  163. "MOON PRIDE" Nv (Sailor Moon Crystal OP) feat. Ishigantou, Owata, Suitou, Tajimatyun, and Mizore (2014.09.25)
  164. "Raising Hope" Nv -Live ver.- (2014.10.15)
  165. "Battle Communication!" Nv feat. Owata, Datsuryoku, Kazuki Yuka, and Yukimura Shizuka (2014.11.17)
  166. "Shounen Shoujo Chameleon Symptom" Nv (Boys & Girl Chameleon Symptom) (2015.01.11)
  167. "Exist" Nv (Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Agressor EXODUS OP) (2015.02.22)
  168. "Sugar Song to Bitter Step Nv (Sugar Song and Bitter Step) (Kekkai Sensen ED) (From the 2015 Spring Anikora) -Band ver.- (2015.05.30)
  169. Boku no Kotoba dewa Nai Kore wa Bokutachi no Kotoba Nv (These Are Our Words, Not Mine) (Arslan Senki OP1) (From the 2015 Spring Anikora) -Band ver.- (2015.05.30)
  170. "1000% Sparkling" Nv feat. Owata, Fujikinoko, Spanking Saito, Gulbi, & Natsumiko (2015.06.11)
  171. "Lapis Lazuli" Nv (Aslan Senki song) (2015.07.10)
  172. "Kishi Koushinkyoku" Nv (March of the Knights) (Knights of Sidonia: Battle of Planet Nine OP) (2015.08.16)
  173. "Speed to Masatsu" Nv (Speed and Friction) (Ranpo Kitan Game of Laplace OP) (From the 2015 Summer Anikora) -Band ver.- (2015.08.29)
  174. "Clattanoia" Nv (Overlord OP) (2015.09.13)
  175. "Identity" Nv (2015.11.05)
  176. "Hanamaru Pippi wa Yoiko Dake" Nv (Hanamaru Pippi is Just a Good Girl) (2015.11.29)
  177. "Yoru wa Nemureru kai?" Nv (How Do You Sleep?) (2016.03.01) (taken down on NND)
  178. "Yoru wa Nemureru kai?" Nv (flumpool song) (2016.03.05)
  179. "The Day" (Boku no Hero Academia OP) -Band TV Size ver.- (2016.06.11)


For CEO Project albums see here


Owata as Fukushima Masanori 13695236
Owata as Fukushima Masanori as seen in his collab cover of "Shizugatake no Shichihon Yari"Nv
Illust. by Shiki (しき)


  • He was born in the Hyogo Prefecture [2], and currently lives in Chiba.[1]
  • He is the voice provider of the UTAUloid Owata Tsuine. It was also featured in an album.
  • He is not associated with the producer OwataP, despite their similar names.
  • Instead of titling his covers with "tried to sing" (歌ってみた, utattemita), he puts "finished singing" (歌い終わっ太 or 歌い終わった, utaiowatta). It is also a pun with his name.

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