A sample of a cover song by Ozzu
"REON", composed by Yuyoyuppe

Ozzu Kiroii (オス゜黄色い) is a YouTube singer with a husky, smooth voice. She usually sings in a masculine voice, making her a trap singer or "ryouseirui", however she can sing equally well in a higher tone. Her versatile ability ranges from her Phantom Thieves Peter and Jenny (怪盗ピーター&ジェニイ)  cover and Leia spanish cover.

She covers songs in Japanese and Spanish, she usually does her own translyrics. 

She usually duets with Keirame and Bastian, but in her FB she says that she will start to make duets with Rakkun. And also she had participate in different chorus battles. She also likes to do voice acting. 

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "Luka Luka ★ Night Fever (ルカルカ★ナイトフィーバー)" -Spanish Ver- (2012.01.20)
  2. "Black Rock Shooter (ブラック★ロックシューター)" -Spanish Ver- (2012.02.14)
  3. "Ah! It's a Wonderful Cat's Life!" -Spanish Ver- ft. Ozzu & Yelen (2012.05.10)
  4. "Two Breaths Walking (二息歩行)" -Spanish Ver- (2012.07.17)
  5. "Reon" -Spanish Ver- (2012.12.06)
  6. "Highschool of the Dead (学園黙示録)" (2013.06.07)
  7. "Imitation Black" -Spanish Ver- ft. Kaiv, Ozzu & Laharl Square (2013.09.02)
  8. "Aitai (会いたい)" -Spanish Ver- ft. Kaiv & Ozzu (2013.12.17)
  9. "Leia" -Spanish Ver- (2014.01.17)
  10. "Ichirin no hana (一輪の花)" -Spanish Ver- ft. Bastián&Ozzu (2014.03.02)
  11. "Just be Friends" -Spanish Ver- (2014.06.10)
  12. "Answer" -Spanish Ver- (2014.07.08)
  13. "Confession Rival Declaration (告白ライバル宣言)" -Spanish Ver- (2014.08.26)
  14. "Phantom Thieves Peter and Jenny (怪盗ピーター&ジェニイ)" (2014.09.11)

List of Kagamine Twins Covered SongsEdit

  1. "Gekokujou (下剋上)" -Spanish Ver- ft. Ozzu&Keirame (2011.08.05)
  2. "Adolescence" -Spanish Ver- ft. Ozzu&Keirame (2011.08.07)
  3. "Paper Plane" -Spanish Ver- ft. Ozzu&Keirame (2011.12.01)
  4. "Suki Kirai♥ (スキキライ) " -Spanish Ver- ft. Ozzu&Keirame (2012.02.14)
  5. "Karakuri 卍 Burst (からくり卍ばーすと)" -Spanish Ver- ft. Ozzu&Keirame (2012.04.16)
  6. "Black Cats of the Eve (前夜祭の黒猫)" -Spanish Ver- ft. Ozzu&Keirame (2012.10.31)
  7. "Trick And Treat (前夜祭の黒猫)" -Spanish Ver- ft. Ozzu&Keirame (2013.10.30)
  8. "Shangri-La" ft. Ozzu&Keraime (2014.08.14)


Currently none or to be added.


  • Her other hobbie is drawing.
  • She loves pandas and dogs.
  • Her favorite utaites are Valshe and Amatsuki.
  • Kaiv is her blood brother.

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