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A sample of a cover song by Reoni
"I Wonder If You'll Say You're Sorry", composed by Machigerita

Reoni (れおに) is a YouTube singer with a strong and mature voice. She has a rather wide range, making her hit low notes as well as slightly high ones. Her best ability is to confer song's emotions by using well-thought-out belting, as heard in one of her covers called "MERRY BAD END". However, Reoni's voice can also fit the serene themes, such as shown in "I don't wanna know" and "You Still Spin Me". She highly prefers covering songs in the EDM and Rock genre, as well as Indie Pop genre.

Her most popular cover on YouTube as of now is "I don't wanna know" with current 160 thousand views, followed by "Mind Brand" featuring ナミ (Nyami) with 100 thousand views and a German fancover of "Copycat" with 40 thousand views. Reoni's mixing all of her covers by herself and by now has reached an expert level of self-taught audio engineering.

She got known as the Youtaite, until she uploaded her first original song on the 1st of October 2015 under the producer tag Cawer-D (short for Cawer Deraw). Meanwhile she changed her producer name to simply Cawer. Due to the sudden popularity of "Asthma", she gained the P-title from her fans. Currently her all-time collaboration partner is the Youtaite Nyami (ナミ), who is also her best friend[2].

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

  1. Sung in the My Favorite Vocaloid Medley 1(as #39 Two-Faced Lovers)
  2. Participation in the OBCB2016 (with the group Die Geilen Rentner)
  3. Participation in the YUP2k16 (with the group SiЯeNa♔)
  4. Participation in LSO2016 (with the group KagamiTamago)

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "Indulging: Idol Syndrome" with Pandanna (2015.02.18)
  2. "Five Nights at Freddy's" -German Ver.- (2015.03.01)
  3. "Fluticasone" (2015.03.14)
  4. "Jabberwocky Jabberwocka" with Densha (2015.03.25)
  5. "IfuuDouDou" -nqrse ver. (Rap)- with Densha (2015.09.24)
  6. "Adolescence" 400 Subs Special ft. Melonbread69 & Nyami (2015.12.13)
  7. "Mind Brand" 500 Subs Special ft. Nyami (2016.01.08)
  8. "Heart Chrome" Valentines Special with 凪タン (2016.02.13)
  9. "Liquid Lunch" -English- (2016.03.30)
  10. "Quicksand" -English- (2016.04.08)
  11. "Tell me "You wanna feel me"" (2016.05.14)
  12. "The Full Course for Candy Addicts" (2016.05.15)
  13. "ZOMBIE MAKER" (2016.05.16)
  14. "Maegamist" Birthday Special (2016.06.07)
  15. "Try to be a girl" with Nyami (2016.06.20)
  16. "When the time comes" Original Song (2016.06.24)
  17. "I don't wanna know" (2016.07.05)
  18. "Copycat" -German Ver.- with Nyami (2016.07.16)
  19. "Alien Alien" DIVELA Remix (2016.07.28)
  20. "Facebook Indulging Girl" (2016.08.05)
  21. "LOLOLOL" (2016.08.17)
  22. "Pascal Beats" (2016.09.01)
  23. "You Still Spin Me" (2016.09.19)
  24. "404 NOT FOUND" -SS2016- (2016.12.24)
  25. "Red Lips" -English Cover- (2017.01.08)
  26. "Little Swing" -English Cover- (2017.03.26)
  27. "I Wonder If You'll Say You're Sorry" (2017.05.22)
  28. "Carousel" -English Cover- (2017.06.21)
  29. "Systematic Love" (2018.02.14)
  30. "MERRY BAD END" (2018.03.14)
  31. "Havana" -English Cover- (2018.03.20)
  32. "コウカツ" with Nyami (2018.03.28)
  33. "Isshin Furan" with Nyami & Kasuka (2018.04.14)



Illust. by Saru_rkgk
Reoni and Nyami
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Reoni by xuuni-dbzvcs8
Illust. by Xuuni


  • Besides being a singer, Reoni's enjoying in rapping and fast singing, too and is known as the female nqrse among her friends for being able to rap and sing in a fast pace. Examples: With Neku in an elder collaboration, Kitsune no Yomeiri, with Giru in an elder collaboration, Delusion Tax, with Densha in an elder collaboration, IfuuDouDou. An example of a very recent original: When the time comes.
  • She never watched Anime and isn't fond of it.[3]
  • Her favorite places are forests and abandoned places.[citation needed]
  • Her fashion style is Harajuku and Urban mixed with typical cutesy Japanese fashion.[4]
  • On the 24th of July in 2016, she met with the Youtaite and best friend Nyami in an amusement park of her city.[5]
  • Nyami and Reoni became friends when Nyami auditioned for the Youtaite version of "Asthma" in February 2016. They are both German.[citation needed]
  • Reoni enjoys the history and fashion of 1930-1950.[citation needed]
  • Her favorite videogames are "Bioshock" & "Alice:Madness Returns".[citation needed]
  • She is a part of Renya (Reoni + Nyami) and Rensha (Reoni + Densha).[citation needed]
  • Her favorite fruits are lemons and her favorite animals are cows.[citation needed]
  • Her all-time favorite VOCALOID producer is MARETU. Other favorites are: Inaba Cumori, Hastyhat and Suzumu.[citation needed]

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