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RetasuP is a producer known for making both original and cover songs using GUMI and Kagamine Rin/Len.

For a full list of collaboration albums in a sortable table, please see here.

For more information on RetasuP as a producer, please visit his article here on the VOCALOID wiki.

Pastel♪Voice (Limited edition bonus CD of Pastel)
Released on December 15, 2012
Pastel voice album
Illust. by △○□× (jacket design), Nagi (なぎ)
No. Title Utaite Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. "Kimi he" -GOTS Piano ver.- (Instrumental) RetasuP RetasuP GOTS
2. "Kimi he" Yuikonnu RetasuP RetasuP
3. "Natsuzora ni Saita Hana" Ali RetasuP RetasuP
4. "Honto no Kimochi" Kurokun RetasuP RetasuP
5. "Tsunagaru Sora" MidoriInu. RetasuP RetasuP
6. "Now~1years after~" Ali, Kurokun RetasuP RetasuP
7. "Hoshi Furu Yoru ni Chikatta Ai Kotoba" Yuikonnu RetasuP RetasuP
8. "Orion" MidoriInu. RetasuP RetasuP
9. "Tsuyogari na Yowamushi" Kurokun RetasuP RetasuP
10. "Yukidoke" Ali RetasuP RetasuP
11. "Boku no Subete Kimi he no Subete" -GOTS Piano ver.- (Instrumental) RetasuP RetasuP GOTS

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