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This utaite's song list is up-to-date and complete. Most recent upload: April 04, 2016.
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Sasanomaly profile
Illust. by Atsushi Makino
Japanese ササノマリイ (sasanomaly)
Also known as ねこぼーろ (nekobolo)
Gender Male

(1991-02-09) February 09, 1991 (age 26)[1]

Status Active
Years active 2014-present
NND sites NND user page
YT channel


A sample of a cover song by Sasanomaly
"Tawagoto Speaker", composed by himself

sasanomaly (ササノマリイ), or more well-known by his producer name, nekobolo (ねこぼーろ), is an utaite who began singing in early August 2014. His voice can be described as gentle, breathy and soothing, which suits many of his songs.

He mainly sings his own VOCALOID originals with different instrumental arrangements. In addition, he shows his ability to sing both English and Chinese, as seen in his separate covers of Tawagoto Speaker.

He stated that his name, 'sasanomaly' is used when it comes to singing.

For more information on Nekobolo as a producer, please visit his article here on the VOCALOID wiki.

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "Tawagoto Speaker" Nv (2014.08.04)
  2. "Jishou Mushoku" Nv (2014.09.05)
  3. "Onomatopoeia Megane" Nv (2014.10.02)
  4. "Tawagoto Speaker" Nv -Chinese ver.- (2014.10.10)
  5. "Tawagoto Speaker" Nv -English ver.- (2014.10.10)
  6. "Synonym to Hypocrite" (2014.10.10)
  7. "Kikasetai no wa" Nv (Things I Want You To Hear) (2015.06.01)
  8. "Ai no Uta" Nv (Song of Love) (2015.06.19)
  9. "Kyou Kankaku Obake" Nv (Synesthesia Ghost) (2015.07.02)
  10. "Touka" Nv -Reset- (2016.04.04)


Synonym to Hypocrite EP
Released on October 15, 2014
Synonym to hypocrite
Illust. by Atsushi Makino
Purchasable at - internat.: AmazonINT Animate   - JP only: 
No. Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. "Tawagoto Speaker" Nv sasanomaly sasanomaly
2. "Jishou Mushoku" Nv sasanomaly sasanomaly
3. "Onomatopoeia Megane" Nv sasanomaly sasanomaly
4. "Futari de." sasanomaly sasanomaly
5. "Haru ni Kimi to" sasanomaly sasanomaly
6. "Hikenai Guitar wo Katate ni" sasanomaly sasanomaly
7. "Synonym to Hypocrite" sasanomaly sasanomaly
8. "Tawagoto Speaker" -English ver.- Nv sasanomaly sasanomaly

Obake to Omocha Hako
Released on July 22, 2015
Obake to Omocha Neko
Purchasable at - internat.: AmazonINTAnimate  HmvINTTower  ToranoanaINTWorldINT - JP only: 
No. Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. "Obake to Omocha Hako" nekobolo nekobolo
2. "Kyou Kankaku Obake" Nv nekobolo nekobolo
3. "Kikasetai no wa" Nv nekobolo nekobolo
4. "Ai no Uta" Nv nekobolo nekobolo
5. "Umbrella" nekobolo nekobolo
6. "Sunny Sunny" nekobolo nekobolo
7. "Tenohira Wonderland" nekobolo nekobolo
8. "Kouen to Shoujo" nekobolo nekobolo
9. "Liar" nekobolo nekobolo
Released on April 23, 2016
Cmyk jke design 0326-01
Purchasable at - internat.: Vvstore  WorldINT 
No. Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. "Re:verb" Nv sasanomaly sasanomaly
2. "Kyou Kankaku Obake (Exit From a Loop of Regret)" sasanomaly sasanomaly
3. "Tawagoto Speaker (in synonym)" sasanomaly sasanomaly
4. "Temporary" sasanomaly
Released on September 9, 2016
Purchasable at - internat.: AmazonINTTower  HmvINT 
No. Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. "M(OTHER)" sasanomaly sasanomaly
2. "Re:verb" Nv sasanomaly sasanomaly
3. "COFFEE" sasanomaly sasanomaly
4. "I MISS YOU" sasanomaly sasanomaly
5. "Tawagoto Speaker (in synonym)" sasanomaly sasanomaly


Sasanomaly info
sasanomaly as seen in his official website.
Illust. by Atsushi Makino
Sasanomaly cover photo
sasanomaly's Facebook cover photo.
Illust. by Atsushi Makino
Sasanomaly omocha
sasanomaly as seen in the biography section of his website
Sasanomaly in a music store with his newest CD


  • sasanomaly is a combination of his real name and the world "anomaly"[2]
  • His favorite Vocaloid Composer is siina mota/PowaPowaP[3]
  • His favorite pizza topping is cheese[4]

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