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This page is about the utaite Shamo with NND name Shamo, not to be confused with the utaite Shamo with NND name Chimo Usagi.
A sample of a cover song by Shamo
"Ire no Guuhatsuteki Jijou", composed by 666

Shamo (しゃも) is an utaite who started in 2011.

He has a fresh, cold and stable voice in low/mid range while it becomes quavering intentionally in high tone, such as his cover of "Toumei Elegy"Nv. He can modulate well between different voice types in just one song, mixing rich vibrato and legato notes together such as in his cover of "Shinzou Democracy"Nv, sometimes including long screamo as in "Haguruma-san"Nv.

Shamo prefers to cover fast, up-beat songs but he also can sing well mellow songs like "Kokoronashi"Nv with warm and touching voice.

Before uploading his covers on NND, Shamo had more activities in koebu as the name Tawashi (たわし) from 2010 to 2012; he changed his name to avoid sharing the same name with other user on NND. He uploaded his talking, voice imitating especially the voice like seiyuu Miyano Mamoru, and also utattemita videos such as "Juu Mensou". He also tried to be a ryouseirui when singing with feminine timbre and played guitar in his "good bye days", a rapper as seen in "Sainou Sampler". Later, he also often added some talk parts into his covers on NND such as "Yobanashi Deceive"Nv; even with mumbling lyrics in "Play with me"Nv or "CLUB=Majesty"Nv, and whispering voice in "Baka no Nomigusuri"Nv. He also took some voice acting in the covers of other utaite such as Ichigochoko's "Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu"Nv.

The duet cover "Nou Shou Sakuretsu Girl"Nv in which he sang with his younger brother is the most popular song of him with more than 1 million views.

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

Collaboration UnitsEdit

  • Nirawashi (韮鷲 or にらわし) with Nira
  • Shamori (しゃもり) with Amamori

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "Envy Catwalk" Nv (2011.11.03)
  2. "Shinkai City Underground" Nv (Deep Sea City Underground) (2011.12.11) (not in mylist)
  3. "Suki Kirai" Nv (Like, Dislike) feat. Shamo and 10 (2012.01.21) (not in mylist)
  4. "Yurufuwa Jukai Girl" Nv (Slack-Fluffy Woodland Girl) (2012.01.25)
  5. "Yashiki no Kubitsuri Shoujo" Nv (The Hanged Girl in the Haunted House) (2012.02.05) (taken down on NND)
  6. "I Love You, I Need You" Nv (2012.04.22)
  7. "Shinzou Democracy" Nv (Heart Democracy) (2012.05.22)
  8. "Mr.Music" Nv feat. RS`, Aiboru, alto, Locked, Shamo, HIKA and Maniru (2012.05.30) (taken down on NND)
  9. "Kimi wa Inase na Girl" Nv (You Are One Gallant Gal) feat. Shamo and Umi (2012.08.14)
  10. "Gambling Syndrome" Nv (2012.10.24) (community only)
  11. "Kugi Bat Gang no Nichijou ~Shimokitahen~" Nv (The Everday of The Nail Bat Gang ~Shimokita Edition~) (2012.12.19)
  12. "Merry☆Sexmas" Nv feat. Locked and Shamo (2012.12.24)
  13. "Joshi Kousei Chainsaw Days" Nv (Highschool Girl Chainsaw Days) (2013.01.09) (taken down on NND)
  14. "Just a game" Nv -Karaoke ver.- feat. Tottsuan and Shamo (2013.01.11)
  15. "Nou Shou Sakuretsu Girl" Nv (Spinal Fluid Explosion Girl) feat. Shamo and Parujetto (2013.01.23)
  16. "Yobanashi Deceive" Nv (Night Talk Deceive) (2013.02.21)
  17. "Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu" Nv (Confession Rehearsal) -another story- (2013.03.07)
  18. "Kamisama Nejimaki" Nv -Fail ver.- (2013.03.26)
  19. "Toumei Elegy" Nv (Transparent Elegy) (2013.04.04)
  20. "Kaitou Peter & Jenny" Nv (Phantom Thieves Peter & Jenny) feat. Shamo and Kanzuki Ama (2013.07.06)
  21. "Key Medley" Nv feat. Umi, Hamahiro, Emuemu, T.o, Lakut, *Sora*, Amamori, Shamo, Locked, A-HI-RU, Olive, PETAKO, Kotanatsu, alto and Tanbon (2013.08.31)
  22. "GOLD" Nv +。゜smile edition゜。+ feat. Ayume, alto, Olive, Conoa, Shamo, Dhihel, Hamahiro, MA.RT, Locked, Kishin, time, Ao, Kokaze Fuu, Pete and Ringo Juice (2013.09.06)
  23. "Karakuri Pierrot" Nv (Mechanical Pierrot) feat. Parujetto, Shamo, Kanata, Hiraiken Tarou, Takanashi Kazuhito, Takukobu and Inaka Shounen (2013.09.17)
  24. "Gigantic O.T.N" Nv feat. Parujetto, Shamo, Kanata, Hiraiken Tarou, Takanashi Kazuhito, Takukobu and Inaka Shounen (2013.09.27)
  25. "Ntirogi" Nv (enitolliuG) (2014.04.06)
  26. "Mugen Nostalgia" Nv (Infinite nostalgia) (2013.04.13)
  27. "Baka no Nomigusuri" Nv (An Idiot's Drug) (2013.07.08)
  28. "Haguruma-san" Nv (2013.09.10)
  29. "Spark Girl Syndrome" Nv (2014.11.22)
  30. "Ire no Guuhatsuteki Jijou" Nv (Ire's Accidental Situation) (2013.12.31)
  31. "Kokoronashi" Nv (No Heart) (2014.02.12)
  32. "Himitsu Yuugi" Nv (Secret Game) (2014.02.28)
  33. "No.39" Nv (2014.06.20)
  34. "Play with me" Nv (2014.06.24)
  35. "Hen'na Ko ne" Nv (Strange Kid) (2014.09.30)
  36. "CLUB=Majesty" Nv (2015.01.05)
  37. "Fizz?" Nv (2015.02.10)
  38. "Gekijou Aika" Nv (Love Theater Song) (2015.03.14)
  39. "Jibeta Travel" Nv (Bare Earth Travel) (2015.03.20)
  40. "Love Letter from Melancholy" Nv (2015.03.28)
  41. "Himitsu Danjo no Kankei" Nv (The Secret Relationship of Boys and Girls) (2015.04.07)
  42. "Koshitantan" Nv (Waiting for a Chance to Pounce) -Rap ver.- feat. Shamo and Irubon (2015.04.27)
  43. "Milk Crown on Sonnetica" Nv -jazz Arrange ver.- (2015.08.03) (set in private)
  44. "Rakka Usagi to Kamoku na Boukansha no Shuki" Nv (The Falling Rabbit and The Silent Onlooker's Memorandum) (2015.08.23)
  45. "Shoka, Satsui wa Machi wo Hitasu Yamai no You ni" Nv (In early summer, the murderous intent is like a disease immersing the town) (2015.09.18)
  46. "Captain Cook to Suisou" Nv (Captain Cook and Water Burial) (2015.12.29)
  47. "Eurisko no Aishikata" Nv (Eurisko's Way of Love) (2016.02.19)
  48. "ELECT" Nv -Rap live ver.- feat. Shamo and byaclen (2016.03.31)

Songs on koebuEdit

  1. "Uragiri no Yuuyake" (Betrayal of Sunset; Durarara!! OP) (2010.08.06)
  2. "Seishun Amigo" (Youth Amigo) (2010.08.21)
  3. "Rolling Girl" (2010.11.27)
  4. "World End Dancehall" -Short ver.- (2010.12.05)
  5. "Matryoshka" feat. Shamo and Parujetto (2010.12.05)
  6. "E? Aa, Sou." (2010.12.19)
  7. "Iroha Uta" (Iroha Song) (2010.12.26)
  8. "Fire◎Flower" (2010.12.27)
  9. "Kutabare PTA" (Fuck You PTA) (2011.01.04)
  10. "Calc." (2011.01.06)
  11. "Shinitagari" (Wanna Die) (2011.01.08)
  12. "Watashi no Kokkei na Yume" (Mrs. Pumpkin no Kokkei na Yume -Parody-) (2011.02.05)
  13. "Matryoshka" -Double role- (2011.02.06)
  14. "Nisoku Hokou" (Two Breaths Walking) (2011.02.06)
  15. "good bye days" (2011.02.11)
  16. "Torinoko City" (2011.02.11)
  17. "Masaomi Mime (Durarara!!) (2011.02.12)
  18. "Audience wo Wakasu Teido no Nouryoku (2011.02.20)
  19. "Panda Hero" (2011.03.05)
  20. "Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro" (Hold, Release; Rakshasa and Carcasses) (2011.03.07)
  21. "Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu" (The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku) (2011.03.09)
  22. "Cantarella" (2011.03.13)
  23. "Koi wa Sensou" (Love is War) (2011.03.17)
  24. "Sakura no Ame" (Cherry Blossom Rain) -Short ver.- (2011.03.19)
  25. "Sakura no Ame" (2011.03.20)
  26. "Jenga" (2011.03.20)
  27. "Petenshi ga Warau Koro ni" (When Crooks Laugh) (2011.03.22)
  28. "Juu Mensou" (Ten Faces) (2011.03.23)
  29. "Kimi ni Sasagu Fantasia" (Fantasia Dedicated to You) (2011.03.25)
  30. "Migikata no Chou" (Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder) (2011.03.26)
  31. "Kiritorisen" (Cut-off Line) (2011.03.26)
  32. "Don't say "lazy"" (K-ON! song) (2011.04.01)
  33. "BadBye" (2011.04.05)
  34. "Another World is Mine" (2011.04.07)
  35. "erase or zero" feat. Tawashi and Nira (2011.05.03)
  36. "Matryoshka" feat. Tawashi and Nira (2011.05.03)
  37. "E? Aa, Sou." feat. Tawashi and Nira (2011.05.04)
  38. "Wonderland to Hitsuji no Uta" (Wonderland and the Sheep's Song) feat. Tawashi and Nira (2011.05.05)
  39. "Black★Rock Shooter" feat. Tawashi and Nira (2011.05.08)
  40. "Kimi no Taion" (Your Temperature) (2011.05.14)
  41. "Panda Hero" feat. Tawashi and Nira (2011.05.15)
  42. "Bye-Bee Baby Sayounara" (Bye-Bee Baby Sayonara) (2011.05.22)
  43. "Julietta to Romeo" feat. Tawashi and Nira (2011.05.23)
  44. "Blackjack" (2011.05.29)
  45. "IMITATION BLACK" feat. Tawashi and Nira (2011.06.03)
  46. "Matryoshka" -Rap ver.- (2011.06.04)
  47. "Unhappy" (2011.06.05)
  48. "Kutabare PTA" feat. Tawashi, Nira and Koyu (2011.06.09)
  49. "magnet" -Short ver.- (2011.07.03)
  50. "Rolling Girl" -Acoustic Guitar short ver.- (2011.07.22)
  51. "Sainou Sampler" (Talent Sampler) -Hashiyan's rap ver.- (2011.07.25)
  52. "Tokyo Teddy Bear" (2011.09.17)
  53. "Just be friends" -Acoustic Guitar short ver.- (2011.09.24)
  54. "Sky Scape" (2011.10.22)
  55. "Envy Catwalk" (2011.10.30)
  56. "Risky Game" feat. Shamo and Amamori (2011.12.02)
  57. "Yurufuwa Jukai Girl" (2012.01.24)
  58. "Yuurei Yashiki no Kubitsuri Shoujo" (2012.02.04)
  59. "Yashiki no Kubitsuri Shoujo" -Remix- (2012.02.05)
  60. "Gambling Syndrome" -Short ver.- (2012.03.15)
  61. "Ura Omote Lovers" -Karaoke ver.- (2012.05.05)
  62. "Rinne" -Karaoke ver.- (2012.05.05)
  63. "Tokyo Teddy Bear" -Karaoke ver.- (2012.05.05)
  64. "Gaikotsu Gakudan to Lilia" (Skeleton Orchestra and Lilia) -Karaoke ver.- (2012.05.05)
  65. "Envy Catwalk" -Karaoke ver.- (2012.05.05)
  66. "Mr.Music" -Karaoke ver.- (2012.05.05)
  67. "Kimi no Taion" -Karaoke ver.- (2012.05.05)
  68. "Juu Mensou" -Karaoke ver.- (2012.05.05)
  69. "Shiryokukensa" (Eye Examination) -Karaoke ver.- (2012.05.05)
  70. "Babylon" -Karaoke ver. with double speed- (2012.05.05)
  71. "Yurufuwa Jukai Girl" -Karaoke ver.- (2012.05.05)
  72. "Last Effect" -Karaoke ver.- (2012.05.05)
  73. "Jinsei Reset Button" (Life Reset Button) -Karaoke ver.- (2012.05.05)
  74. "Nekomimi Archive" (Cat Ear Archive) -Karaoke ver.- (2012.05.05)
  75. "Kagefumi Etranger" (Shadow Stepping Etranger) -Karaoke ver.- (2012.05.05)
  76. "Shinkaron" (Theory of Evolution) -Karaoke ver.- (2012.05.06)
  77. "Migikata no Chou" -Karaoke ver.- (2012.05.06)
  78. "Nisoku Hokou" -Karaoke ver.- (2012.05.06)
  79. "Mrs. Pumpkin no Kokkei na Yume" -Karaoke short ver.- (2012.05.06)
  80. "Scissorhands" -Karaoke short ver.- (2012.05.28)
  81. "Jinzou Enemy" (Artificial Enemy) -Karaoke ver.- (2012.05.28)
  82. "Antichlorobenzene" Karaoke ver.- (2012.05.28)
  83. "Tsukimiyo Rabbit" (Moon-Viewing Night Rabbit) (2012.12.09)

Songs on TmBoxEdit

Notice: Due to the shutdown of TmBox, those links will not work anymore.

  1. "Gaikotsu Gakudan to Lilia" (2011.10.05)
  2. "Dreamer Eater" (2011.10.05)
  3. "Yurufuwa Jukai Girl" (2012.01.26)
  4. "Gambling Syndrome" -Short ver.- (2012.07.30)
  5. "Rat ga Shinda" (The Rat is Dead) -Short ver.- (2013.02.11)
  6. "Jabberwocky・Jabberwocka" -Short ver. with "Dorobou Night Trick" BGM- (2013.02.26)
  7. "Noushou Sakuretsu Girl" -Karaoke- feat. Shamo and Inaka Shounen (2013.03.19)
  8. "magnet" -Short ver.- (2013.03.30)
  9. "Rin-chan Nau! -Karaoke- feat. Shamo, Tecchi and Inaka Shounen (2013.05.19)
  10. "Ageha Chou" (2013.05.25)
  11. "Noushou Sakuretsu Girl" -Short Roaring Jazz ver.- (2013.06.03)
  12. "Mr.Music" -Karaoke- feat. Takanashi Kazuhito, Shamo, Inaka Shounen, Tecchi and Takuboku (2013.06.30)
  13. "Yotsuya-san ni yoroshiku" -Short ver.- (2013.08.09)
  14. "Isshoku Sokuhatsu☆Zen Girl" (Dangerous Situation☆Zen Girl) -Short ver.- (2013.09.05)
  15. "Noushou Sakuretsu Girl" -Max Speed ver.- (2013.09.29)
  16. "Toushika Records" (Investor Records) -Short ver.- (2013.10.01)
  17. "Donut Hole" -Short ver.- (2013.11.03)
  18. "Mind Splatter" -Short ver.- (2013.11.10)
  19. "Marunouchi Sadistic" -Osamuraisan's Acogi ver.- (2013.11.24)
  20. "Nounai Kakumei Girl" (Brain Revolution Girl) -Short ver.- (2013.12.14)
  21. "Yachiyo no Hana to Zakone no Yume" (Yachiyo's Flower and Zakone's Dream) (2014.02.17)
  22. "Okochama Sensou" (Childish War) -Short ver.- (2014.02.24)
  23. "Hello/How Are You" -mainan Acogi ver.- (2014.02.24)
  24. "Yobanashi Deceive" -Osamuraisan's Acogi ver.- (2014.02.27)
  25. "Guu no Oto" (RADWIMPS song) (2014.03.23)
  26. "Shiwa" (Wrinkle) -Short piano ver.- (2015.03.03)
  27. "Shuiro no Sunahama" (A Sandy, Scarlet-Colored Beach) -Short ver. (2015.06.10)
  28. "Rakka Usagi to Kamoku na Boukansha no Shuki" (2015.08.24)
  29. "M" (2015.09.13)
  30. "Captain Cook to Suisou" -Short ver.- (2015.11.09)
  31. "Metronome" -Hachi piano ver.- (2016.01.23)



Shamo NND
Shamo as seen on NND
Illust. by Himuro Ryou (氷室亮)
Shamo koebu
Shamo as seen on koebu
Shamo commu
Shamo as seen on NND community
Shamo tmbox
Shamo as seen on TmBox
MerrySexmas Shamo Locked
Shamo and Locked as seen in their duet cover of "Merry☆Sexmas"Nv
Illust. by Manabu (まなぶ)
GOLD smile edition - Shamo
Shamo as seen in his collab cover of "GOLD +。゜smile edition゜。+"Nv
Illust. by Mochiko (もちこ)
Inasena Umi Shamo
Shamo and Umi as seen in their duet cover of "Kimi wa Inase na Girl"Nv
Illust. by Kaisou (かいそう)
Gambling Syndrome Shamo
Shamo as seen in his cover of "Gambling Syndrome" Nv
Illust. by Rieki (りえき)
Himitsu Yuugi Shamo
Shamo as seen in his cover of "Himitsu Yuugi"Nv
Illust. by Kazumi (和己)
Shamo twitter
Shamo as seen on Twitter icon
Illust. by AKKY!


  • The first thing he does when he gets home is taking of his shoe[2].
  • He sleeps about 6 hours per day[2].
  • His favorite phrase is "Well.." (まぁ)[2].
  • Talk about food, he likes Toppinchoko while dislikes eggplant[2].
  • His favorite sports include basketball, karate, and table tennis[2].
  • His idols are the talento Yamashige; the band BUMP OF CHICKEN, RADWIMPS, Kubokuro and so on[2].
  • He likes to watch anime on Jump system. He is the fan of Durarara!! manga and the game Kingdom Hearts[2].
  • In his opinion, the happiness time everyday is when sleeping in the futon[2].
  • If he could have a dream come true, he wished he could have a second time of life. If he won the lottery once, he would by various equipments[2].

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