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Illust. by so-da @pixiv

The purpose of a "spotlight" is to help bring more attention to singers that may, more or less, be described as "underappreciated". This includes videos or music tracks that have a significantly lower number of views in comparison to videos or music tracks of similar quality.

This page is to help you create a such a "spotlight" and share your interests with the Wiki and those that visit it.

However, in order to manage the influx of such pages, please note that there are requirements that the singer to be spotlighted must fulfill in order to have a "spotlight" made.

Good examples of a spotlight page can be found here.

Important Note: After completing the page please leave a small message (such as "Hello, I would like to recommend [Singer Name], here is completed page [link]" in the appropriate forum thread. After it has been approved by the admin(s), your page will show up in the Singer Spotlight.

If any help is needed in the process of creating the page, please comment in the "Spotlight Help" forum thread.

Creating a SpotlightEdit

Start by creating a new page named Template:Singer Spotlight/SingerName

Put the name of the singer you want to make a spotlight for in the area which says SingerName.

The Basic LayoutEdit

The basic layout can be obtained by copy pasting the code below in source mode or by accessing a preload.

Source modeEdit

{{Singer spotlight
|site = 
|image =
|caption =
|officialjapname =
|officialromajiname =
|YTusername =
|NNDuserpageID =
|mylistID1 =
|mylist1info =
|mylistID2 =
|mylist2info =
|mylistID3 =
|mylist3info =
|mylistID4 =
|mylist4info =
|nicommuID1 =
|nicommu1info =
|nicommuID2 =
|nicommu2info =
|nicommuID3 =
|nicommu3info =
|exampletitle =
|examplennd =
|exampleyt =
|description = '''Romaji''' ('''漢字''') is an {{NNDict|Utaite}}


  • If you disabled the visual editors, the preload bar can be found under the Templates tab on the right. You might have to scroll down a bit to see it.

  • Click the preload bar and scroll down to find the Singer Spotlight under the Spotlights tab.

  • After clicking the preload the template will load automatically onto the page!

Explaining Parts of the LayoutEdit

"|site= yt" or "|site= nnd" is used respectively, to determine whether the singer is an utaite or a YT singer.

"|image = " is used to provide an avatar of the utaite or YT singer. It will automatically be resized to 130px.

"|zoom = " is an optional parameter. Use this, if your image is too small.

"|caption = " will be shown, if you hover over the image. Put the site name of the avatar in there. For example |caption = Twitter, will appear as "Utaitename as seen in Twitter". Hyperlinking doesn’t work.

"|officialjapname = " Put the official japanese name in Kanji or Kana in this field.

"|officialromajiname = " Put the official romanization of the singer’s name in this field. Japanese and Romaji name will appear in the black bar, at the right hand side of the image.

"|YTusername = " Put the name after "" into this field, if the singer has a YT channel.

"|YTCHonly = " Put the part after "" into this field, if the singer only has a YT channel.

"|NNDuserpageID = " Put the number after "" into this field, or leave it blank, if the singer doesn’t have a NND account.

"|mylistID1 = " Put the number after "" into this field |mylist1info = if the singer has more than two mylists, you might want to specify whay mylist this is. E.g. "participation" or "misc." (This field is optional)

"|nicommuID1 = " Put the part after "" into this field. It starts with "co" (This field is optional) |nicommu1info = you might want to specify the community. (This field is optional)

"|exampletitle = " Put the romaji title of a sample song into this field. The most popular cover is preferred.

"|examplennd = " Put the nnd id of the sample song into this field. It usually starts with "sm"

"|exampleyt = " Put the yt id (the part after "/watch?v=") of the sample song into this field.

"|description = " Should start with "'''Singernameromaji''' ('''歌い手の名前漢字''') is an {{NNDict|Utaite}}" or variations. It should contain a brief description about the singer, and if possible a link to another song sample of the singer.

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