• I'm sorry if this is a stupid question.

    Aah.. I really dont know what im doing recently. 

    Because of college I've barely got time to cover a song .

    But this problem has been going on for weeks. English/japanese, don't know what suits my voice.

    I haven't heard much of vocaloid songs either sadly, I've always been leaning towards anime music.

    Galileo Galilei is pretty much my favorite band and I wish making instrumentals and mixing them takes only a day.

    Sadly, there are no off vocal versions of songs that I wanted to sing from them like "Koi no Jyumyou"-

    or "Arashi no Atode", so that's another thing- where do you guys get instrumentals from?

    Thank you all and I apologize if this message was a bit too long.

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    • You should go with accoustics if you can find the instrumentals. Then I would recommend "Sugar Song and Bitter Step."

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