Lol, I've never written one of these before but eh w.e....

This shall be the blog about all my cover songs then, since DA covers art and designs....

thumb|300px|right|Done right before Otakon Idol Otakon Idol 2011 this year was a blast :D 2nd place FTW~ The first place winner was awesome, he has amazing stage presence, something that I really need >>; He was cosplaying Night of Wallachia/TATARI from Type-Moon's Melty Blood, one of the 27 Dead Apostles. Pretty awesome character I'll say :D

My song lineup went like this- round 1-Bird (Matsushita Yuya/Kuroshitsuji II), round 2-Graffias (VALSHE), round 3-Magnet (Hatsune Miku). All the nervousness melted away once I started singing :D

Mm, okay, so vid, this was about a week ago, JBF which I've been singing for ages but never recorded ^

Next time,


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