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    Edit: I'm gonna update this as I find more songs owo)b

    So lately I hooked on some Mad Father songs by ✿ham. Specifically her "Loyalty" - a theme for Maria.

    So after searching around just a little bit more, I really got into these indie RPG game original lyrics to soundtracks songs. Because those games are super awesome, them plots.

    Thought I might compile a list of rpg game original lyrics songs here and some of their notable covers, (At least those that I know of.) for my own interest and also for anyone who might be looking into those game songs? However it might also be, that I'm just the only one into these XD

    It'd be very lovely, if anyone could bring any new original/cover to my attention!

    Songs with own song page: (covers only listed on pa…

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    Nico in English available

    October 17, 2012 by BLUEBIRD

    uuhmmm i just went on NND, and saw the language can be swiched from japanese to english. (at the page bottom, the language can be changed to jap, engl and chin) also i see, nico has a new function called Translation History o_O where you can apparently translate videos? (This is surely a great sevice for overseas audience)

    and i think it has sth to do with a "Q version" of nnd.

    does anyone know more about it?

    i don't know, if this already was available before, or not (ik there was an english nico, but that was sth. different)... it's just the first time, i've recognized it

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