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    For My Own Reference

    September 12, 2013 by Cashmerelle

    Sorry if this is not supposed to be posted on "blogs", I don't know how to make a fancy profile page with separate sections and tabs to keep track of my progress... O.o

    This is for my own reference. I'm working on editing YT singers' pages and this is what I still have to do.

    So you can ignore this unless you're just curious what in the world i'm doing/have been doing...

    I'm already halfway through #1, and I've already done this with the 2 androgynous YT singers (lol, I finish the smaller sections first.)

    1. Make all male YT singers songlists uptodate

    2. Double check all male YT singers pages

    3. Check all male and androgynous YT singers for song updates

    4. Double check that all female YT singers labelled "uptodate" are actually uptodate

    5. Make al…

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