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    The ones in bold are ones which I couldn't find due to my crap stalking skills. I know there are places where they MIGHT be, but there I can't find it. D:

    歌い手 (Singer) 誕生日 (Birthday) 歳 (Age) Source
    96猫 (Kuroneko) 1993年3月30日 18
    天月 (Amatsuki) 1991年6月30日 20
    雨色 (Ameiro) 4月10日
    Amu July 30
    あにま (Anima) 1988年5月25日 23 (Also on his userpage)

    あさまる (Asamaru) June 2 29?
    ASK March 26 26
    ベェェェェジュ (Beeeeige) April 3
    che: 櫻井 (che: sakurai) April 6
    ちょうちょ (Chouc…

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    August 11, 2011 by Ceiweion

    Umm, I found this wiki while trying to figure out if I forgot Mucchi's birthday or not. XD

    I feel super awkward right now because this is the first time I've used Wikia and I'm not sure how to do things, but I hope I can learn and help others! Um, so yeah, this seems like a very nice place, so I hope to make some contributions! (Once I figure out how to do things around here. XD)

    Although I have forgotten when I first entered the Utattemita scene, I have been more into it in the recent months although I have been listening to it for a year or two. I'm not very good at stalking gathering information on singers due to me lacking the knowledge of Japanese. Instead I tend to do "second-hand stalking" (as I like to call it) where I try to keep updat…

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