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Esperancia December 27, 2011 User blog:Esperancia

These policies are final.

[Updated 12/4/12]*

To be featured here, the YT Singer must have:

  • a minimal of 1000 subscribers.
    • If there is consideration that the subscribers mostly consist of friends, only consider the next two requirements.
    • If the YT Singer hides his number of subscribers, this requirement does not apply.
  • a minimal of 6,500 views on his/her most popular cover.
    • It must be a solo cover.
    • The views and the popularity of the video are gained from the audiences' positive responses, not a negative one. So utterly bad covers that become a center of attention are not counted.

*After reviewing the requirements for YT Singers, it has been decided that they were not applicable enough and has therefore been changed.

Old requirements:

  • 500 subscribers
  • 10,000 views on most popular cover

**This change will not affect the YT singers that have already been approved

Process of Approval

  • YT Singer must be proposed.
    • To propose a YT Singer here please go here and fill out the form.
  • YT singer's application must be approved.
  • Once application is approved a page can be made for said singer.

YouTube singers do not require a process of approval anymore.

There are other factors that you guys have mentioned:

  • NND accounts
  • Frequency of upload
  • Channel views
  • Audience interaction
  • Total upload views
  • Pro status

I don't think they're relevant enough to be a requirement. But we can always put those as information in the YT Singer's pages. Well, for the views, maybe not, since it'll be a hassle to always update them.

Last Edited by Sen (talk) 05:56, December 4, 2012 (UTC)

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