/I'm starting to think I'm making this wikia into my personal blog >.> all I did was making blog posts lol.

Just think I'd share to you guys, the other users, about how the new look is and how it should be (if you think there's something need to be changed.)

  1. The main color is black and white. Because NND is like that. (wtf? lol)
  2. The picture in the left side is the art from Halyosy's "Smiling". It has a lot of utaites, yes. And we don't yet have a single page for that song. We need to have it, someday, lol. That song's important, yes
  3. The pictures in the right side are: (1) Faneru, Gero, and Ask's magnet wo utattemita. Or parody. Well. We all love that particular scene, don't we. (2) Hashiyan and Zebra's Matryoshka. And there's that tiny space below. >.> What should we get for that? *I kinda can't think of amazing and memorable utaite avatar at the moment-_-
  4. The wordmark (that name-wiki title thingy in the upper left) has Valshe's avatar of her Migikata no Chou cover.

Tell me what you think!

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