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    As requested, here is a translation of this very important blog entry by Wotamin regarding her late mother; in case anyone would like to know, but can't read Japanese well enough to understand.

    I figured it would be better to post it as a blog page so it's a bit more visible.

    This was bit of a quick translation so I might have gotten a few things mixed up, but I'm certain I got the gist of it down.


    It's been a while.
    Today, I've written a blog entry about something I want all of you to know about.
    It's not exactly good news, so please be prepared and understanding.

    August 23rd, 2013.
    My mother, as if she was just sleeping, went to heaven.
    She was only 58 years old.
    She was far too young.

    October 2009.
    My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

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