Seems like it's custom to write an introduction blog post, so I guess I might do the same! C: Sup, I go by the handle of 'Kanarazu~'. I love Utaite and good music (Naturally, the two often coss :P), as well as video-games, books....And learning things :D My favourite Utaite are Hanatan, Pokota, Yamai, Senka, Soraru, Guriri and Kuripurin~ favourite songs are: Rolling Girl (Guriri), Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari (Kuripurin), Cendrillon (Hanatan and Pokota), Nakimushi Kareshi (Hanatan and Pokota), and Pierrot (Senka) I enjoy the Harry Potter and Ranger's Apprenic series, though I love a good non fiction book, especially ones on physics like A Brief History of Time, Univers in a Nutshell and Black Holes in My Bathtub. I love the Kingdom Hearts series dearly, as well as the Rune factory series and The World Ends With You. Skyrim, also, atypically, is one of my favourites. I also secretly enjoy singing, but I suck at it, and so I admire the Utaite and YT Singers greatly for their courage and talent. I live in the great land down under, though right now I'm nowhere near home. I hope to be able to contribute to this awesome wiki and help its community. Plus, it's a great source for Utaite news and new songs! :D I'm currently learning Japanese and Latin, and English is my primary language. When I grow up, I wanna learn at least 5 languages~ C: じゃあね!

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