Round 2 voting for VocaFusion isup ! Please vote for your favorite Youtube singers in that link. (make a comment)

Voting format/rules:

1. You are allowed to vote for two(2) groups who are qualified for judging.

2. Group names are to be written as is. Uppercase and Lowercase letters are important in the group's name.

3. You can vote for your own group.

4. Only one vote per person.

5. Votes to groups who are not qualified for round 2 will not be counted.

6. LEAVE A COMMENT and type in this format to vote:

  Nick Name:
  Youtube/NicoNico Douga Account:
  Chosen Group 1:
  Chosen Group 2:

7. You are required to log-in via any OpenID available to vote. 8. Votes that violate rules 1-6 will not be counted. 9. Organizers are not allowed to vote.

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