There is a friend of mine, a very good one, is trying her very best to become a utaite. I mean to reach the requirements to become one. I hope this best friend of mine will be successful. I am praying very hard to wish her good luck. She has a really CUTE voice, while I really love her!!! I mean as a friend. 

While for me, myself, I am hestitating whether I should try to sing. I have tried, but I did not get very satisfying results. That friend of mine encourages me and tells me that no one starts singing and can sing very well. Yup, she is right. Maybe, I should not give up. >< But maybe, I am really not suitable for singing? I think I am more suitable to be a pianist. I think I am more talented in playing musical instruments. Rather than singing.

Well, it's currently 1.06am. I think I am a bad kid not sleeping. It's getting late. :)

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