soo... I figured that I should make a new email for all my utaite related stuff but I CAN'T FREAKING THINK OF A NAME WITHOUT IT SOUNDING WEIRD D: OTL

lol so for inspiration I started stalking looking at utaite seems that they're really plain.....everyone just has niconico/2525 after their name OTL except mi-chan who has 39 and some person's was like (something)_of_the_new_world lol

I don't really want to use niconico/2525 but I guess but if I can't think of anything I might just use that OTL lol I perfer not to use birthday numbers either

names I've come up with so far

  • senichireireirei
    • its a pun that sen also means a thousand in Japanese hence why I'm saying one zero zero zero
  • seeeeeeeen (sounds a bit stupid lol)
  • sensan250
    • oh btw 250 is suppose so sound like ni go rei which sounds like "ni koe" which means 2 voices
  • sen_nigorei
  • sensanyen

if it comes down to it.....

  • sansan2525
  • sansan_niconico

Anyone got ideas? :O

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