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Male CoversEdit

Female CoversEdit

{{Song covers |yt1 = |nnd1 = |cd1 = #Zoetrope |singer1 = Yanagi Nagi
(Original) |yt2 =chWyIeSXlzU |nnd2 = |singer2 =Suika
(YT singer)
-German ver.- |yt3 =hhgKFDrBp68 |nnd3 = |singer3 =Adrisaurus
(YT singer)
-English TV Size ver.- |yt4 = 2WsYI8TQNQ0 |nnd4 = |singer4 = Amanda Lee
(YT singer)
-English TV Size ver.- |yt5 = olEtGO8MBvA |nnd5 = sm21250963 |singer5 = *ageha
(YT singer)
-English ver.-

{{Song covers |yt1 = |nnd1 = |tm1 = 313957 |singer1 = Holi
(YT singer)
-Short Preview ver.- |yt2 = lob0xr3ymaw |nnd2 = |singer2 = 18moptop
(YT singer)
-TV Size English ver.- |yt3 = Zn-Dlrhzo0U |nnd3 = |singer3 = 18moptop
(YT singer)
-Full English ver.- |yt4 =mGPM9zdPxdo |nnd4 = |singer4 =Paz Veliz
(YT singer)
-Spanish TV Size ver.- |yt5 = QLmlPEiITbw |nnd5 = |singer5 = Glorylé Solis
(YT singer)
-Spanish ver.-

Other CoversEdit

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